AgeForce HGH Seal HGH Review

Something new.  [tag-tec]Hgh[/tag-tec] in a convenient skin patch.

Nice short ingredient list

HGH/Somatotrophin 3c/30cDaily dosage 10,000 ng.  HGH /Somatotrophin 3c/30c

Say what?  Is this homeopathic hgh of or does it have real hgh in it?

Once again ng stands for nanogram which is one billionth of a gram.  Mcg stands for microgram or one millionth of a gram. Mg stands for milligram or one thousandth of a gram.  So 10,000 ng =10 mcg = .001 mg.  That equals less than .15% of a real dosage of injectable hgh.

Let’s look at another claim.  400% more recombinant hgh than any other brand.  Most other brands are made with X potency not C potency.  To get an x potency you dilute the initial ingredient by a factor of ten.  You would have a 1x.  A 2x is made by diluting the 1x by a factor of ten.  A 3x is made by diluting the 2x by another factor of ten.

So if you started with a chocolate chip cookie:

+ 1x = 1/10 of a cookie
+ 2x = 1/100 of a cookie
+ 3x = 1/1000 of a cookie ( crumb )

C potencies follow the same process but with a factor of 100:

+ 1c = 1/100 of a cookie
+ 2c = 1/10,000 of a cookie
+ 3c = 1/1,000,000 of a cookie. ( essence of crumb )

Do you have 400% more cookie?

There are an awful lot of zeros when you use 30x or 30c.  Then there is the little matter of the patch.  If this product is supposed to contain a prescription drug, has the FDA approved the use of a patch delivery system?

The product rating for AgeForce HGH Seal is an F.

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  1. Ruth J says:

    Thank you so much for providing straightforward information about the multitudes of hgh supplements. The other sites just spread hype – not true, good information.

    Thanks again!

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