Buy Injectable HGH Human Growth Hormone FAST

You got that right.  I am saying that if you want to buy injectable HGH from Canada or from USA distributors, you had better do it now. 

No more procrastination.  Just make your purchase and stop trying to compare them all.

Saizen, Jintropin, Nutropin, Norditropin, Genotropin, or Humatrope.  Just pick one.

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Why?  Because on Monday the US Senate looks to be passing legislation that would make human growth hormone a Schedule III drug on par with steroids.  As a schedule 3 drug, mere possession without a valid prescription will be a federal felony punishable by up to 3 years in prison.

That is right.  There will be no more legal injectable hgh for bodybuilding.  Prescriptions are already hard to come by with the FDA frequently examining the records of doctors who write them.  Doctors are being required to show proof of blood tests that document an actual hormone deficiency so those quickie online prescriptions aren’t going to count.

We are at this point because [tag-tec]Congress[/tag-tec] is rushing through legislation without doing any kind of hearings or medical review.  They are trying to take advantage of all the press around the problem in baseball and the huge amount of inaccurate information in the media to gain some easy points with the voters.

I don’t know where the House is on legislation but you can bet they won’t be far behind.  You might have a month, you might have even less time.

Shame those bozos don’t actually take the time to do their job.  A law hitting people who sell human growth hormone to people that don’t have a prescription would be a reasonable step.  A law targeting mere possession is bit insane.  Lazy government.

We currently have 1 out of every 100 American’s locked up behind bars.  Many of them on federal drug charges.

The whole war on drugs thing just has not worked.  There would be better results if they spent the money on educating young people as to why human growth hormone is not very effective for people under the age of 30.  If they know it is a waste of money, they probably won’t spend the $1000 per week.

Some politicians say this law is necessary to save the national pastime.  What, shopping?

Oh baseball.  Well baseball can take care of itself.

I know that many of you are just going to ignore the new law like you do with steroids.  You will go ahead and order your human growth hormone from Mexico or buy Chinese hgh.  Just remember that you are now going to be open to federal charges of drug importation.  What ever you do be careful.  If you aren’t, I know a good federal criminal defense attorney who specializes in drug charges and steroid law.

There is one bright side to this whole mess.  All the scammers selling oral spray products with the hgh content listed in nanograms or claiming to make their product from real hgh will be out of business. 

Bad enough that they were trying to sell a prescription pharmaceutical as an over the counter hgh supplement.  Now they will be guilty of one or more felony counts for each bottle they sell.

By the way, if you buy from them you will also be guilty of a few different felonies.

Once this mess settles down, we will push forward to reduce the pressure that the FDA is putting on doctors who want to use hgh as an anti-aging therapy.  Here we are clearly dealing with adults and not children.  Adults should have certain rights to make health decisions for themselves.

I believe the federal government is known as Uncle Sam not Mommy and Daddy Sam.  We left the nest a long time ago and very few of us want our lives controlled by the bureaucracy.

Time to continue the search for the best hgh supplement to buy.  At least our right to take vitamins has not been stolen from us.   Yet…. 

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67 Responses to Buy Injectable HGH Human Growth Hormone FAST

  1. mark says:

    where exactly can i buy hgh in mexico, i fly in 10days and want to buy a load to take back to the UK with me?

  2. hgh truths says:

    I guess it just depends where you are going in Mexico. There are a number of anti-aging clinics and pharmacies that carry it. Usually can be found with the help of a decent hotel concierge in most of the tourist areas like Cancun, Acapulco, or Puerto Vallarta. Don’t know about Mexico City.

    Most of the border towns like Juarez, Nogales, and Tijuana have pharmacies that carry it. Usually with convenient doctor’s offices next door.

    There used to be a man named Ellis Toussier who helped Americans get hgh from Mexico. I have never done business with him but i have talked to people who purchased through him and were satisfied.

    My spelling might be a little off but you can try searching for his site. I think it was rajeun dot something. Working off the top of my head here. When I get to my desk tomorrow I will see if I can find better contact info. It might be buried deep in the 30 plus file boxes of research material. If I find it I will try and do a better post.

  3. charles cox says:

    I live in Playa del Carmen Mexico ( 60 miles south of Cancun). I purchased choragan, This is what all the pharmacies give you here when you ask for HGH. Do you know about this and how much to inject?

  4. hgh truths says:

    Sounds like a nice place to live. Haven’t made it past the Riviera Maya yet but plan to on the next trip to cancun.

    I have never heard of choragan. Can’t even find it on any kind of search. I would need to have more information before making any comments.

    I will look in my files for any information I have on clinics in that area and send you an email within say the next 3 days.

  5. starr says:

    Did the law pass that you were talking about, also do you know how I might be able to obtain HGH without taking a trip out of the country, like in Mexico or Canada.

  6. hgh truths says:


    The US Congress didn’t want to look like they were opposed to the medical needs of children or AIDS patients. So after getting all the publicity they could during the baseball hearings, the bill slowly disappeared and never came to a vote.

    You can buy it anywhere with a prescription.

    As far as buying it without a prescription……. I do know someplaces that you can buy it outside the country and have it shipped. I am just not sure how to provide this information to people without it becoming too public and abused.

  7. mps says:

    Can you email me the info on where to buy??

  8. hgh truths says:


    We haven’t figured out how we want to handle this kind of information so we contacted the sources and asked how they would be OK with us doing. Haven’t heard back yet.

  9. jacob says:

    can you email me

  10. craig says:

    I would be interested on some of the contacts. I don’t want to try and pull a name out of a hat and hope it works out. My current HRT Dr’ office just stopped prescribing HGH b/c of all bs that he has to put up with. Any suggestions would be helpful….

  11. I’m 48 and menopausal, I’m in desperate need to purchase humatrope or hgh at lower cost than in the united states! What is the easiest way to do this in mexico?

  12. hgh truths says:

    I don’t buy from Mexico so i can’t give you information from personal experience.

    I do know that you need to find a “reputable pharmacy”. They can usually steer you to a Doctor who can write you a prescription. The Doctors are usually conveniently located a few feet from the pharmacy.

    You can then legally bring a three months supply into the country.

  13. james j says:

    can you get this shipped , in legal amounts without a presription? i ‘ve been taking supplements and i think the real thing would be better, now that ive his 45 yrs of age.

  14. JJ says:

    It seems like that it’s very common to take 1 IU but for some reason I’ve been prescribed to take 2 IU. When I questioned my doctor he told me it was because I weigh 280 lbs. Is this common based on my situation?

  15. hgh truths says:

    James j,

    Yes, if you look around, you can find some places that will ship it to you without a prescription.

    The legality is a bit on the dark gray side. The government won’t be happy but as long as the amount is just say 3 months worth, they won’t do much.

  16. hgh truths says:


    It is not uncommon to take a higher dosage based on weight.

  17. Cheo230 says:

    I have found your postings extremely helpful in my search for my next cycle. I am a recreational user. I took my first cycle of Di-anabol topping off the end of my usage estrogen blockers and had amazing results. I started a 6week cycle 3 months before getting married and I was in the best shape I had ever been. I wasn’t huge in any way; I was 5’10”, weighed 210 lbs and had a 15 % body fat & my skin was as smooth as a baby’s rear! Ever since then I have wanted to start a new cycle of something. It has been 3 years since my last injection. My currant job and marital status has limited not only my time in the gym but also my access to suppliers. I used to live in NYC but after getting married I moved out to the sticks in NJ so needless to say I don’t know anyone to ask. I’ve been researching HGH for the past month after agreeing to run a marathon with some Coworkers this coming April. What I took from your post is I will be taking a trip to 1. Mexico or 2. Back to NYC and reconnecting with some old friends or finding some online who can ship it to me.  Please, if you have any recommendations let me know. The last option would be optimal of course! What I would like to ask is what should I be looking for? Such as brand or strength. I entrusted the details of my last cycle to the person whom I purchased it from. I would like to know more about what I’m doing this time around. I also supplemented with a weekly injection shot of B12, should I also do so once I am able to get my hands on HGH?

  18. Lumen says:

    I was able to try Jintropin for three months and at first felt as though it was doing nothing for me.
    It was not until I was actually out and looking for more that I started thinking back what it was that made me start in the first place. It was the constant neck and shoulder pain along with weakness in my arms and knees combined with breathing problems brought on by a hiatal hernia and acid reflux. This was a condition that existed for twelve years and was so severe that at one point I would not walk down a flight of steps into my basement because I felt I could not survive the walk back up. My doctor ran tests, the renowned mayo clownic (not a typo) ran tests for three days and when leaving on the forth day the doctor on my case said ” Well it looks like the tests show pancrea….. oh that can’t be right” and that was it!
    Anyway, after just three months of HGH I was breathing well with a sense of strong pumping heart and increased muscle strength. It was like I simply forgot how bad I felt for the last twelve years! I must say I was very doubtful that simply taking HGH was going to have any affect on what was wrong with me and it wasn’t until thinking back on the whole issue that made me a believer in HGH. I’ sure it will not help everyone and even now that it’s been two months since my last injection I am not sure that it has helped me since my symptoms are starting to return and it is now impossible to buy anymore.
    I did mention this to my doctor and he actually started yelling and I was unable to even say another word as every time I would he would start yelling again! That’s just crazy, I’m not ever going back to him or the Mayo clinic. I have virtually no faith in doctors anymore but am still on the lookout for a good doctor.

  19. hgh truths says:


    Human Growth hormone seems to do a lot of good for a lot of people. If you can afford to go to the Mayo Clinic have you tried a good anti-aging clinic?

    Try one of the good supplements and see what happens.

  20. Gilles says:

    I have purchased HGH from Mexico City and want to bring some back to Canada with me, am I allowed to bring it back. I am using it for my herniated disc in my neck. What do I need to do?

  21. hgh truths says:


    I do not know what Canadian law is on this subject.

    It is illegal to bring hgh into the US without a prescription.

    If you have a prescription it is legal to bring a three month supply into the US.

    The pharmacy that sells you the hgh in Mexico can usually refer you to a friendly Doctor who will write you a prescription. For a small fee of course. Then you can legally bring the human growth hormone you buy in Mexico into the US.

    Canadian laws can sometimes be more restrictive than American laws and other times more restrictive.

    I do know that Canadian law is pretty easy going about letting pharmacies sell and ship prescription drugs to Americans.

  22. Dt78664 says:

    I understand it is illegal to posses Real HGH such as jintropin, in the U.S. but what would happen if it was ordered from a forign country via the internet???

  23. hgh truths says:


    The whether or not hgh is illegal to posses in the US is open to interpretation.

    It is definitely illegal to sell it to anybody who does not have a prescription.

    Possessing it for personal use is a whole different question. All depends.

    If you have a small amount for personal usage the odds of any legal entity doing anything about it are very small. Loose lips sink ships. Keep your mouth shut and nothing will happen.

    If you import a small amount via the internet, not much is going to happen even if the government finds out. The most that would probably happen is that they would seize the package. If the authorities wanted to take it further a semi-decent attorney could handle it pretty easy.

    Buying from overseas you need to be careful. There are tons of internet sites that send bottles of labeled as hgh but the vials actual contain no real growth hormone.

    Rather than human growth hormone the vials contain either straight water or a cheaper drug. The cheaper drug will give the user the experience of having some kind of effect that is then mistaken for being from hgh. Keeps people from asking for refunds.

    If the firm is located in China, just remember all those great “original” products on Ebay.

    Hgh counterfeiters can spend $5 and charge you $500.

  24. Paul says:

    I am 29 and i work out 3 to 4 times a week and im in good shape looking to tighten up and loose a few more pounds before the summer.
    how would someone like me from the U.S. find a doctor to perscribe me hgh?.

    • hgh truths says:


      The only doctor who would write you a prescription for hgh would be a shady one.

      Besides hgh is not a diet drug. If you want to lose a few pounds the secret is to eat more and to increase your aerobic exercise.

  25. rehab says:

    so imma try to buy a 3 months supply of hgh from a canadian pharmacy ( without prescription ), from what i’ve read i’ll probably be fine . my question , rite now i’m taking 40 iu’s a day m/f , not sure what the original vial had as far weight . mixed 1.5 mls , transfered contents , added another 6 mls of bac water , lasts about 3 weeks . is all that a must ? happy with results just costly buying from middle man . if you could give me a good website to purchase from i would appreciate it . thanks for all the info brother .

  26. Ray says:

    how does one get a hold of the real stuff

  27. Dan says:

    Not that it matters since the real stuff is off the table, but roughly how much less effective are the better quality supplements than the real thing? Are we talking like 40-50% or more like 10-20%. Im trying to decide if the extra creativity would be worth it costwise, or if i could just swallow a pill and get some of the same result slower with less creative efforts.

    Also, I’m not missing a new list of discounted online dealers am I?

  28. Fred says:

    Ok I am looking to get stronger and am also willing to go to Mexico to get my steroids, what would be the best thing to buy and around what price does it ruun for?

    • hgh truths says:

      If you are seriously considering steroids, you should get yourself a proper education on the subject. Checkout NO BULL for a honest steroid education.

  29. Rydr says:

    Just got back from a visit in Tijuana, and you can buy Humatrope there for under $200 bucks, also most RX there are selling Gonadotropin for under $20, this is the HGH that Manny Rameriz got suspended from major league baseball for testing positive for it.

    It was intended to be a fertility drug, and a drug to increse breast milk, but is widely considered to be part of the chemical enhancement game played by athletes. The hormone is produced naturally by women during pregnancy and often is used by steroid users to reboot their body’s natural testosterone production coming off a steroid cycle. It is also associated in the sports and the bodybuilding communities. When used by men it raises the testosterone levels, and increases athletic perfomance. No doubt it is the cheapest HGH sold.

    • hgh truths says:

      Gonadotropin is not HGH. It is HCG. HGH and HCG are completely different things. Unless of course you are buying the cheap hgh from China. It looks like you are saving 75% off the price of real prescription Somatropin but often what you get is HCG and the counterfeiters make an extra 100 to 200% profit.

      Make sure you pay for a prescription from the doctor whose office is on the same block as the pharmacy. Otherwise, you could be busted for a felony drug importation charge when crossing the border. $20 to $50 bucks to a prescription mill doctor is much cheaper than $20K to 50K to a federal criminal defense attorney.

  30. Rydr says:

    HGh Truths..

    I am aware that Gonadotropin is HCG is not HGH, what i was trying to say is in Mexico, they are selling it as HGH, and it does seem to do some of the same things as HGH when looked at from a sports perfomance point of view. The Gonadotropin i saw was the real stuff as was the Humatrope made by Lilly, i just happen to have dealt with this RX for many years on several other things, and he fully explains what every drug is and what its for. Of course always pay the DOC fee in Mexico. I thing to remember on HGH, it has to be stored at the right Temp or will be bad no matter where you buy it, yet even stored properly, it will go bad in a short period of time, so i wouldnt ever buy more then 1 months supply of HGH, and i’d make sure it was stored properly where it was bought from. Knowing this may make Gonadotropin a better option, depending on why you need or want HGH

    • hgh truths says:

      Please realize that often our replies are as much for other people who read these pages as they are for the person who leaves the comment.

      HCG and HGH can have some similar effects but HGH can do so much more for one’s health than HCG.

  31. ZADA says:

    Could you please point me in the rite direction
    Of a legitimate HGH sales web site or contact
    I greatly would appreciate it.

    Thank you,zada

    • hgh truths says:

      Sorry but I don’t know of a legitimate website other than those connected to major drugstore chains.

  32. Markus says:

    Okay here is what I know about getting hgh to Canada…

    Your out of luck! Canada has very strict procedures on the use and aquiring HGH. Even the online suppliers wont ship to Canada. It is considered a controlled substance here thus making it by script only. The european suppliers wont even ship to canada… Im sorry to bring nothing but negative bad news but it is what it is… to even try to get your doctor to presribe hgh in Canada must be done with some kind of act of god. Canada is very VERY behind the times and only will allow any drug into the country after the rest of the world has been using it for over a decade… dont get me wrong I am Canadian and proud of it but our restrictions are just absurd… I am a grown man perfectly capable of making well researched decisions on my own and have a great deal of dificulty being told “no” as if I were a child… If there is anyone out there that can help me get “real hgh” not a sublingual spray or pill that anyone who has done their research knows wont work (or isnt trying to boost their sales on their own website) I would be eternaly in their debt… I do not care from whom or where it comes from… I just want to enjoy the benefits that the rest of the world realizes hgh can have…. again I am sorry to bring the bad news in regards to hgh in canada but I think saving everyone a little time is worth it…

  33. Dan says:

    Markus, do you think the same stands for importing it in while having it prescribed by a mexican doctor?

  34. mark says:

    can i get saizen mailed to my house from mexico if i get a presription from a mexican doctor. is saizen hard to get in mexico?

  35. dave says:

    i ordered hgh rite from It was Lilly 5mg ..It came here (cal) in 1 day without any problems at all…Can it really be that easy for me to get “real” hgh??

  36. dave says:

    I’m sorry..just checked…it was not org

  37. Former Athlete says:

    I have a question for anyone who can help me! I was an athlete my whole life until I had back surgery at 38yrs old! I now have had a total of 3 back surgeries! Iam looking to get myself active once again! I have not been active as I know active to be since before my first back surgery! I’m now 42yrs old and I’m wondering if HGH would be the way to go for someone like me who has been thru what I have been thru? I was in great physical shape before the back surgeries tore me down! I really want to get active again to some level but it just seems like it just may be impossible for me now? Becuz of my age, the back surgeries and inactivity the last 5yrs I just feel like I need a boost in order for this to happen for me if it will happen at all? Could HGH help somene like me and if so how do I get some to try? Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me!

    • hgh truths says:

      Former Athlete,

      There are a number of sports medicine doctors who think that it would. One of the main proponents of this is a doctor in Canada who was recently busted because he made the mistake of bringing some it to the US. Dr. Anthony Galea.. Contacting his office might help locate an open minded doctor near you.

  38. AKA says:

    You can buy the product online… just search vigorously. HgH Truth Moderator, your heart and intentions are in the RIGHT place; however, the WITCHHUNT United States, the most CONTROL freak society in the world could be reading your postings. Do NOT disclose where people can buy online a substance that is considered control in this NUTJOB overly ZEALOUS culture we live. Let your followers go find it on their own and this way your nose remains clean.

    It is both PATHETIC and REVOLTING that adults who can go out and buy a gun and kill people are UNABLE to purchase a product that could save their lives. This country US is so screwed up and the FDA are legalized CRIMINALS!!! The Republicans in the Senate are pandering to their Lobbist to keep their pockets filled… this country is worse than some of the countries they accuse of corrupt governments. We are perhaps one of the WORSE or the WORSE!!!

  39. russ says:

    if I was to go to a dr in mexico and get a prescription for something and went to the pharm do you think it would be real?

    • hgh truths says:

      Maybe yes and maybe no. Just about the same odds you have of getting real stuff over the Internet. That is not true, you probably have better odds of getting the real thing in Mexico.

  40. Ken says:

    is it illegal to import hgh from china?

  41. Roger says:

    How much would a 3 month supply cost from say..Mexico?
    Well give me a price range is what I mean. Lol.

  42. Daniel. says:

    I am flying California,and then driving into Tijuana Mexico.I will go to the pharmacy and tell them I want a prescription for the HGH Meds and testostrone. Is there a reputable pharmacy I can trust after I get over the border or are they all the same.and what about using Credit Cards,VRS Cash.If I take cash I will make sure I am carefull with it. and do you think I need an interpreter or is English spoken all over.I really want this stuff for my health..Thanks Daniel

  43. pat hussey says:

    has anyone been able to find hgh injections

  44. clark says:

    I was recommeded “powerfull” USPlabs and I have not seen any real reviews. Do you have any info or research on this product? Thank you, clark

  45. Draco J. says:

    Can you email me info on where to get outside of the us and have shipped. its way too high in the us. thanks for any info.

  46. Rich says:

    Wondering if anybody can help find a place to buy hgh besides mexico, Don’t have the money to travel there. 37 knees shot back aches every day, 29 years of hard skiing and rock climbing the body is loseing the war so if anybody could help get me on the right path would be much thanks. please email me

  47. Vance says:

    I have been off and on with HGH and would loveto be more consistant but it seems hit or miss…. Anyone know where I an order real quality HGH online??? Please any info helps!

  48. Bankspower says:

    I live in Mexico I will check it out. Cross border every day. Tijuana love it here. Not Mexican but Its nice place to live. They sell the real thing in veterinary stores to get around Mexican law. Mexican pharmacies only can sell Mexican brands. Lot of americans go to veterinary stores. That’s where the good gear is at.

  49. jason says:

    In mexico wha type of hgh should I get to build muscle

    • admin says:

      We recommend Secratatropin HGH for the most value for your money. Also, its manufacturers ship internationally.

  50. Renee Raymond says:

    I sure would like to know where to order HGH and have is shipped to me, if you can help I will really appreciate it so much Thanks Renee

  51. Jerome Quinn says:

    HGH Truth;
    It’s hard to give certain legal advice on buying hgh. 21 USC says it can be px’d for specific illnesses and “legitimate medical treatment”. I have a client who purchases, with a Mex px, about a 90 day supply in Mexico from a large pharmacy. He buys NovoNordsk with date stamp and tracking bar code. On his last trip Mexican authorities at airport asked to see px and verified personal use. It appears quantity, a px & personal use control. Does Mex allow online medical consults & px to permit US Citizens to order from home? Its not clear anywhere. …J

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  53. Tehana says:

    Does anyone know who and how I can order or get hormones in Tijuana? I heard they got the best hormone estrogen for transgender girls. Pls let me know so I can purchase some. Mahalo!!!! B&B

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