GHR 1000: An HGH Review

If you want to find good information about human growth hormone, there are plenty of details on the internet. Like many sites, they quote research done on pharmaceutical growth hormone and cleverly blur it into supporting the idea of a dietary supplement.

That is not entirely untrue. HGH supplement products can give some of the benefits of injectables. However, the subject is not discussed in an honest manner.

GHR 1000 Ingredients

• Vitamin B6
• L-Arginine HCL
• L-Glutamine
• L-Isoleucine
• L-Leucine
• L-Lysine
• L-Ornithine HCL
• L-Valine
• Glycine
• Tribulus Terrestris
• Colostrum

Not a bad list of ingredients by name. Some of the top natural HGH releasers are included in this GH stack. A few good ingredients are missing, however, so we can’t say that it is outstanding. Another problem is the amounts of the individual ingredients.

All of the amino acids listed above require individual dosages in the multiple numbers of grams. The total for all the amino acids is just over 2 grams. Even if you subscribe to mini HGH stack theory, that is about half of what you need to increase HGH production.

GHR 1000 Cost

So even though the GHR 1000 label says that there are 30 servings per container, there are actually only 15 if you take as much as you would need to increase HGH production. Individual containers retail for $79.99. If you use a cycle of 5 days on and two days off, you end up with a monthly effective cost of $106.00.

Side-effects of GHR 1000

There is nothing harmful in GHR 1000 and there could be some health benefits to taking it. However, these benefits are probably less than you would receive from taking a good multivitamin.

The Bottom Line

Even though there might be a few health benefits to taking GHR 1000, a release of human growth hormone is probably not one of those benefits. There just is not enough of the key ingredients to make this happen. Unfortunately we cannot recommend GHR 1000 to users because we think that it is overpriced and has a really weak formula. We recommend finding a different HGH releaser that has been reviewed and receives a good rating.

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82 Responses to GHR 1000: An HGH Review

  1. Eric says:

    I’m not sure why you’re dissing them for having an affiliate program. Every site on the internet selling a product or a service has an affiliate program – i.e., eBay, etc…

  2. Patrick says:

    What is the difference between GHR1000 and HGH 1000? I have been searching the web and have not been able to find an exact site that gives product details or reviews for hgh 1000.

  3. hgh truths says:

    We would do a review of hgh1000 but we can’t find it for sale anywhere.

    My best guess is that people have been using the term HGH 1000 when they mean GHR 1000.

    So they are still talking about the same low value hgh supplement.

  4. riz says:

    Hi, I am 19 years old, and was wondering if this would be good for me to take to build muscle mass, I have heard it is good for building muscle, is this true?

  5. hgh truths says:

    GHR1000 isn’t going to do crap to help a 19 year old develop muscle bulk. It is not even going to do much for people over 50.

    Even the best hgh supplements are only a step above worthless for 19 year olds. Basically expense vitamins.

    You will get more benefit from just taking a good protein supplement so that your body has the proper nutrition to build extra muscle.

  6. hgh truths says:

    We are not dissing the company for having an affiliate program. We are dissing the scam artists who claim that this is the best product when GHR1000 is marginal and way over priced.

    I can’t wait until Amazon starts paying a $10 commision on a $8 book. I will start marketing books 25 hours a day!

  7. stephanie simon says:

    my brother is 15 &he wants to grow to about 6 foot 7. so he’s become set on taking this product.

    it seems that you’re the only website that doesn’t recommend it…

    i’ve been trying to find points for him not to take it but so far i don’t think he’s listening to me. (i’ve pointed out that most websites say something along the lines of “take this with a healthy diet & regular exercise” but surely the benefits would come sley from regular exercise & a healthy diet.

    i understand that it may be beneficial to the elderly or people with defective hgh levels

    but alex, my brother, is fine. in fact, he’s overweight so just exercising regularly & eating healthy foods should give him the so called benefits anyway

    although perhaps not height…i mean, i suppose a healthy lifestyle could aid him growing taller over the next few years since he won’t stop until about 18

    but can you please tell me the side-effects? i don’t see how taking any form of drug could not have side-effects. alse, assuming he did take it for 3 years, what happens when he stops?

    also, knowing my brother, taking this pill probably won’t motivate him to change his lifestyle that much anyway so then, what? will it just be a waste of money? or could that be potentially dangerous?

    thanks for your time,

  8. admin says:


    Please notice that this is a D rated product. It is not even of much value to the anti-aging crowd who have reduced hormone levels. Rereading this review, I now remember what a lousy product it is.

    GHR1000 won’t do squat for someone who is 15. Only thing it will do is make his wallet lighter.

    A 15 year old is already ramped up to full hormone levels. Even the best hgh supplements are only going to have a slightly above placebo vitamin effect. A real waste of money. They will not do anything about the weight problem. The only thing to accomplish that is getting off his butt and exercising while eating at least a decent diet.

    Even spending $4,000 a month on injectable human growth hormone will have next to no effect on his height. That is already programed in to his body.

    He would have no real negative side effects from the hgh supplements. They would pretty much mirror his lack of benefits.

  9. Billy says:

    You mentioned that “A few good ingredients are missing” from GHR1000. Which ones are missing? Is there a product that offers all the HGH releasers in one package or is it better to buy everything separately? Billy

  10. Jim says:

    You seem to be the only site I have seen that has a bad review of this product. Did you create this article based on your own personal experience or what you ‘think’? I have read many actual customer reviews that are positive, so this little article of yours in my opinion is not credited.

  11. admin says:


    If you looked around the site you will have found some good combination products.

    GHR1000 isn’t worth bother with because it just does not have enough in it to be of much use. There are products we have reviewed that are four times as good for half the price.

  12. admin says:


    Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    Personally, all I have seen on the net are fake reviews. I would not waste my money taking this product because all I have to do is read the label to know that it is real weak. Anybody who knows anything about hgh can easily see that too.

    $25 will get you products twice this good so why pay $79 for a bottle of this?

  13. Ian Mathews says:

    im 18 trying to gain weight and muscle mass, i feel like ive hit a plateu, is this something good to take to get me out of this rut?

  14. admin says:

    At 18, there is not a whole lot that supplements are going to do for you. Get plenty of proein and change your workout style. Come back to working on weight gain after awhile.

  15. Luka says:

    Hello there,

    I am 30 years old and have been working out for 10 years. I have 182 cm and 98 kgs. Nobody can believe I am so heavy when looked at me ( I look “ordinary”) so they think my bones are heavy. But they are not. I am very frustruted since having wrists and ankles very tiny like a 12 year old boy or a girl. Basicly, parts lower from elbow and knees are not developed like the rest of parts.
    Would HGH help me to strengthen these parts of my body or what would do you recomend?
    Luka from Slovenia

  16. hgh truths says:

    The only thing that is going to specifically strengthen those areas is to do specific exercises that target those areas.

    Hgh has a system wide effect.

  17. Rick says:

    Thanks for the info regarding GHR1000. You mentioned there were products that were cheaper and better, what are they? Thanks.

  18. hgh truths says:

    Go to the big list of supplement reviews and look around. There are quite a few hgh products that are a much better deal than Ghr1000.

  19. Suz says:

    So, if ghr1000 is junk, what, if any of these hgh products do you recommend? Suz

  20. Supertalented says:

    The Problem with this Product is just that the name hypes an uproar because it mentions HGH but in actually its not anything close, it just a good blend of natural amino acids and tribulus which is a natural testosterone producer! Real HGH that Pro-Athletes take and Bodybuilders can only be purchased for Thousands of Dollars..If you want real HGH like the big boys do your research to see what HGH is… this simple product GHR1000 is not I repeat, nor does it contain The HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE! Look at the ingredients…and to see what HGH is go to and type in HGH to see what it is, if it doesn’t have that on the bottle then its not it! You’re getting this from a pro-athlete who has taken the Real Deal HGH by Needle there is no comparison and I’m sick of knock off products scamming america!!!

  21. hgh truths says:


    Hopefully by now you have stumbled on the reviews of some better products. Anything in the “B” range should be a decent product.

  22. hgh truths says:


    Actually it is not all that great a blend of amino acids. We gave them too much credit.

    Tribulus is way over rated.

    The only bottle that would match wikipedia would be one that requires a syringe. Any supplement that claims to have real hgh in it is a fraud.

  23. John says:

    So basically the “real” stuff is too expensive and all the other tablet forms are a waste of time?

  24. Emet says:

    I am back to the gym after a couple years now and was heard of the HGH 1000 product, apparently popular in Europe.
    They do have a site,, and will give it a shot as I’ve used releasers in the past with good results. I’ll check back and post results.

  25. serge says:

    ghr1000, used this product for 5 months, all i can say is save your money, didn’t do anything for me, there site answers every question i asked, they would get back to me within 24-48 hours of asking, when i had taken the product for about 2 months i emailed and said when will i start seeing some results, they said very soon, after taking it for about 4 months and still not seeing any results, i emailed again and never heard from them again, total crap, to me they just took the money and ran as fast as they could, save your money…

  26. serge says:

    i just ordered secretagogue gold, hope i might get some results from this product, your site gives it a b+ so it should get some better results…

  27. Rob says:

    i myself used the ghr1000 product and i agree with serge, the product is crap… i seen no results after about 3 months so emailed them and they said jus give it more time so i finished out my full 6 months and seen nothin… big waste of money

  28. Not serious??? says:

    About GHR 1000…
    They must have problem, cause I’ve ordered
    this product sept. 2008 and paid with my
    mastercard but they haven’t send anything to me. I’ve tried to mail their support several times
    but they don’t answer. So infact they have stolen
    my money. Can’t be a serious firm.
    Thanks for a good site with lots of facts!!!
    Now I have ordered Secretagogue Gold and that worked perfect and serious.

  29. hgh truths says:

    Serge, Rob & Not Serious,

    Bad products and bad companies seem to go hand in hand.

  30. Dale Ogden says:

    I appreciate your reviews but I would appreciate it if you could put the various products in an order from good to bad.I wasnt able to find any A GRADED products,but I am not sure if I missed something.Thank you

  31. hgh truths says:


    We are working on that but to be honest it is not a top priority. Kind of time consuming. We should have thought of it when we began doing reviews.

    As of this date, there has been no “A” graded products found. The highest grade given so far has been a B+.

  32. JSon says:

    I unwisely just purchased some ghr1000 and luckily found this site soon after. It claims on their website that they will refund any unopen bottles. Should i try and get my refund or will they just stiff me? If anyone can give me some advice or has been in a similar situation i would greatly appreciate it.

  33. hgh truths says:


    Wish I could answer that question for you. What a bad guarantee.

    Only unopened bottles and a 15% restocking fee. Just another reason to avoid this product.

  34. Sam says:

    I am trying to gain mucle and lose weight for wrestling and football, i am almost 16 years old. i was looking towards hgh for the muscle gain and my dad is also pushing it for the ability to gain hieght.

    If this product will not do more than just creatines and protiens, will it give me more hieght or will it be a waste of money?

    and your professi0nal oppinion what is best i take to gain muscle and lose weight?

    • hgh truths says:

      Good multiple source time released protein supplements and weight work will do more to gain muscle than anything else. HGH supplements are a waste of your money. This product will not do anything to increase your height.

  35. Bryan says:

    i just found this fact online
    and im just posting it here
    i take no credits for it.
    just Posting something i read and i found it interesting.
    The GHR1000 HGH releaser is formulated to stimulate your pituitary gland to release more of its own natural human growth hormone and GHR1000 is an all natural herbal blend that does not contain HGH and is 100% safe.
    Thus the marketing slogan, and it is right, according to current knowledge on HGH Supplements, the active ingredients (amino acids) are there in sufficient volume to help the body release its own HGH in people with non to low physical activity levels and diets that contain too little protein.

    • hgh truths says:


      There is no fact there at all. There is more missing in the way of facts than GHR1000 is missing inthe way of ingredients. The amount of amino acids is not even in the ball park of what is needed and there are no supporting ingredients. There are better products available for under $20.

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  38. eric says:

    you have no a rated products? so what is your scale based on if there is no top grade? sounds like this website is a scam to me

    • hgh truths says:

      None of that public school grade inflation for us. An “A” product would need to excellent in all dimensions: ingredients, value, content disclosure and honesty.

      Interestingly, you left your comment on the review for one of the biggest hgh rip-off products that doesn’t come in a spray bottle.

  39. Denise says:

    Hi, my son wants to gain more muscle weight. He will begin football in the fall. At the moment he is around 6ft tall and almost 160 lbs. (15 yrs old in June) He does weight lifting during recess. Many of his “new” friends on the team have recommended him to begin Tokyo Stackers??? The local gym is selling it for $150.00 I need advise, I am really scared to let him take anything. My father was a bodybuilder before his death and I remember a lot of suppliments, protein shakes , and I think maybe creatine??? He is no longer around to help me with my son, any advise would really help me have this ongoing discussion with him.


    • hgh truths says:

      “Break out the frying pan and smack some sense into him”. His friends are pointing him in a direction of wasted money. Most bodybuilding supplements are a complete waste to teenagers. The two of the exceptions would be the protein shakes and creatine. They should do him some good and very doubtful they would do any harm. Maybe throw in a good superfood product along the lines of Green Magic.

      Never heard of Tokyo Stackers and could not find any online information on it.

  40. Denise says:

    Thanks so much , I also could not find any information on them. In fact he told me this weekend we needed to hurry up and get them becasue the gym would only be selling them until June, because they would be no longer legal. Big alarm for me! I am so thankful for your insight. It seems teens just think moms are ridiculous!!!!

    Thanks Again!!

    • hgh truths says:

      I don’t know of any new law that is suddenly making something illegal. Odds are it is probably already an illegal mix. One of the larger sports supplement companies just got popped by the goverment for using unapproved ingredients in their products.

      I know I didn’t appreaciate my Mom enough when i was a teen.

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  42. John says:

    good thing I ran into your site i’ve been looking to see which hgh product is the best and every company I go to says “they are the real one and the best”. So what your saying is the hgh that actually help build muscles are the one that you have to shoot up and cost too much for us average joe is that correct?

    • hgh truths says:

      If your under the age of 35 that is pretty much the case. Even then hgh is not really a big muscle builder. It does more to lean you out.

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  44. dotun says:

    can you try evaluate maxagen, i hear its a good product

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  48. So...? says:

    i’m 5’2 and looking for a product to grow my height.
    will GHR1000 help my problem?

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  58. Steven says:

    So I see a lot of dissing anything here tell me then what is a good muscle builder for you guys since everything else is garbage give me 1 name or brand?

    • hgh truths says:

      Look at the Big List. Anything with a B range grade should help build muscle if you are over about 35.

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  62. tonytitan says:

    will any any of the b rated products help u with sleep and have more energy ?
    i will be taking something for mass gain and wanna run this with it or a product like it to have more energy help recover from training sessions and help keep mass

  63. John says:

    GHR 1000 is a BIG SCAM. They are not refunding any $ and their custom service is the worst I have ever noticed in my life. It also is scamming affiliates out of $ it owes them.

  64. isacc says:

    is extreme HGH worth the 79 bucks? i see you have the Secratatropin HGH
    as your number one as ive seen it all around the web but how are they both different? to me one looks as tho, it is for bodybuilding but i have read your replies and you say hgh i not used to build mass but to lean, and the extreme HGH says it builds so would it be scamming me?? and the other product is a very expensive product ive seen it for 109 a bottle wats up with that! am i really getting my moneys worth w/either of these products? oh,and well based on your thoughts, which product is better for a fighter, considering the training and lifting. will i get the result i want??

    • isacc says:

      excuse my last post but i found the answers i need looking further in your website and other hgh websites the xtreme hgh is legit but i agree with you, it is madd pills but it aint no thing like animal stak ha! and the your other product you rated it an A- but ill settle for the b+ product yes i am cheap :) hahaha no but it is a supplement and if it is going to make me the machine im trying to be i can spend 109 but i got kids to FEED! thank very much for such great reviews they were the sheeeeet, :)

  65. Ty Simmons says:

    i was wondering if it is okay to mix hgh suppliments. i ordered problen’s hgh plus and, after reviewing and greatly appreciating this site, ordered and recieved secratatropin hgh.

  66. Anita says:

    Reading all kinds of facts and information about HGH Releaser, which
    among the many brands is the best recommended, which has no known
    side effects. Reviews are confusing, we do not know which one is safe
    to take.

  67. SAM says:

    I messed up and ordered the hgr1000 before reading the reviews on this website… Wow.. They got me.

  68. pd says:

    i m 21 years old and 5’5, can i increase my height????

  69. W.M says:

    im 32, does Secratatropin HGH work?

  70. Phil says:

    Been using GHR 1000 for three months and am very dissappointed in the product. The only thing I noticed is my skin being softer but no feelings of energy being boosted. Gen F 20 works better for soft skin but then again really felt nothing with that either. I will try one of the B rated products and in a few months give my opionion. But as far as GHR 1000 it is crap.

  71. Sigmund Lichter says:

    You are stating; “We recommend finding a different HGH releaser that has been reviewed and receives a good rating – ” BIG HELP!!! Why don’t you suggest a few to review!! If you are so confident that there are better ones to buy!.

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