GHR Platinum An HGH Supplement Review

GHR Platinum is the final hgh supplement in our week of GHR reviews. A new precious metal in the name means they added a few new ingredients that are not gh releasers and jacked up the price even more.


Anterior Pituitary Peptides(bovine source) 90mg
Hypothalamus(bovine source) 25mg
Amino Acid Blend 750mg
Acetyl L-Carnitine 250mg
OPC(grape seed extract) 100mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 65mg
Phosphatidyl Serine 10mg
B1 50mg
B2 50mg
B5 50mg
B6 50mg
B12 150mcg

Just like GHR15, GHR Renew-U, and GHR Gold this hgh product is all about the anterior pituitary peptide. As far as growth hormone stimulation is concerned all the other ingredients are just label dressing. Most are not hgh stimulators and the amino acids do not appear in any significant quantities.

The Platinum version reduces the trivial amount of amino acids and replaces them with a couple of antioxidants and a low level fat burner. No new secretagogues. Just another $20 bump in price.

We love anti-oxidants and b vitamins but they will not do much to increase your hormone levels. They are certainly not justification for a $40 bump in price from GHR15.

Platinum might get a passable grade for a limited spectrum product if it sold for the lower price. At $64.50 you are getting screwed.

GHR Platinum gets an hgh supplement review rating of D+.

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3 Responses to GHR Platinum An HGH Supplement Review

  1. billy says:

    tried it – this product does nothing

  2. m says:

    Another snake oil salesman–I’m familiar with the clinical studies on HGH. Great stuff. What I’m seeking is clinical support/research for claims made for the product, GHR Platinum. Haven’t seen any…

  3. Linda Ortego says:

    I have been very disappointed with your products. Both my husband and I tried both the vitamin and growth hormone. Neither of us felt any different, better or worse. I was hoping for something.
    According the radio advertisement, I could get a full refund on your product, but when I sent in a comment to your main site, no one replied back to me.
    If someone had contacted me and explain things person to person, I would have felt better. But, no one got back to me at all.

    I will certainly not recommend this product. It is a scam and a pricy one at that!

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