HGH Advance Plus IGF-1 An HGH Review

After a little break from the [tag-tec best hgh]hgh[/tag-tec] reviews and a pleasant vacation, we are back at the keyboard.  This time we are reviewing a product that we based on a couple of requests from readers.

The only place on the web we could find Hgh Advance Plus IGF-1 was trulyhuge.com.  The only conclusion we can come to about them is that they want to market to the truly gullible.

The ingredients are Human Growth Hormone 30X, Human Growth Hormone 100X, Human Growth Hormone 200X and IGF-1 ( Insulin Growth Factor ) 12C.

Basically, this is another spray bottle full of water that has the energy imprint of human growth hormone on the far side of absolutely nothing.

If you want to read an explanation of homeopathic hgh read the posts Horton Hears an HGH part I and Part II.

The only thing that truly happens here is that your bank account gets $39.95 smaller.

The product rating for HGH Advance plus IGF-1 is an F.

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3 Responses to HGH Advance Plus IGF-1 An HGH Review

  1. M. Elliott says:

    Your blog has been very informative and entertaining. I am anxiously awaiting a product that passes your review with a ‘A’ grade. I suspect that the day after I purchase the Secretagogue Gold you’ll grade an A+ product.

    Thank you for your great efforts on behalf of the consumers.
    Working and playing hard at 41 years young.

  2. hgh truths says:

    Glad we could be of assistance.

    Don’t hold your breath on the A grade. Our research for the hgh supplement reviews has yet to yield an A+ product.

    Soon as we find one we will put up a review.

    We might need to start some kind of mailing list to keep people informed. Always hard to do that and avoid people think you are going to sell them something on a daily basis.

    There is the RSS feed but most people still aren’t using those.

  3. Shron F says:

    I have used the 21st spray and it worked pretty good (The advanced formula). I think the constant loading of the HGH accumilates over time and yeilds good results. Had some increased acne for a while but it went away after awhile. Oh and it did improve my sex life : ) I think it is a little too expense. I am in the process of trying HGH plus IGF-1. Its cheaper, but we will see if it works. It also has a money back guarantee which is good if it does not live up to the hype.

    I will be happy to keep everyone informed with the results. I appreciate the reviews, but we do need honest people to comment on their results with various products. Its the only way to find out if it works.

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