Liddell Vital HGH……….HGH Review

Oh boy! A spray bottle in a box.

Here is another product claiming to be made with real hgh. In fact they brag on their website that they only use pharmaceutically produced [tag-tec]hgh[/tag-tec].  A public admittance that they turn a prescription drug into an over the counter product.

The ingredients are:

+ Human growth hormone 30x
+ Pituitarum 30x
+ Liver Extract 3x

To their credit, the website does not have a lot of deceptive information about increasing hgh naturally using research on injectable human growth hormone.  In fact there is not much information at all.

One piece of interesting information is the price, $39.95.  Many of their other preparations are $19.95.  There is no information as to why Liddell Vital HGH should be $20 more.  If you believed in this kind of product, $19.95 would be the proper full retail price.

Naturally increase hgh? Yes.

Homeopathic human growth hormone? Nah.

Sprays might sound convenient but they are not real.

Put that credit card away.

We give Liddell Vital HGH an hgh product rating of F.

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16 Responses to Liddell Vital HGH……….HGH Review

  1. Jefferson says:

    How would one translate “3x” or “30x” to grams, milligrams or, albeit, nanograms?

    • hgh truths says:

      “3X” and “30X” don’t translate into physical measurements. We have some other reviews and posts on homeopathy were we explain the “X” dilution process. “30X” basically means that there is nothing in the bottle. Actually more like nothing divided by 10 to the 6th power.

  2. Jefferson says:

    Lol! I wonder how many of these companies that put out bogus products are aware of your website and have read the reviews?

    Although, why did you say the following about this Liddell Vital HGH product: “Naturally increase hgh? Yes.”, if there’s basically nothing in it?

    Anyway, it’s almost funny that I was excited at one point in time to buy this product because of it being on sale in combination with my employee discount. Now I’m glad that I wasn’t glad to get a discount on what seems to be nothing more than a tiny Littell bottle of water.

    • hgh truths says:

      A lot of these companies are aware of our reviews and we get a lot of hateful comments and fake endorsements which we just delete. If anything it just makes us want to promote the site harder.

      We didn’t mean to imply that this product could naturally increase hgh. it can’t. It was meant to be a person asking themselves that question and answering “Yes!”

      We had already done some posts that explained why homeopathic hgh was BS and at the time did not feel like rewriting the explanation. I should probably put in links to the other posts.

  3. kaleo says:

    what type of HGH a can use to replace the injectable one?

    • hgh truths says:

      None of the sprays are a replcement for injectables. If you are taking hgh supplements for the right reasons, any of the top rated supplements will do.

  4. mark says:

    does this product increase your hgh and can it help build muscle?

  5. Cie Margo says:

    I have been a vitamin buyer for 18yrs and have been in the natural product industry for 25yrs. Homeopathy is a reputable industry. I have used Liddell HGH for several years and had incredible results, I only stopped ordering because of cost. Now that I am looking again for natural HGH I am amazed that companies that bad mouth other companies also over charge there products.

  6. zolo says:

    hi i am searching on the web for a product that can help you grow taller in a safe way i am thinking there has to be one, most of the products i see are geared towards muscles, so if u can recommend me one that is not injected and does produce a good result i would be very thankful

  7. Bob says:

    I used Liddell Vital HGH when i was in college and I could definitely notice a difference. The first 2 weeks i didnt really notice much of a difference but after that I had a pretty big increase in energy and I noticed that I was having much more vivid dreams. That may sound unbelievable and it may have different effect on different people but my roomate and i was using it at the same time and he was saying the exact same thing. I am no professional about this stuff but thats what it did for me. I didnt really work out that much either but i ran A LOT and i felt like i could run for days!

  8. Bob says:

    Sorry for the incorrect grammar above. “it may have a* different effect” “my roomate and i were* using”

    Overall I liked this product and would definitely buy it again. The only bad thing i have to say about it is that it tastes almost exactly like vodka. If you can get used to that than i would check it out.

  9. April Scarlott says:

    I first used Liddell Vital HGH about 4 years ago when HGH was all the rage. I was in full blown menopause and also thought I might have Chronic Fatigue syndrome and was desperate to find a product that would give me more NATURAL energy and not just some type of stimulant. So I bought it when it was initially offered at $34.95 a bottle (yes, it was) The first thing I noticed was I just felt more rested. Then I started noticing my hair growing back in fuller and thicker and even my widows peak became less defined as more new growth emerged. And lastly, I started to have a libido again, which had all but completely disappeared during menopause.

    After a several months the effects were less pronounced and some of the symptoms seemed to return, so I went to my doctor who prescribed bio identical progesterone & Armour Thyroid and diagnosed me as Hypothyroid. All of my endocrine system was stressed due to this and had needed more hormonal support than just the HGH could offer me.

    Two years afterwards, at my doctors suggestion, I had to give the bioidenticals a break, and in order to do that, I needed to get back on the HGH. I just finished the first bottle and again, new hair growth, better sleep, except this time I am noticing that my skin tone and texture is improving as well.

    I do not think any of these products were meant to be “lifetime consumption” products because they lose their efficacy over time. Better to use them sporadically when you feel they are most needed and then ease off. I do not care one whit about these so called reviews. I have used it and felt and seen with my own eyes, the immediate (within 30 days) improvement in all the areas mentioned.

    In fact, I just ordered two bottles for my 72 year old mother. I can’t think of a better endorsement than that. And oh yeah… it does taste like cheap vodka, so chew gum afterwards.

  10. Peter says:

    Truthfully speaking this is the best hgh I have ever used and the results are amazing

  11. Peter says:

    This is the very best hgh I have ever used and the results are amazing.

  12. Laswan says:

    I been using this product for about 10 days now(2 sprays 3x a day) I have been sleeping much better, I had insomnia before. And I have better energy whereas I was extremely tired most of the time. Seems to have tamed my normally HIGH sex drive though and sadly, I have broke out in a horrible rash all over my face! Has anyone else experienced this?

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