Longevity HGHR An Hgh Review

I believe the official name of this product is Find Longevity Now – The Ultimate Anti-Aging Formula – 2AEP + REAL HGHR.  Long name.  Not sure about the product.

This [tag-tec best hgh]hgh[/tag-tec] product has two main components.  The 2-AEP combined with calcium, magnesium & potassium and the HGHR formula.

The 2-AEP is  2-aminoethyl phosphoric acid, also called colamine phosphate, 2-aminoethyl esther of phosphoric acid, or 2-amino ethanol phosphate.  Not really clear what exactly that is. 

The site talks about it a lot but the link to the research summary leads to  page that includes 30+ year old information and the scientific article mainly refers to a study done in the 1960’s by the inventor Dr. Hans A. Nieper.  It looked interesting but I wish there was some more complete and more recent research.  If it was such a great thing you would think major vitamin supplement manufacturers would be all over it.

I talked to a friend who is a natural products manufacturer.  He had heard of 2-AEP.   He reeled of the specifics of a half dozen different delivery systems that would be at least as good.  His short explanation was that most quality mineral products taken in the same amount should be as good

The products full ingredient list is:

Calcium 2-AEP  (50 mg elemental calcium)  510 mg
Magnesium 2-AEP (32 mg elemental magnesium)  510 mg
Potassium 2-AEP (43 mg elemental potassium)  255 mg


Anterior Pituitary Gland  75 mg
L-Arginine  45 mg
L-Glutamine  45 mg
L-Lysine  45 mg
L-Tyrosine  15 mg

I can definitely speak to the HGHR ingredients.

The amounts of amino acids are less than 5% of what of what you need to stimulate narural hgh release.  The 75 mg of pituitary is enough to stimulate growth hormone release. 

A real weak product for $44.95.  Longevity HGH is not a very good value.

The product rating for Longevity HGHR is a D.

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15 Responses to Longevity HGHR An Hgh Review

  1. Sandra says:

    Do any of these products work? I haven’t read any that you would recommend, or is that the point?

  2. hgh truths says:

    We started our hgh supplement reviews with some of the better known and most popularly recommended hgh products.

    It is unfortunate that many of these heavily marketed products are of such poor quality.

    We have reviewed a number of gh stacks that do work. The best has a grade of B+. Some products with lower grades will work but they were way over priced for the quality of supplement you would receive.

    We thought it was important to keep people from wasting their money on some of these bogus products. Our reviews are now going to expand to include many lesser known products.

    We will try to focus on ones that have some chance of working.

  3. John says:

    Has anyone tried the Longevity 2-aep capsule version?

    • Karl Hertel says:

      I had used it a couple of years ago. bought a 6 months discount package and took 3 capsules rather than the 4 because I was in pretty good shape. It made me feel a little more energetic and minor injuries did heal in about a week. Even with the discount it was pricey

  4. hgh truths says:

    This is the capsule version.

  5. John says:

    thanks. I wasn’t sure because there was a spray one and a capsule one.

  6. hgh truths says:

    If you see a spray version, run even faster.

  7. Benji Yahuda says:

    I am reading about this product on their website.
    “2-AEP is a biological component of our cell wall. It has been identified as a neurotransmitter and helps to build new nerve paths. It is an organic “Mineral Carrier”, which means that 2-AEP does just that…..It carries the minerals it is combined with exactly where they need to be delivered……to the cell wall.”

    I am in a freshman level biology class… first thing they said was “Unlike the eukaryotic cells of plants and fungi, animal cells do not have a cell wall.”….

    Again freshman biology but is that statement correct?

    thanks for this great unbias review site.

  8. alan says:

    I just bought findlongevitynow for 4 months supply and started using it for a week. I do not feel any difference. Now I suspect that this product is useless.

  9. Anita says:

    I took me six months to see the effect of Longevity HGHR supplement. Before
    took this supplement I was sent copies of testimonials regarding the product,
    and I myself has benefited from it. Dr. Nieper is a well known Oncologist in Germany and this product is backed up with years of research. I believe the
    effect is not the same, it may take sometime to other people to see the effect.

  10. Bob says:

    This product made me feel ill frankly. I had to stop taking it after a week.

  11. Paul says:

    I have used this product for nearly 2 years now and have this to say. Firstly, it does work! no doubt about it. I am 44 and bought the product slow down the aging process as it purports to do on the company web info. 2 years later I have dropped 3 belt sizes increased muscle mass, massive immune boost, no respiratory problems like I used to have, skin looks great, energy every day and the list goes on. Only problem is I cannot find the website to re order product so am now looking for a good alternative.

  12. Dave says:

    I have used the product for many years – it works for me – I’m 60 and look in my 40’s the new product name is Membrane Integrity Factor

  13. Gutierrez says:

    Good to know Dave. I’ll check it out.

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