Maxi Hgh An Hgh Supplement Review

Maxi-HGH by Food Science of Vermont is a refreshingly straight forward product.  Just a simple blend of a large dosage of straight amino acids.  There are no other ingredients.  We have also seen this product labeled as being made by DaVinci Laboratories of Vermont.

The ingredients please…

L-Glutamine 6000 mg
L-Arginine 1000 mg
L-Ornthine HCL1000 mg
L-Lysine 1250 mg
Glycine 1000 mg

Glutamine is the main event here and it is present in a more than sufficient dosage to stimulate growth hormone release. The supporting group of amino acids is there in large enough dosages to work by themselves but they are a decent supporting cast.  Besides you still get a much larger dosage than with scam products like Genf20 or GHR1000.

The supplement manufacturer says that this hgh releasing powder should be taken with juice or water.  Juice could interfere with proper absorption in the stomach.  So we suggest just using straight water.  The only problem is that there does not appear to be any flavoring so it might not taste that great. 

Powders are able to provide a much larger dosage for a more reasonable price than capsules but with capsules you have no taste issues.

We plan on buying some and will experiment to see what can be done about the taste issue.

I love seeing a vitamin supplement manufacturer who puts the exact ingredients on the label and does not resort to the proprietary blend ploy.

This growth hormone releaser has a list price of $59.95 but it is easily available through the magic of internet discounters for around $30. A good buy.

This would be a good product to supplement one of the more complete products during a second cycle.

Maxi-HGH receives an HGH product review rating of  B-


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56 Responses to Maxi Hgh An Hgh Supplement Review

  1. Duane C says:

    Thanks for the review. Terrific site.
    I recommend taking with a protein powder to
    get around the taste issue. Would that also inhibit absorbtion? I will continue to read your reviews of other products and refer folks to your site.

    • Tex says:

      I take mine with some MiO water enhancer and it helps get it down. By itself it is pretty nasty. I’ve been taking it about a week and watching what I eat, but I’m down four pounds this week and have a lot of energy in the gym. I’m in my mid-fifties and usually do two workouts a day, of mid to short duration, early morning and after work in the evening. Seems to be helping me.

  2. hgh truths says:

    Duane C,

    Your welcome and thank-you.

    The protein powder will totally wipe out the uptake of the straight amino acids as it applies to growth hormone release.

    I would be experimenting with taking it with some kind of non-sugar based drink mix like a Crystal Light … I might try sweetening with pure agave syrup which has the lowest glycemic index of any natural sweetner.

    Generally, I just mix this kind of thing with the smallest amount of water possible and throw it down with a larger amount of water available as a chaser – palate cleanser.

  3. Duane C says:

    I’m ordering MHP’s Secretagogue Gold and will continue to carry Maxi-Hgh. I have a lot to learn. Question? To act as an HGH secretagogue should the products only be taken at night before sleep, or can you take before or after exercise without any other supplements and still be effective? Out of the realm of hgh review, I know. Haven’t found the answer through research yet.

  4. hgh truths says:

    Duane C,

    The absolutely best time is before sleep on an empty stomach. Followed by first thing in the morning. Followed by before exercise on an empty stomach. Followed by after exercise on an empty stomach.

  5. LATIF says:

    Hi ,, is it possible to get higher when i use HGH
    i am 43 years old,, do you think is it useful to
    use this product,,,

  6. JEN says:

    I am wondering about GHR made by BIE Health Products; Global Health Products, is also on the bottle. They say take 4 pills each containing:

    Anterior Pituitary (porcine) or (bovine)…20mg
    Hypothalamus …5mg
    Amino acid blend…300mg
    (essential amino acids)
    Lysine, Histidine, Arginine, Aspartic acid, Therinine, Serine, Glutamic acid, Leucine, Phenylalanin, Proline, Glycine, Alanine, Cystine, Valine, Methionine, Isoleucine, Tyrosine.

    Phylosterol Complex… 10mg
    Beta sitosterol, Campesterol, Stigmasterol.

    Soy Phosphatide Complex… 20mg
    Phosphatidyl serene 40%
    Phosphatidyl choline, Phosphatidyl ethanolamine, Phosphatiylinositol.

    Panax Ginseng…20mg

    I did do a study on the ingredients and found no problems with what is in it, but I do not understand how much of what ingredients a body should take. I find all the ingredients labels a bit confusing and am wondering if taking 4 of these at a time is enough or is secretagogue gold or maxiHGH or HGH surge a healthier choice?

  7. hgh truths says:


    43 is a fine age for hgh supplements.

    No idea what you mean by the get higher question.

  8. hgh truths says:


    GHR is even worse than any of the other GHR products we have already reviewed.

    Secretagogue Gold, Maxi HGH, and Hgh Surge are all better products.

  9. Chuck says:

    You mentioned this would be a good product to supplement one of the more complete products during a second cycle. What product do you suggest for a primary?
    Thank you for your help.

  10. hgh truths says:


    The current products I am referring to are Secretagogue Gold, Secretagogue One, and Hgh Surge.

  11. Mary says:

    Can I mix Max HGH with gatorade or any beverage of the same type?
    Thank you for your help.

  12. Mary says:

    Dear Hgh truths,
    I meant to say ” Can I mix Maxi-HGH with gatorade or any beverage of the same kind.”

    • hgh truths says:

      Straight water is best but there is nothing in gatorade that should cause any conflict. Just don’t consume it with any liquid that requires much digestion…. protein drinks, juice, etc.

  13. Jake says:

    Dear Hgh Truths,

    I wish i would have found this site sooner, i bought some GenF20 and i started taking it about three days ago. To early to see if it works.
    But to get to my point if i was to take GenF20 and Maxi-HGH would that be bad for me or could i take both?

    Thank you

  14. Mary says:

    Dear hgh truths,

    You recommend to take Maxi-HGH with straight water, but the taste is nasty. What about with vitamin water?
    Thank you

    • hgh truths says:

      The best thing I have found to cover up the taste of amino acid powders are the no sugar powdered drink mixes.

  15. chris says:

    I take Maxi-HGH now on your suggestion and find that there is virtually no taste. All I drink is water and I can tell subtle differences in tastes and though I can tell when the powder is in my cup, it is not offensive by any means. let me just say that I have certainly had worse. I have been taking one HGH Surge pill with my dose of Maxi-HGH. Is that enough to make a difference or should I take more than that? By the way, I have been sleeping like a log since I started taking it and have had very vivid dreams that I remember clearly. It seems to be a side effect, but not neccessarily a bad one. I did notice the other day that my cardio workout went much better than expected and I hadn’t realized that that was a possible effect.

    • hgh truths says:

      Play the HGH Surge dosage by ear. In other words, try taking more and see how that works for you personally.

      I generally can’t take more than 3 HGH Surge at a time so that is why I tend to mix it in with something else.

  16. chris says:

    I started taking it a little over a week ago.

  17. Mary says:

    Hgh truths,
    thanks, what a difference. I am trying crystal light powder, and I can’t taste the Maxi-HGH.
    I appreciate your help.

  18. jason says:

    I was wondering if you knew anything about Genf20 and whether or not i should go with genf20 or maxi-HGH, Secretagogue Gold, or HGH Surge.


  19. chris says:

    Someone at GNC told me of a product that was not on your list that is said to work wonders called somatomax by HTP. They also said that they are re-releasing it under another name: Renutrients? That was what he called it but I’m not sure of the spelling. The new one is supposed to be the legal version of Somatomax since the FDA had issues with it being too good. Are you familiar?

    • hgh truths says:

      Renutrient was an illegal product. The FDA had issues because the main ingredient was an industrial solvent. Paint stripper.

      When we finish the review for Somatomax it is basically going to suggest that people do not buy it.

  20. chris says:

    One last comment and I’ll leave you guys alone. You seem to speak better of Maxi-HGH on your review than of Secretagogue Gold and Maxi-HGH is cheaper online by a few bucks (I found it for $27) and they give full disclosure of ingredients, which seems to be a source of happiness to you. My question is why you gave Gold a better grade or why you didn’t give Maxi a better grade.

    • hgh truths says:

      Yes we like full disclosure of ingredients. However, Secretagogue Gold is a more complete product than Maxi-HGH so it gets a higher grade.
      Though Maxi-HGH is still a good product.

  21. Qenn says:

    I am confused, are you stating that we should take MHP’s Secretagogue Gold and Maxi-HGH at the same time? If I misunderstood, how would you cycle both products?

  22. . . says:

    Renutrient’s ingredient, GBL, is converted to the well known, pretty safe if you’re not a moron, but maligned as a “date rape drug” (bullshit) GHB, which is in fact scheduled. GBL itself is not terribly toxic, but put anything in the hands of teenagers, typically in combination with alcohol, and… well, you know the rest. Generalizing it as “paint stripper” is disingenuous and only serves to make it sound scary and absurd. There are countless toxic ingredients that people breathe and ingest daily without any concern. Use your brain, be safe about it, and GBL is mostly fine.

    • hgh truths says:


      Really.. how lame is it that somebody can’t think of a better name than..
      GBL, the short form for gamma butyrolactone, is an industrial chemical that is used as a paint stripper and can melt super glue. While not as toxic as some chemicals, it is a federal crime to sell it or posses it for human consumption. Some states are even more hard ass about it.

      Now it is one of the base ingredients for the manufacture of GHB and if you take GBL straight your body can convert some of it into GHB through a bit of a hard process. GHB would definitely be the better option but of course it is a controlled substance.

      The date rape stuff is true but that is not the reason GHB is illegal. GHB is an easy to make drug that is both cheap and unpatentable. When used properly it works better as a sleep enhancing supplement than any sleeping pill on the market. A big threat to a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical market. It had to be stopped.

      Before the PR campaign to make GHB illegal not all that many people knew about it and most who did used it responsibly. When the PR campaign started GHB suddenly started being available everywhere. While a handy substance for many medical purposes, the worst thing about GHB was that too large a dosage could knock you out cold and it just plain does not mix with alcohol.

      Adults and teenagers are irresponsible with this stuff and the consequences of misuse are even worse than with many other substances.

  23. Mary says:

    Wow, you tell it like it is… Those of us that are looking to improve without putting our lives at risk, we love it.
    I am now on the second part of cycling: the month off. Can I take a protein powder drink, before workouts or that will decrease the effectiveness of cycling? Since the reason to stop taking hgh is for your body to produce hgh naturally, and most of protein powder drinks contain amino acids. If it is ok, which one should I buy?
    Thank you very much, for your honest work.

    • hgh truths says:

      You can still take the protein drink before workouts. Food contains amino acids and we want you to stay healthy. The trick with good hgh supplements is the right combination and the rapid uptake on an empty stomach.

  24. Mary says:

    Any protein drink that you can recommend.
    Thanks, again.

    • hgh truths says:

      For the last few years i have just been buying what Costco is selling. It used to be this really good staged release protein blend from some company in Arizona. When Costco switched to an EAS product, I ordered direct from the company until one day when they tripled the retail price so could sell it at twice what I had been paying and claim that it was 30% off.

      So I switched to the EAS product that was also stage released until Costco gave up on it too. Now they sell a whey protein isolate that is not to bad but you get less product for your money. Time to search for a new source to buy an affordable time released product. Is it just me or have these products all gotten more expensive over the last five pears?

  25. Mary says:

    Dear Truths,

    I am still searching for a protein powder drink. I came across this one:
    “Biochem Sports 100% Greens & Whey Protein at vitacost.” Would you be able to let me know if this would be a good choice for a female athlete? I am trying to buy a protein drink that will satisfy my daily intake, without enlarging my muscles.
    Thank you so much for your help, as always.

    • hgh truths says:


      It looked like an Ok product but maybe a little pricey. There is a great product out there called Green Magic that can be combined with any good whey isolate.

      The products themselves don’t enlarge muscles unless you are doing exercise workouts designed to enlarge muscles.

  26. Mary says:

    As always, your knowledge and your time is truly appreciated.
    Thank you

  27. Chris Webber says:

    Of the products you mentioned I really like this one best, my question is as it is a powder what can I add to it to make it get in to the upper tier of choices you mentioned above?

    • hgh truths says:

      My recommendation is to always just take one product at first and see what happens. Worry about the mixing later.

      If you must mix, GHr Essentials is probably the best choice to mix with Maxi-hgh. Remember, stronger and faster is not always better whern it comes to hgh.

  28. Chris Webber says:

    GHr Essentials sounds great for the price but for my weight it wants me taking 12 pills a day. If I was to use this as a combo with Maxi hgh how many pills prior to sleep do you think would be enough?

  29. Mike says:

    Hi ,
    I was wondering if you tried the Maxi HGH with any other liquid other than crystal light?

  30. Zak says:

    i would like to know how this product will help a 17 year old? will it boost growth hormone levels?, help overall develoment? increase sport performance levels? or are these products just for old people?
    hope to hear from you soon.

  31. Mike says:

    What Hgh product would be best for building muscle and strength?

  32. Tim says:

    Hgh truths,

    I’ve been taking nitric oxide pre-workout shakes before and endothil-cr and protein isolate shakes after workouts for a while and have seen results. Endothil dramatically decreases soreness to nothing. I’m looking to try something new. Sounds like Maxi-Hgh is good. I’m 32 and wondering if the results will benefit me. I noticed the 17 y/o was a waste, but benefited 40 y/o. Will this product remove the need for protein afterwards with similar results, ie build?

  33. a j says:

    can it help someone get taller?

  34. mike l says:

    I’m45, looking to speed up metabolism and lose weight. Will SecretagogueGold do the trick? Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Although Secratagogue Gold is a good product, the most impressive product we have seen for metabolic stimulus is Secratatropin HGH.

  35. Joe C. says:

    Hi, i’m new to the site, I have a few questions about HGH. I’m 64 years old and was feeling sluggish and needed to loose some weight so I started walking in the beginning of June. I walk at a pretty brisk pace, and I average 3 miles in the morning and 3 miles in the evening my starting weight was 183 lbs. as of july 25th i’m down to 164 1/4 lbs. My question is will Maxi HGH benefit helping to keep weight off, and help increase my stamina, and will it benefit sex drive ? Thanks for any help to my questions. Great Site

  36. gary wimberly says:

    Maxi-HGH is quite acceptable, taste wise, in milk, but from other reviews I’ve seen here, I now wonder if it is being wasted when put in milk?

  37. Paul says:

    I would like to be a tester for this program….I bought GenF20 plus/ Growth Factor 9 before reading your website. Shame on me

    I am 44 years old in decent shape and workout 4-5 days a week…mostly with weights but some cardio. I would like to be a test subject using the products under your guidelines but would love to see results if at all possible

    Thank you,


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