Number 1 Fact about HGH Oral Sprays

If someone is trying to sell you a [tag-tec]Human growth hormone[/tag-tec] spray product,


That really says it all for me but the curious among you are going to want to know why.

The simple truth is that we have never seen an hgh spray product that is actually a good product. It does not matter if it is homeopathic, nutritional, or contains “real” hgh. They are all a steaming pile of marketing feces.

Let’s start with sprays that claim to be made from real hgh. Just not possible. There is no way to make a spray out of the real pharmaceutical growth hormone. Even if you could, there is no such thing as the largest amount legally allowed. We are talking a prescription drug here. You need a prescription to purchase it. Where is the spray Viagra or Ambien or insulin. There isn’t any because it is not legal. It is a crime!

Moving on to nutritional hgh products. There is no way to put enough of all the ingredients they claim to contain into a few sprays to receive enough of the vitamins to cause hormone release.

Homeopathic remedies do not work the way most of the homeopathic [tag-tec [buy hgh products]hgh products[/tag-tec] say they do. We do have a belief in the effectiveness homeopathy when a remedy is used properly. These products just don’t do that. Especially beware of products that claim to have homeopathic real human growth hormone. This is not legal either. Where is the homeopathic Viagra or Valium? There isn’t any. We will talk more about homeopathics in an upcoming series of posts.

There will also be more posts on “real” sprays and nutritional sprays.

For now just remember our number one piece of advice. When someone wants you to buy a hgh spray product………

Hide Your Wallet!!!!

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20 Responses to Number 1 Fact about HGH Oral Sprays

  1. Robert says:

    Will anyone come out with good healthy spray of HGH? I always liked sprays as I felt it was the quickest way to gget something healthy into my body. I am interested alot in anti-aging as I am a baby boomer and looking for natural things to help me stay healthy and strong as I am not even close to being ready for a wheel chair or retirement anytime in the next few decades. Can you make any suggestions?

  2. hgh truths says:

    Yes, skip the sprays and buy a good hgh supplement product. We will soon be doing hgh product reviews and some of them will be for really great products.

  3. Richard says:

    What are the best forms of hgh on the market, besides the injectable kind?

  4. hgh truths says:

    The all natural supplements are the best.

    The the best hgh releasers can provide great benefits to people over 35.

    Check next weeks reviews.

  5. Nap Zamora says:

    Is Secretagogue-One a good product?

  6. hgh truths says:

    It is not a bad hgh product.

    Secretagogue One is about thirty reviews away but we will try to get the final edit done and publish the review sooner.

  7. David says:

    i have used hgh sprays in the past and they have had some effect,weight loss being whats in them that is of any benefit

  8. hgh truths says:

    My hypothesis is the placebo effect.

    It is just not possible to put enough ingredients into a spray to get the kind of effects being promised.

    There are some ingredients that in small amounts can have an effect on appetite and energy. But you will not get any hgh release.

    The money you are being asked to spend is much better put to use buying a decent hgh supplement.

  9. Bb says:

    I tried hgh renewal workout spray for men. It seemed to have a positive effect which diminished over time. But it did seem to offer literally a renewal of energy in the flagging hours of the day.

  10. hgh truths says:

    I vote for the placebo effect.

    Hgh renewal workout spray for men does not have any real ingredients in it.

  11. evan says:

    have you heard of hgh pro? it sounds like a product, and the site saays it’s fda approved. do you think it’s a valid claim?

  12. hgh truths says:


    If a site claims that their product is FDA approved, they are LYING.

    Many sites try to make it seem like having their product manufactured in FDA approved or licensed facility applies to the product. It does not.

    As for having an NDC registration the FDA says:

    All homeopathic medicines must be registered with the FDA and have a National Drug Code (NDC) number on the label. The NDC is used to identify the manufacturer and the medicine in case there is ever a question about its origin and contents.

    Basically since the FDA has no real powers over homeopathic medicines they decided to mess with the manufacturers.

    Any company that makes it sound like their product is approved by the FDA is scamming you.

  13. xanax says:

    I want to say – thank you for this!
    I definitely won’t be buying a growth hormone oral spray.

  14. viagra says:

    Incredible site!

    buy viagra online

  15. K Stasney says:

    Hearing a lot about an Rx only spray product, supposedly backed up by lab data. SecretropinRx from University Compounding Pharmacy. Any updates on this as a prescription only product? Great site, thanks for the great reviews.

  16. deftones says:

    Thank you for airing all these hgh scams out.I’m 34 and looking for something to help buiild muscle and get lean.I took ephedra and it got me skinny ,but i still got fatty love handles and a gut.

  17. Beto says:

    Hey guys. My brother showed me one of those hgh oral sprays and talked me into buying it too. After reading an article here “Number 1 Fact about HGH Oral Sprays” I was wondering if theres any reason to keep taking it . Is it completly useless? Also, I was wondering if theres any hgh product here that works good and is at the 20-30 dollar price range. Thank You in advanced.

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