Physicians Blend HGH Extreme An HGH Review

First off we have a [tag-tec best hgh product]hgh[/tag-tec] oral spray bottle.

“Oh no! Not again!” “Yes again.”

Once again we have a hgh product claiming to be made from hgh.  You know the prescription drug.

The website plays the usual games of trying to make it look like studies done with injectable hgh apply to their product. Yeah, right.

My favorite is the expectations page.  Here you are shown what to expect over a six month period.

Great idea, just one problem.

The header Expectations has an asterisk after it. Searching down toward the bottom of the page one finds some teeny print.  The print says that this table is based on a study done by The New England Journal of Medicine done with injectable human growth hormone. “Results with HGH Extreme can vary” Duh.


+ Human Growth Hormone 10x/30x
+ Avena Sativa 3c
+ Glycyrrhiza Glabra 3c
+ Arginine 4c
+ Glutamine 4c
+ Isoleucine 4c
+ Leucine 4c
+ Lysine 4c
+ Ornithine 4c
+ Valine 4c
+ Colostrum 5c
+ Gonadostimuline 5c
+ ATP 5c
+ Glycogen 6c
+ Cortisone 12c

Not going to get into the homeopathic debate.  Homeopathic practioners, that I spoke with, think that a list this long in one product is ludicrous.

Most of the ingredients do not work the way the manufacturers are claiming.  Equally ludicrous is the whole concept of making a homeopathic product from prescription injectable hgh.  Just not legitimate.

However we have something better.

This product is sold for the bargain price of $119.95 per bottle. Approximately $100 more than you would pay for a high end homeopathic product at your local natural products store.

The hgh product rating for Physicians Blend HGH Extreme is an F. 

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9 Responses to Physicians Blend HGH Extreme An HGH Review

  1. MILAD says:

    do sell somatropin if you sell it do you have shipping to dubai ? and how much is it thx milad

  2. hgh truths says:

    We do not sell any growth hormone products.

  3. Angel says:

    I actually work for this company selling HGH Extreme and have been using this product since i’ve been working for them
    (for 3 years now), and I think the product is GREAT! I feel and look 10 years younger, I have lost 56 pounds, I got off of my Lipitor for my chlosterol…..

    I think that this website is just selling another HGH product and is trying to give HGH Extreme a bad name….

    You be the judge and try it yourself!!!


  4. hgh truths says:


    A person would have to be totally whacked to actually pay money for this product.

    We don’t sell any hgh products and if we did it would not be one of these spray bottle scams.

  5. robert says:

    HGH extreme is nothing but a high concentration of amino acids. If you want real HGH you have to a Doctor. If you want a genuine HGH activator then you can get it from me

    • david says:

      what is genuine HGH activator? thank you

      • admin says:

        Hey David, I’ve found that the HGH activator with the most “genuine” results is Secratatropin HGH. Even though it is a little more expensive, I feel the results are worth the price.

  6. robert says:

    and angela is a liar

    • hgh truths says:

      Angela just might be a placebo junkie but Physicians Extreme has nothing to do with high concentrations of amino acids. This is a homeopathic product so we are talking about almost nonexistent levels of amino acids.

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