Pure GH Releaser An Hgh Review

Here is capsule entrant into the pill vs. spray battle.  According to the website this [tag-tec natural hgh]natural product[/tag-tec] was designed by doctors.  Doctors of  what?

Before I have my fun with Pure HGH Releaser, let us go over the ingredients.

Each 4 Capsules Contain 2250 mg.:

+ Homeopathic HGH (Somatropin)   400mg
+ Anterior Pituitary     80 mg
+ Adrenal Gland           50 mg
+ Hypothalamus           20 mg
+ L Glutamine               200 mg
+ L Arginine                  200 mg
+ L Pyroglutamate       200 mg
+ L Glycine                    200 mg
+ L Lysine                     200 mg
+ Creatine                     200 mg
+ Siberian Ginseng      300 mg

There is the usual attempt to make it seem like comments about injectable human growth hormone applies to their product. Not true.

There is supposedly a clinical trial that says IGF-1 levels increased by a “whopping 402%”.  I won’t believe it until I see that actual trial report, the names of the actual doctors involved and what reputable organization oversaw the project.  Until seeing that data, my stance is that this is a false statement.

 This would supposedly make this product superior to injectable hgh.  The real studies published in established medical journals do not make those kinds of claims using the real  prescription human growth hormone.

The website makes a big deal about the team involved in this product and their great expertise.  If this is true, how come they can’t label the product properly?

Meanwhile, back to the ingredients.

Homeopathic HGH (Somatropin) 400 mg….. ridiculous.  Homeopathic ingredients are described according to their potency.  Such as 3x, 3c, 3m.  Measurements in milligrams have absolutely nothing to do with homeopathic ingredients.  Real homeopathic remedies come in little tiny pills that might weigh 5 mg with most of the material being the inactive physical pill.

So this company claims to have a panel of medical experts and a strong research team.  None of whom seem to know anything about homeopathic medicine but are willing to sell the product.  They do claim to have a creative marketing group.  Should that read slimey?

We will skip the whole rant on the foolishness of homeopathic hgh.

OK.  The anterior pituitary should cause some hgh release.  There is not enough of any one amino acid to do much good.  The Siberian ginseng should provide some energy rush.

This “wonderful” product only costs $75 per month.  Forgetting about the homeopathic component, the rest is worth about $19.95.

They will send you one bottle free.  You pay shipping of $6.95. If you must try this product, take the free one.  Do not even consider any of the special multiple bottle discounts.

Just because of the ridiculousness of the whole thing with the homeopathic hgh …..

Pure GH Releaser receives a product rating of F.

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17 Responses to Pure GH Releaser An Hgh Review

  1. Ticked Off Customer says:

    That company is a bunch of scum bags and cons who hide and shroud important info such that they intend to bill you every month. They prey on those who may not be too keen on checking their charges each month. Be careful. When you sign up for that one trial – they automatically put you on membership and send you and charge your card continuously /automatically for each package they send you. Notice your credit card bill.

  2. hgh truths says:

    The plot thickens.

    Given the decpetive nature of their marketing, Ticked Off’s comment doesn’t surprise me.

    Just shows that free isn’t always a good thing.

  3. bob says:

    im a student at texas tech, had a bunch of friends buy this stuff and was considering getting it myself if i starting seeing positive results in them…which never came. seems like you analyzed this stuff pretty accurate.

  4. hgh truths says:

    This is just a particular bad hgh product.

    As you might have noticed reading other posts, even the best hgh supplements are not going to have a big impact on people of college age.

  5. david jones says:

    I ordered the trial bottle for $6.95. I never saw any info stating I would be joining a membership with them. Then a friend warned me that when you order the trial bottle, they automatically enroll you in the membership program. There is an initial charge for enrollment, a MONTHLY membership fee, and the product order is renewed each month. I read in their return policy that if you return an order, they charge a $19.95 fee for credit card processing. If the product was good, they would not have to stoop to these tactics to get all the money they can get from you so deceitfully.

  6. hgh truths says:


    Thanks for warning people about the deceptive marketing practices.

    You might have noticed that we gave this product an F. We are trying to warn people away. However, even after this review some people are still going to let themselves be scammed.

  7. Sgt Mjr says:

    Potential victims,
    Having had the benefit of contracts class in law school, I knew to read the “TERMS AND CONDITIONS” link on the website. Here is where they tell you about the “membership” that allows them to charge you every month. FYI: If you want to try this product without having an auto-charge to your card, just order the free bottle for $6.95 shipping, wait a few days while your order is processed, then call the 800 number and cancel your contract. One bottle, $6.95. No further contact. No comment on the product yet, only that these guys are pretty shifty!

  8. hgh truths says:

    We were only joking when we said to take the free one. What is it they say about sarcasm being a low form of humor?

  9. Trey says:

    I got the free bottle then noticed the 70 buck charge on my credit card. I work out 6 days a week and have not noticed any benefits from this “snake oil”. It might actually do more harm than good. To anyone looking for a quick fix just up your protein intake and eat right and exercise. There is no quick way or miracle pill…PEACE

  10. hgh truths says:

    We really think that people should avoid this product entirely. We said what we did because some people just can’t resist free. As you can see here it is not really free.

    People over 40 should see some good benefits with a good hgh product.

  11. acaiberry says:

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    I have a question thats been on my mind for a long time.. What is acai berry?
    I keep seeing commercials on tv and advertisements on the internet so im finally starting to get interested.
    I guess its some fruit that is very healthy for you and your skin?
    I wouldnt mind losing some weight so i kinda want to buy acai berry .. so if any
    of you know any cheap online stores that would be great!
    I also saw it was featured on OPRAH so maybe there is some truth to this lol.

  12. jennefsl says:

    Yo everyone!
    Im new to hghtruths.com.
    Hope I can be a regular here!

  13. paul says:

    Well I unfortunately bought six months worth at a discounted price and have been using it for six weeks now of 252.00.So far no changes,except waking up every night after four hours of sleep.You know it says to take before you go to bed and it desolves in the lower intestine,well I’m thinking it disolves before it makes it there and the ginseng is taking effect.Being that sleep is one of the most important aspects of health I ‘m quitting.One other thing,I’m curious to find out if other GH supplements make is difficult to urinate.

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