Renewal HGH Original HGH Review

Oh Boy, another [tag-tec]hgh oral spray[/tag-tec].  Folks, I promise to start reviewing some pill form products tomorrow.

The website for this product does a standard thing of trying to make it look like all the research done on pharmaceutical hgh has something to do with the pretty spray bottle.  Ummm…not so much.

To their credit, there is an asterisk at the top of the benefits page.  At the bottom they put:

“* The benefits of Human Growth Hormone as stated above are based on worldwide clinical studies using injectable HGH.  These results from using the injectable form of HGH are for informational purposes only and they do not imply you will experience the same benefits using Renewal® HGH.”

Enough said. Let’s go get a prescription!  OK, I will go on.

I will give you the ingredients in the a triple potency formula:

HGH ( Somatropin ) 10X/30X/100X

Once again this is supposed to be made from a pharmaceutical drug…Just diluted by several factors of 10.

I am going to have to breakdown and write an introduction to homeopathy article.

In the meantime, 1X would be one part substance to 9 parts water.  To get 2X you mix one part 1X with 9 parts water.  By the time you get to 10X, you are looking at an hgh to water ratio of 1/10,000,000,000.  For you nanogram fans, that is 1/10 of a nanogram.

Now by the time you hit 24X there are 24 zeros.  You are in “Horton Hears a Who” territory.

In fact, at 24X it is mathematically impossible to prove that there is even one molecule of hgh in your bottle.  Once again, enjoy that tap water!

Speaking of water, it is not tap water.  It is PVM Water (Purified Vibrational Memory) – “A unique, proprietary process using Light, Minerals and the energetic restructuring of Water to deliver a more potent and life-enriching product.”

No, really. Truth is stranger than fiction.

How does one vibrate water?  What happened?  Did somebody fart in the hot tub?  I wonder if the FTC approved this?  FDA certified fart water?

The really scary thing is that many large vitamin retailers sell this product. Proof that they will do anything for a buck including not paying their lawyers in advance.

Stop, stop, please stop!  My sides are hurting!

The product rating for Renewal HGH Original is an F.

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3 Responses to Renewal HGH Original HGH Review

  1. Jim says:

    I too fell for the spray hype. About the only results was a better night sleep. Tylenol PM works just as good and cheaper!

  2. hgh truths says:


    You did better than must hgh spray buyers. Most only experience the side effect of a lighter wallet!

  3. James says:

    Damn I just bought some oral spray HGH. Where can I get the real thing without a prescription?

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