Secretagogue HGH Plus: An HGH Product Review

Today we start with Secretagogue HGH Plus from the Vibrant Living Institute.

This HGH product comes in an orange flavored powder. So if you like orange flavor, try some Tang. Tang worked for the astronauts and is probably as good an HGH releaser as this product.

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Secretagogue HGH Plus Ingredients

Amino Acid Blend
• Citruline
• L-Glutamine
• Glycine
• L-Lysine
• L-Tyrosine
• Glutamic Acid
• L-Argenine

ZMA (a blend of Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B6)
Broad Bean

The Skinny on Secretagogue HGH Plus

These look like fantastic HGH-releasing ingredients, but considering that they are part of a proprietary blend, there likely is not enough of each of the ingredients to actually make a difference in your HGH levels.

Using proprietary blends is a common tool that companies use to hide exactly how much of each ingredient is in the formula. Since Secretagogue HGH Plus technically contains each ingredient, they are allowed to include the names on the labels, but these ingredients will not actually make a difference in the outcome that you see.

Secretagogue HGH Plus Side-effects

By taking Secretagogue HGH Plus, you may experience high blood pressure, diabetes, low blood sugar, or problems sleeping. However, these side-effects are fairly rare, meaning that it is very unlikely that taking Secretagogue HGH Plus will cause you to experience these side-effects.

Secretagogue HGH Plus Cost

For one package of Secretagogue HGH Plus, you will pay between $60 and $70 depending on where you purchase it from. One box lasts the typical user for 1 month, so if you decide to use Secretagogue HGH Plus for a long period of time, the cost will start to add up quickly.

Based on the concentration of good ingredients in Secretagogue HGH Plus and the cost that you will pay for it, we really do not think that Secretagogue HGH Plus is worth the money you will pay for it.

We recommend looking elsewhere for an HGH product to help you get your youthful swagger back.

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13 Responses to Secretagogue HGH Plus: An HGH Product Review

  1. Jason says:

    I wanted to see what the professionals (you guys) thought about the idea of creating my own gh supplement. I am unhappy with the things added to some of the products available. The formula goes as as this.

    Agrinine AAKG 1.5g
    Ornithine HCL 1.5g
    Lysine HCL 1g
    Glycine 2g
    GABA 1g
    Glutamine 2g
    tyrosine 1g

    What do you think?

    • jeanine conway says:

      It’s been 3 years. What do you think now? What are you using now? same HGH or what about injectable HGH or the spray?

  2. Jason says:


  3. hgh truths says:


    We are going to be doing a series soon on all the different ingredients in hgh supplements and how to create your own blends.

    Until then I’ll just say that your mix is passable.

  4. saurabh says:

    TRUTH I HAVE BOOKED AVATROPIN, I WANT TO ASK YOU THAT DOES AVATROPIN INCREASES HEIGHT(IF PLATE OPEN) and what to do if plate closed..i mean i havent chked, and also does avatropin contains secretagogue as ingredeint ?
    please help me in detailed answers,
    and for ur information i booked avatropin because you recommened it :) still it yet to come as it is been shipped i will post you the effects.
    thanks again

  5. Johnny Begay says:

    I want to try the secretagogue hgh plus but I’m using the go ruby go drink, Is it safe to use both the hgh and go ruby go? After reading the journal it seems like its a good product. Also, does the hgh supplements control blood sugar level too. Thanks

  6. nancy brennan says:

    A friend recommended screctagogne hgh I have sevee diabetes 2 Will this protuct
    have a positive or neg. reaction with diabetes. I am 78 years old and all of a sudden am losing mucle tone fastly. I told my D. that I am feeling like an old llady al of sudden and he said YOU ARE AN OLD LADY!

    • admin says:

      Because there is no way for us to determine the severity of your diabetes, it is always best to consult with a doctor before buying any HGH product.

  7. David says:

    I went “big” and bought about $250.00 worth or Secretagogue hGH Plus; took it everyday for months. Results: absolutely no effect whatsoever on energy, libido, muscle mass, etc.! Save your money and buy some orange Kool Aide. I won’t buy anything from this company (“Institute for Vibrant Living”) again.

  8. joy shelton says:

    I think it would be nice if these companies were honest about what they are marketing and listed the entire ingredients, not proprietary blends. I have had some problems with ivl—at this point don’t know if I will try another of their products again.

  9. mark says:

    I was ready to purchase when I noticed Secretagogue HGH list of “other” ingredients and second on the list was fructose. I now question your statement of 100% all natural ingredients. As you are probably aware fructose is a refined sugar and not just a fruit sugar as some would have you believe. Please note: In a number of studies fructose has been named as a causative factor in heart disease and raising cholesterol.
    Should you decide in the future to replace the fructose with Xylitol an/or Stevia in order to truly be a 100% natural product I would certainly consider purchasing Secretagogue HGH.

  10. Eric Delahanty says:

    I recently received a mail letter and the name of this was called “The Ultimate GHR”
    I looked up the Lab company and they produce many quality products besides HGH.
    Please email me or let me know.
    Kind Regards,

  11. Tee K says:

    What is the strongest HGH supplement that can be imported into Australia for personal use?

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