Secretagogue One HGH Review

This time we have an [tag-tec]hgh[/tag-tec] releaser supplement that comes as individual packets of powder.

This product comes from Maximum Human Performance ( MHP ) and was formulated by Dr. Vincent C. Giampapa, MD.  Dr. Giampapa was a founding member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine ( A4M ).

Maybe we are actually looking at a decent product.

This time the ingredients were easy to find.  We just took them off the box.


+ Anterior pituitary substance 25 mg
+ Broad Bean 10 mg

Amino acid blend: 5,000 mg

+ Glycine
+ L-Glutamine
+ L-Tyrosine
+ L-Arginine ( as L-arginine HCL )
+ Pyroglutamic acid
+ L-Lysine ( as L-lycine HCL )

Good ingredients.  All proven growth hormone releasers.  A very good gh stack.

This is an older formula and would be better if it was updated with the addition of a couple newer supplements.

We never like it when the exact amount of each ingredient is not disclosed.  The 5,000 mg amino acid blend could theoretically contain enough of one or two to stimulate growth hormone release.  Shame not to have the real information.

I said the ingredients came off the box.  No, I did not just read it on a shelf.  I have actually taken this product.

See, when we find what looks to be a decent product, we buy some and give it a try.  Well we bought some boxes of Secretagogue One and took it for a couple of weeks. 

The test subjects are all people who are into these kinds of supplements and have a long history of taking it.  There were no fancy blood test but all the experiential reports were positive.

When properly cycled, each box can be a 6 week supply.  The suggested retail is $74.95 but it can be found on the web for under $45.00.  That makes the monthly effective cost about $30.00.   A good value.

This is one of the best anti-aging products we have come across to date.

We do have to grade down for the lack of full disclosure.

Secretagogue One receives a product rating of B.

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148 Responses to Secretagogue One HGH Review

  1. Bill says:

    would you use mhp with life renewal hgh. Thanx

  2. hgh truths says:

    Since we are on the Secretagogue One post, I am going to assume that is what you mean by mhp.

    Yes, you could use Life Renewal HGH to add some extra kick.

  3. D.E. says:

    Just curious, I start my cycle of Secretagogue One today, and was wondering if I can (or should) keep taking protein and flaxseed oil in addition to my cycle, or would that have a negative effect on the Secretagogue?

    BTW, guys, this site kicks. Keep up the good work. It’s nice to know some people actually do their research without getting bought up and sucked in by the almighty dollar.


  4. hgh truths says:

    As long as you take the Secretagogue One on an empty stomach as directed, there is no problem.

    I do my protein and assorted goodies shake every morning.

    We still don’t mind the almighty dollar but are willing to make it a few cents at a time. Call us old fashioned. We believe that honesty and service are more profitable over the long term.

    We have more fun and sleep better too.

  5. D.E. says:

    Also, how do you stretch each box into a six week supply? Will you still acheive the desired results? I’m assuming you’re taking every 3rd day off or so??..thanks again.

  6. admin says:

    You can stretch it out by using basic cycling.

    Five days on and two days off.

    A 30 serving box becomes a six week supply and you get better long term results.

  7. Secetagogue-one.Is their additional benefits by adding gaba too this product & What is your feedback on the hgh product Somatomax ??on the aspertame is it harmfull .Thank you

  8. Leo says:

    do you have to take Secetagogue-one right before u sleep or is it just like any other a post trianing supplement

  9. hgh truths says:

    The best and most effective time to take Secretagogue One is before bedtime on an empty stomach. At least two hours since you have had anything to eat.

  10. jerry72 says:

    Folks, this is a great site! Please keep up the good work.

    I have just started with this duo:
    GH Stack (Universal) – before breakfast
    Secretagogue One – before bedtime

    Would you reccommend taking something in between…? E.g. aminos like Arginine/Ornithin before lunch?

    I’m 36 and would like to see some muscle growth

    I’m planning to go on with this for 3 months. May be able to send you some comments/experiences then.

    Any by the way, do you think that the results from taking these supplements can be comparable to the real stuff e.g. hgh injectables, etc?

  11. admin says:


    My opinion is that you are already over doing it for starting out. You don’t need to mix anything else in. Maybe some extra protein powder if you are not already taking it.

    Supplements don’t have the kick of the injections but the long run results can often be as good or greater without the high risks of misuse.

  12. Chuck says:

    I was reading above and it said “This is an older formula and would be better if it was updated with the addition of a couple newer supplements,” What would your suggestions be to stack with this product to make it a more current product? Thank you in advance!

  13. hgh truths says:

    Secretagogue Gold is the updated version of Secretagogue One. Both are basically good products.

    People worry way to much about stacking more things together. If a product works then more is not often better and can actually be worse. See the hgh cycling post.

  14. David says:

    Can I stack this with Arimatest (musclemeds)??

  15. hgh truths says:


    Who knows? I took a quick look at Arimatest but didn’t bother to research the actual chemical ingredients. I am always skeptical of people who make big claims.

    That said, I do not know of any reason why not.

  16. David says:

    I know its suggested to take at bedtime at least 2 hrs after eating but Ive read that some take it right before workout (on an empty stomach I assume). Is there any benefit to the latter?

  17. hgh truths says:

    The number one time to take any hgh supplement is at bedtime on an empty stomach.

    Second best is when you first wake up and allowing 30 minutes before eating.

    Empty stomach before exercise is OK but just not the best.

  18. david says:

    Ok one more question. Because of my schedule I workout at around 10.30pm and ususlly dont finish till 12-1am and have a protien shake immediately afterwards. Is the protien shake considered “food” and have to wait 2 hrs or is it a “liquid” that can I wait say 1 hr before taking Secretagogue One.

    I dont think I can stay up till 3am to take it if thats the case. So itll either be take it in the morning or try and get into the gym earlier.

  19. hgh truths says:


    A protein shake would count as food.

  20. Madeline says:

    So the first ingredient here is anterior pituitary substance. This raises some concern because wouldn’t this have to be derived from an animal?! If so, isn’t this then a big risk for possibly getting creutzfeldt jakob disease aka mad cow disease?!

  21. kwesi300 says:

    How much does it cost to get one bottle of the secretagogue

  22. hgh truths says:


    We say in the review that Secretagogue One can be found for under $45 per box. The exact price varies.

    Anterior Pituitary Substance definitely comes from animal sources. Either bovine or porcine. Cows or pigs.

    Like any ingredient the quality varies with the source. The best suppliers only use pituitary from very carefully monitored animals. That is probably the level used by MHP.

    The risk of CJD is probably on par with eating pork or beef. This is not the product to buy if you are looking for a vegetarian or kosher hgh product.

  23. Chris says:

    First I want to say that this site is great. Great information. Second I was just wondering if by using supplements to trigger natural hgh release would you actually be depleting the whatever your body naturally stores for hgh? For instance if you use secretagogue one for years will you eventually run out of your hgh?

  24. hgh truths says:


    There are no “stores” of hgh in the body. It needs to be created on an ongoing base by the pituitary gland.

    Natural production really starts declining at around age 20 and really starts falling like a rock after 40.

    Secretagogue One just stimulates the pituitary to release more.

  25. david says:

    Can this be staked with another GH supplement like Hexaghen from MuscleMeds??

  26. david says:

    Also comapred to the real stuff how much does Secretagogue One raise or make rise your GH levels. Has there been any studies on this.? For example taking Secretagogue One is equivilent to a daily injection of “X” amount of Humatrope??

  27. hgh truths says:

    That kind of study would cost to much money and no supplement company has ever done a real one.

    Most studies on injectable hgh have only had a small number of participants. The lack of real comprehensive studies is part of the problem.

  28. Jerry72 says:

    I’ve tried both Secretagogue One and Gold (1 month each). I got a real kick from Secretagogue One but felt (almost) nothing when taking Secretagogue Gold. The difference has to be the anterior pitiuitary substance (otherwise the composition is similar). I’ve checked and there has been several studies on the effect of anterior pitiuitary substance on growth, this one is from 1934 (!) (on albino rats, very clear results) so, clearly it works, but Madeline may have a point here. I’m taking Secretagogue One again but trying to find something else that works equally well without the (hopefully very, very slight) risk of getting some weird disease.

    I’ve just purchased a box of HEMOGEX (from VPX) is has some massive doses of alpha GPC and GHRP-2 so it might work, I will let you know how it works out if you are interested. Have you tested this product?

  29. kathy says:

    hi there
    i was just wondering what hgh product which works would has ingredients which are vegetarian or kosher??

  30. hgh truths says:


    The only products that definitely are not vegetarian are those that contain any kind of pituitary or other glandular extracts.

    Once upon a time, most amino acids were animal sourced. These days they are either synthesized from chemicals or derived from plant sources. I doubt any vitamin supplement manufacturer uses any amino acids from animal sources.

    The only way to know for sure is to find a product that looks good to you and contact the manufacturer.

    I just checked a couple dozen packages around the office and none of them were marketed kosher or vegetarian.

  31. Rich says:


    Awesome site. Just a quick question. At 40 years old, would I benefit more by taking two sachets of secretagogue one nightly, thereby doubling up on the ingredients, or just stick two one sachet?

  32. hgh truths says:


    I always suggest starting with the regular dosage. That is usually enough. Taking twice as much sometimes actually slows down the results.

  33. hassan wasim says:

    Hello, i have been taking secetagogue gold for the last five day, i have lost 2 pounds and feel great….my workout are more long lasting and i can stay on treadmill for 60 min straight without stopping,but i have noticed that my mid section and buttocks are more flabby kinnda loose.Do you think i should keep taking ?? if not can you recommend a better product. Thanking you

  34. hgh truths says:


    My advice is to stick with it and do an evaluation when you are ready to buy your next box.

  35. Neil says:


    I’m a 44 year old weight lifter who has been training for over 20 years. I’ve been taking this product for several months and was wondering if it could be stacked with colostrum without impacting the effectiveness of either product. I’m intrigued with colostrum’s natural growth factors and wanted to get your take.


  36. hgh truths says:


    Colostrum’s effectiveness would not be hurt because it does not have any. If you are looking for effective natural growth factors, try chlorella.

  37. Nick says:

    Hi i just saw things about somatomax and i was looking at taking it, but i am only 18, will it have any negative effects on me? Could i stack it with pure Alpha GPC?

  38. Bri says:

    This seems to be a great site! I have one question – I have taken Secretagogue One in the past (maybe 2 years ago) and it seemed to work well, but the GNC store here no longer carries the product, and I have been looking for it online. I found a site that sells both Secretagogue One and Secretagogue Gold – is this (Gold) a better product? It costs just a few dollars more, and I am just wondering if it has anything extra that the original formula doesn’t. Thanks!

  39. admin says:


    Secretagogue One is a good product but we feel that Secretagogue Gold is slightly better for most people.

    By now you have probablt read the review for Gold:

  40. Isabel Elam says:


    I have done a lot of research over the past few weeks…as most people I am very glad and appreciative about your site and the “real” info you provide. I am 33 years old and my husband is 41. I had origionally decided on getting Secretagogue Gold since you said it was slightly better but ended up getting Secretagogue One (I got the wrong product) Should we stick with what we got or would you recommend exchange? Also, I am currently taking an Amino Acid suppliment (GNC)for “Wellness”. Should I continue taking this or stop? What about other vitamins? Multi-vitamin, Fish Oil etc?

    Thanks for your help – keep up the great work!


  41. Mary says:

    To Admin,
    I am 45 and I just ordered Secretagogue one and I was thinking of taking L-ARGININE – L-ORNITHINE – L-LYSINE (around 4,000 mg) before working out. Is there any problem with this combination? Also, can a 16 year old female athlete take any of these supplements, or is there any harm?
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge

  42. Mary says:

    To Admin,

    Secretagogue one is taking at bedtime on an empty stomach. Is two hours sufficient?
    Thank you

  43. hgh truths says:


    Take the Secretagogue One for now and try the Secrteagogue Gold next time. See for yourself which one you like best.

    You can continue taking other things, just don’t take them at the same time.

  44. hgh truths says:


    There should be no problem with that combination.

    I would not give a 16 year old Secretagogue One but the straight aminos probably would not hurt though she would probably get more benefit from a super food product like Green Magic.

  45. hgh truths says:


    I usually only have a gap of two hours and that works fine for me.

  46. Mary says:

    To Admin,

    You don’t recommend the Secretagogue One to a 16 years old. Is there anything on this product that can damage her health? The amino acids that I mentioned would be alright for my 16 year old, but how many milligrams? Can she take them before practice or at bedtime? Can she take them along with Green magic? Thank you so much for your help.

  47. hgh truths says:

    If you are meaning to give any of this for the growth hormone effect, forget it. You are wasting your money with a 16 year old. I 0ld said the amino acid complex could be OK because the Arginine can improve blood flow in a way that helps remove cellular waste products from exercise. Something like 2 to 5 grams.

    For general athletic development and health you are better off mixing the Green Magic with a complete/multi-stage protein powder.

  48. Mary says:

    To Admin,

    They practice for as long as 3 hours and sometimes I notice that she is very tired. In particular if the workout is after a day in school. What is the best protein powder for her? Should she take the amino acid complex before workout and the Green Magic and protein powder after workout or the amino acids before bedtime as recommended by the manufacturer. I am just trying to make the right choice, and I can tell that you have a tremendous knowledge on this area.
    Thank you for your help.
    I am taking the secretagogue One, and I like the taste. Tastes like orange soda.

  49. hgh truths says:


    For a 16 year old:

    The amino acids would probably fit in best before the workout.

    The Green Magic and protein would probably work best at bedtime or as part of a morning power shake.

    I am currently using a protein powder from EAS that I pick up at Costco. However, there are a lot of choices out there. Pick one that is staged/time released. It will have proteins from three or more sources that are digested at different rates.

    Since I keep mentioning Green Magic to people, I am going to do a review this weekend even though this is not an hgh product.

  50. Mary says:

    To Admin,

    I want to thank you for your help. I will follow your advice and I will let you know the results.

  51. hgh truths says:


    Your welcome. Looking forward to hearing your report.

  52. richard says:

    Any review on Somatropinne?

  53. hgh truths says:


    We could do a review and have it up tomorrow. Not in a big writing mood at the moment. The short answer is that it is crap.

  54. Clayton says:


    Thanks for all the useful info I am currently taking a stack of my own and I wanted your input on the amounts I am taking and how I am cycling.Any input would be greatly appreciated.I am currently taking 8grams L-Glycine,3grams Glutamine,3 grams GABA,Arginine Pyroglutamate1500mg and L-Lysine750mg,L-Arginine 12 grams,and mucuna puriens extract 1,00mg at 50%(so 500mg pure l-dopa).I take all of these at once before I go to sleep and I wanted to make sure they won’t be canceling each other out.I am taking it six weeks on and two weeks off so I was also wondering if I should just take it 5 out of the 7 days for the 6 weeks.I have been sleeping like a baby so I think they have been working well.

  55. Dan says:

    Since you are obviously somewhat knowledgable on the subject of HGH enhancers and such. What would your “Perfect” or “A” Rate Formula contain? I already take a solid dosage of Arginine, Carnitine, BCAAs, Glutamine, Whey/Caesin Proteins, & Creatine as part of my daily supplements. If I could kind of make my own “proprietary blend” to take I would much rather do that, but a little help from someone with a little more expertise in the field would help. Thanks

  56. hgh truths says:


    Over the next few weeks we are going to be writing about all the hgh secretagogues. This should provide people with the information to design their own personal hgh releasers.

    The one comment I will make now is that arginine is way over rated.

  57. Clayton says:

    I apologize for the confusion but my question was actually directed at HGH TRUTHS,I addressed it to richard on accident I was wondering about my stack I have put together and if my doses were on point.If I need to use less of something or more I will do so and I hope these don’t cancel each other out.Someone was mentioning to me that they could cancel each other out but I cannot find anything to back their statement up any input would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!

  58. hgh truths says:


    Basically, I would forget the 12 grams of arginine and reduce the mucuna by 90%.

  59. Rob says:

    Please review Trimedica, Oral HGH and send me your response. Thanks

  60. Clayton says:

    Thanks for the input I didn’t think these ingredients would cancel each other out and I reduced my mucuna by alot.I was wondering what other individual ingredients you would recommend for my gh stack.I go to the fire academy from 8am to 5pm and I lift weights afterwards and train physically so I need all the extra gh release I can get to prevent catabolism and speed recovery.I am starting to take this stuff 3 times a day and I was wondering if I should cycle 5 days on and take 2days off for 6weeks and then rest for 2 weeks from it completely.Any wisdom on this subject is greatly appreciated I want to get the most out of my stack and rest off of it only when it will help me to do so.

  61. hgh truths says:


    We will have a review in the next few days but we don’t send it out.

  62. hgh truths says:


    The ingredients don’t cancel each other out. You just don’t get any extra hgh release from all the extra mucuna. Arginine just is not that great an hgh releaser. It is much better in the moment for nitric oxide.

    Cycling always helps you have a greater long term benefit.

  63. Bruce says:

    Have you heard of a product called GHX it is a very expensive transdermal cream and I am not sure about the ingredients or the amounts.Also I was wondering about different ingedients for gh release and what you would recommend as the best.

  64. Danny says:

    I saw that someone had asked you about arimatest and I am hopeful about this product but I cannot find a single bit of unbiased info or studies on the ingredients.I have taken it and seem to definitely feel a difference in strength and well being(good signs) but I would like to have some reassurance from someone knowledgeable.The 10,000% claims do seem far fetched but I was just wondering if maybe you have found some research or something on the ingredients in this product.Hopefully some supplement company will find a loophole so that men can enjoy the benefits of beneficial hormone boosting before the government bans more supplements that aren’t any worse for you than a whopper from burger king.

  65. Clayton says:

    I was wondering if you had any advice as far as testosterone boosters go I know this site is about gh but I want to get the best of both worlds and as a man who is trying to stay physically fit I know testosterone is very important.I am currently taking arimatest and I know someone had asked you about the ingredients in it b4.I was wondering if you had found any unbiased studies or information on the ingredients in this product,I can’t find anything on the ingredients in this product but i do feel more agressive and I can lift significantly more in the gym.Claims of 10,000% boost in testosterone definitely makes me a little skeptical but I am hopeful and I am tempted to get saliva tests b4 and after.I am confident in my hgh boosting ingredients but I feel like I am taking a shot in the dark when it comes to the testosterone.I just don’t want to waste time or money when it comes to my overall physical health.

  66. hgh truths says:


    GHX just looks like another bogus sports nutrition product with BS marketing. It has been put on our review list.

  67. hgh truths says:


    So many people have been asking about this product that i might have to write a review just for fun.

    I really hate companies that use the chemical names instead of plain English names for ingredients. Usually a way to cause confusion so they can over charge you for ingredients that you can buy elsewhere for less money.

    10.000% increase? Why would you even want to do that?

    A claim like that needs to come with a research report from John Hopkins.

    If a supplement product really did that it would be scooped up by one of the giant pharma conglomerates. The prescription drugs for testosterone boosting are a multi-billion dollar business. The the drugs don’t give that kind of boost.

    As some one who fought for the DSHEA Act of 1994, my opinion is that the number one tool the government uses to gain more control is irresponsible, greedy supplement marketers.

    It would be nice if the FTC and the FDA used the powers they already have to keep these people honest.

    A testosterone and gh releasing whooper? That would be a fine thing to wash down with a contraceptive beer.

  68. hgh truths says:


    See my reply to Danny.

    I think that this product does have ingredients that can help boost testosterone but don’t belive the 10,000% claim.

    Boosters depend on the reason and age.

  69. Clayton says:

    HGH Truths,
    I appreciate the input and I will definitely check in to see if you write a review on Arimatest.I know what you mean about the deception when it comes to chemical names.Methyl 1D contains 20 mg of a so called “ANABOLIC AGENT”.Well this anabolic agent is nothing more than 20 mg of DHEA,”RIDICULOUS”.Although dhea can have great health benefits for older men 20mg will not do anything in the way of performance and test boosting.It will be interesting to find out what arimatest is actually using.I am convinced I want to get before and after hormone tests to see 4 myself what these testosterone products can do 4 me.I can get them for next to nothing thanks to some family I have that works at a doctor’s office and I think it’s time to cut thru the bs.I mean if I can’t do that I might just get saliva test kits off the net for around $40.I think it would be a good idea anyways because what works for someone else might not work for me and a few bucks spent now might prevent me wasting gobs of money in the future!!!!!

  70. Clayton says:

    Well my blood tests came in and after an hour of ingesting arimatest(The time it’s claimed to raise them the most) my test levels were around 780 ng/dl i haven’t had a baseline done yet but I think it’s safe to say we have confirmed the 10,000% claim to be a marketing ploy which I’m sure we could all figure already.I have researched more and the ingredients seem to be atd which is an effective aromatose blocker and is good for post cycle therapy for people on steroids or prohormones which i do not support.I know this is not a testosterone based site but I hope this information can help people make wise decisions on hormone boosting.I wouldn’t count this out as an effective test booster just yet but know it is nbo different than any other test booster out there as far as it’s ability to boost test levels.

    • hgh truths says:


      Thanks for the report. That measurement just sticks you in the normal testosterone range for adult males.

      A 10,000% increase is ludicrous and interestingly no mention is made by the marketers of the potential danger of hig testosterone levels.

      What people should be seeking is small increases over a period of time. This gives all the benefits of increasing testosterone without the negative side effects.

  71. Candi says:

    what do you of secretaGain? just curious thanks in advance

  72. Candi says:

    heres another som-hgh ever hear of this one? Ordered a book about HGH and its leading me to these links of course you know right away all the junk but these two stuck out a little thanks

  73. Clayton says:

    I was wondering why I could reduce my mucuna amounts by so much.I figured it is because of a synergistic effect because as a stand alone ingredient I have read that you need to use enough of the extract 2 equal 500mg l-dopa for maximum effectiveness.So I am wondering if by taking these ingredients in the amounts they are all effective at by themselves and putting them all together maybe they would be more effective.You can probably see I have alot of ingredients in there that are known for raising gh very effectively.

  74. hgh truths says:


    The whole thing you read around the internet about 500mg of L-dopa being optimum is based on a 30 to 40 year old group of studies. You just don’t need that much in a stack. 25 to 100 mg is plenty. You are also better off with a 20% extract because the herb contains ingredients that counter act potential negatives. These ingredients disappear as you make a more refined extract.

  75. Candi says:

    Thanks for the updated reviews I dont even bother looking up a product I see that you didnt review yet, you obviously have it covered even if it isnt listed yet :) thanks again …starting 4th week of my gold feeling great sleeping awesome, a few leg cramps in the calves… which I assume are normal?

  76. Linda says:

    I just found hgh truths, and am so happy I did! I came to the Secretagogue One review ’cause that’s what I took for two years with amazing results. I did three months on, six months off…five days on, two off. I quit because of the cancer talk. So, my question is this: Do you think that because IGF-1 inhibits cell death and promotes cell proliferation, does it stimulate the growth of pre-cancerous cells that might otherwise be attacked and die naturally? I’m sure this has been addressed here, and I will search, but I really want to do another cycle, but want to get hgh truths view on this first.

    • hgh truths says:

      If I was diagnosed with cancer I would probably play it very cautious.

      That not being the case I don’t worry it. I believe that being healthier is the best defense against illness. Proper supplement therapy really only is creating small increases over a steady period of time. So I choose to take the supplements. Everybody needs to make their own personal choice.

      The big problem with side effects such as cancer really comes from abuse of injectable human growth hormone.

  77. John says:

    Thank you so much for the honest site.

    Tried Secretagogue-One for a week now after reading your reviews. Noticed effects within first couple days.

    First things I noticed were very intense dream states and waking with muscles in my back feeling warm as if there was a lot of blood circulation. (I have always noticed significant muscle healing when these two states occurred.)

    After a week, muscles in back and shoulder feel much better. Both of which were bothering me previously.

    Overall, my internal organs feel “healthier”.

    I am a natural pessimist for any product, but this one actually seems to be working.

    I’m 46, but physically feel like I did when I was much younger. Now if only it would take away some of those crow’s-feet!


    • hgh truths says:


      The crows feet can often be helped too. Many people taking hgh supplements experience better cellular hydration. This actually fills in the lines from the inside.

  78. Ellie says:

    Hi, I read on a website that it’s possible that this product could give people the CFJ disease (human for of mad cow disease). Do both Secretatgogue One and Secreatgogue Gold carry this risk?


    • hgh truths says:

      The only Secretagogue One would have that extremely remote possibility as Secretagogue Gold contains no animal products.

      Even with Secretagogue One the possibility is on par with the chance of getting CJD because you walked inside a McDonald’s. The sources for the anterior pituitary used by major manufacturers are companies in Switzerland that have been making these glandular products for years. Generally with pharmaceutical manufacturing testing standards.

      Don’t know about the sources for some of the smaller fly by night companies.

  79. John says:

    hgh truths,

    I saw a Danny Bonaduche (sp?) youtube clip about his using hgh and he says that he uses it to help his kidney and liver functions. I swear, I feel internally like I did when I was 26 instead of 46. Hard to explain, but I actually feel “well” all over.

    This is from somebody that knows all about various supplements, and has a few years of body building under the belt.

    I just haven’t encountered anything that actually works so well.

    . . . and a few less wrinkles would certainly be a plus!

    Thank you SO MUCH for the site and honest reviews. I had read an advertisment for one of the hgh products in Popular Science and started checking out products on the web. That product ranked extremely low, but the Secretagogue One is “the real deal” . . . and without injections!


  80. Linda says:

    Thank you for you’re reply.

    I’m going to start a three month cycle next Monday.

    This stuff is fabulous. I don’t even tell others about it ’cause I want it to be my secret.

    I remember brushing my teeth after just two or three weeks after taking Secretagogue One and looking in the mirror noticing the cuts between my shoulder and bicep. I was like “Where did that come from?”. Then I remembered the obvious: It was because of Secretagogue One. I’m even afraid to try S Gold,’cause the original works so well for me.

  81. Philip J. says:

    I’m almost 26 years old, and am looking to do explosive movement training, as well as resistance and weight training from Mark Verstegen’s, “Core Performance.” Will Secretagogue Gold help me at all, and are there any other things that I should stack it with to increase HGH levels? Also, how about any additional supplements besides protein that will significantly help me out?

    • hgh truths says:

      Phili J,
      The benefit to 26 year olds from hgh supplements in marginal. The best thing to go with the protein is a good green superfood product that is herbg free. Check out a product called Green magic for a great list of ingredients. Probably about the only time we will say much good about a product from a mlm company. There are some distributors who sell it at a discount price without having to deal with the BS.

  82. Philip J. says:

    Thanks for the answer, “hgh truths”. Is there an injection form of HGH that isn’t synthetic and potentially dangerous that could benefit me, since it would be a larger boost than the suppliment form?

  83. hgh truths says:


    All hgh injections are synthetic. The level needed for muscle development at 26 is very large and very expensive.

    You are going on what looks to be a great training program. Just play it out and see how it goes before worrying about much else.

    Most sports supplements just take your money. The real results would have come from the intensive training anyway.

  84. Exb says:

    The topic is quite hot in the net right now. What do you pay the most attention to while choosing what to write ?

  85. Kevin says:

    Can a ECA stack still be used before a workout when using this HGH product?

  86. Kevin says:

    Thanks, I am 40 years old and have been lifting since i was 17, do you think it would benefit me to take this supplement twice a day? Once in the am before i work out and then again at night, or is that overkill.

    • hgh truths says:


      Always start with just once per day. See what happens for at least a couple weeks to a month. Then try a second dosage if you want. Once again see what happens.

      The only way to know if it is over kill is to know what the single dosage does for you. You might find that a second dosage is just a waste. Plus more is not always better.

  87. Kevin says:

    Being new to HGH releasers, what are a couple of things i would notice if it is working. By the way, Great site. Seems to be the only unbiased HGH site that I have come across.

    • hgh truths says:

      Funny, I was going to point you to a benefits of hgh post but realized that we have never posted one. OOOPPS!

      Best I can say for now is to scroll through the comments on the Secretagogue One and Secretagogue Gold posts. See what other people have to say.

  88. Paul says:

    First, I want to compliment you on your honest and knowledgeable reviews. Second, Im sure this question has already been asked but is it completely necessary to take Secretagogue One or any HGH product on an empty stomach right before bedtime? I find that when I do, I have a very restless sleep. Can it be taken in the morning before eating instead?

    Thank You,

  89. Gino M says:

    Need ur help, my friend. Have you done a review on one or all of the below listed supplements:

    Green Magic
    Meal in a Glass
    Earth’s Harvest

    Packaged by Natural Ways to Health, Edmonds, WA

    I’m curious…gym-rat friend of mine concocted a shake using the above…claiming 15-20 gms protein plus other benefits. Takes it first thing in AM..said it does wonders for his energy during the day. In steel construction…”walks the iron”..he needs the energy!! Let me know what you think… Gino

    • hgh truths says:

      Gino M,
      Green Magic is a fabulous product. Meal in a Glass is a good product but you can save a lot of money by just buying a good protein powder. Earth’s Harvest is a good product but a bit of over kill if you are already taking Green Magic.

      These products are made by New Spirit Naturals in San dimas, Ca. Naturals Ways to Health is a distributor.

  90. Cuda says:

    I’ve been told by a Dr. that I have a low testosterone level. Put me on a “test” cream to rub on. I don’t think its right for me and I always thought natural was better. Do you think Secretagogue gold or one would help or possibly correct this.?Dr. couldn’t find a reason for this.

    • hgh truths says:

      The testosterone cream is probably a good way to get your levels raised the quickest. The Gold will strengthen your overall hormonal cascade which should include a testosterone increase if that is what your body needs. There are a number of herbs that are supposed to help but official test results are mixed.

  91. Ben says:

    hey guys, i’m a 16 year old, soon to be 17 and i’m looking for something that will increase my height seeing that i’m still only 5′ 5″, will increase my muscle mass because i go to the gym around 3 days a week. And i was wondering if this product will increase/ decrease my penis size. And finally will this product cause acne, i’m pretty clean in the face and don’t want any acne to form! please help me out! THANKS!

    • hgh truths says:

      These products are worthless for teenagers. they will not increase your height or your muscle mass. The only thing they will change the size of is your bank account.

  92. Pheonix says:

    Hey guys! I love all the reviews you post and have been looking into something like this (Secretagogue One) product for my son. He’s really into body building, but I refuse to let him use anything serious such as steroids or anything that contain harmful side effects. I was curious, is this is the right product, or what is? He suggested HGH because as many say, the increase in muscle mass, fat loss, and quicker muscle recovery. He wants to be “big” or “ripped” as he says. But the way he’s 17 years old i’m worried in his growth stunting or as Ben said, ACNE causing. I would appreciate all the help. – Pheonix

    • hgh truths says:

      We say all over the place on this site that these products are a total waste of money for teenagers. They won’t do anything for your son.

  93. John says:

    Thanks for the informative review. I’ve taken Secretagogue One for three months and can definitely tell the difference in my energy levels.

    Do you know anything about products with 5 grams of liquid arginine, such as Cardio Cocktail or Mega Cardio Health Plus? They sound intriguing.

  94. John says:

    Okay, but isn’t that high an amount of arginine necessarily going to also have a positive effect on hgh levels? The doctor on the linked website promotes mega doses of arginine, along with citrulline and vitamin D3 as highly beneficial to everyone, except those with abnormally low blood pressure. Nowhere does she mention hgh per se, but if arginine promotes a healthy lifestyle, then the added exercise will also aid in hgh production, right?

    Based on my recommendation, a friend bought a box of Secretagogue Gold, used it up, then told me it didn’t have any effect on him. I suggested that his smoking and lack of exercise (I don’t think his diet’s likely to be very good, either) probably prevented it from working properly. Your thoughts?

    I really appreciate your website and recommend it whenever I can. Thanks again for everything.

    • hgh truths says:


      Arginine is not one of the best releasers in small dosages. Yes, 5 grams is a small dosage of arginine. Adult males would need to be at around the 20 gram mark.

      Smoking and lack of exercise aren’t the hallmarks of a person who is going to have results or be able to notice them if they did. Also some people notice nothing after the first box.

  95. John says:

    Bear with me, I’m still learning. You write that arginine is not one of the best releasers at 5 grams. Okay. Now looking at the ingredients on the Secretagogue One box, I see that the entire amino acid blend is only 5 grams total, so the arginine content (fifth in the list of seven ingredients) is likely well below that well below what you say would be a small dosage.

    Now, I understand that the arginine isn’t doing all of the work in Secretagogue One, so what if, in addition to taking that, I take 20 grams of arginine a day. Would that amp up hgh levels above what Secretagogue One alone can do?

    Or is the mega dose of arginine simply too much of a good thing?

    Oh, one last thing. I’ve taken Secretagogue One for three months and am now on my first down cycle. Do you recommend me switching to the Gold formula? Are they that much different? Thanks again.

    • hgh truths says:

      Arginine is good stuff. It can be useful as a minor ingredient in a hgh amino acid stack.

      The entire amino acid blend is at 5 grams because of the mixture they are using combined with a couple of other hgh stimulating ingredients. They are not trying to do the job with just one amino acid.

      I wouldn’t go for a mega dose of arginine. We have a batch of extra ingredient information that will start posting soon. Meanwhile I might suggest trying 1 to 3 capsules of Ghr Essentials or a half dosage of Maxi-hgh along with your next cycle.

      The two products have the same base but they differ in add-on ingredients. I personally prefer the Gold.

  96. ty says:

    i just received a box of secretagogue one, should i stop taking fat burning supplements like lipo 6x triatherm etc, etc. Or is it safe for me to continue using fat burning supplemts with secretagogue.

    • hgh truths says:

      There should not be a problem taking it with the diet supplements. Though I can’t say how the exact mix of ingredients will interact. Just monitor yourself at first to make sure. Blood pressure checking is the most important thing to do.

  97. San says:

    hi, i am san and i am 18. Can secretagogue one help me in increasing my height and mass? If not,what is the age-range who can take this product?

    • hgh truths says:

      If you read some of the comments and a few other posts on this site, you will find that these hgh supplements will do nothing to increase your height and are a waste of money for 18 year olds.

  98. Joshua says:

    Hi, I’m 20 years old (soon to be 21). I’ve been smoking a pack a day since I was 14. I finally quit just 3 weeks ago. Now I’m looking to start getting healthy, and any ways to speed up the process. I bought a 100 pack of multi-vitamins that I’ve been taking every morning. I’ve been doing a 45 minute workout every morning for the last two weeks. And I’ve been drinking an insane amount of water.

    I ordered PVL Mutant Mass (15lbs bag) as well as MHP Secretagogue One. I received both products now and have been talking them for 3 days. I take a full serving of Mutant Mass immediately after my workout, and I take Secretagogue One on an empty stomach before bed.

    Is there anything I should be doing differently? Do you have any recommendations to help heal my body and lungs from smoking for almost 7 years?

    On a side note, I’ve been having a hard time getting to sleep, but that may be from quitting smoking.

    Thank you for any help. Great site.

    • hgh truths says:

      As we say all over the site… waste of money for a 21 years old.

      Congratulations on giving up the cancer sticks! At your age, your body should do a pretty good job of healing itself just with good diet and exercise.

      Try the occasional dose of melatonin to help with sleep.

  99. Joshua says:

    Thanks for your response. After I made my reply I started reading more on your site, then I noticed many comments mentioning that these supplements are useless for twenty year olds.

    I’ve already taken five packets, as would be expected, I haven’t noticed any effects (neither positive or negative). Since I’ve already spent my money on this supplement, would it be at all helpful to my health to continue taking it? For someone my age, would it make any difference if I took two or three packets? Maybe all at once or spread out during the day? Or will it have absolutely no effect whatsoever that I should just give it to someone older?

    • hgh truths says:

      It will be kind of like an expensive vitamin. More is not going to do it. You are simply too clse to the peak in your hormone cycle to get any significant benefit from hgh supplements.

  100. Bob says:

    Really appreciate all this great supplement Q. and A.
    I am 49 and have not slept well for about 10 years (about 5 hours per night). I NEED to sleep better. My fatigue seems to inhibit my motivation for excercise. When I do excercise I do not seem to sleep much better and sometimes feel a bit ill. It seems like a nasty cycle. Do you think an hgh supplement and maybe something else (another supplement) could assist my sleep and break this cycle? Hoping!

    • hgh truths says:

      Most people report better sleep but it is nothing we can promise.

      Have you tried a real low dosage of melatonin? Lots of people can be helped by just .5mg.

  101. Bob says:

    Also, back in 1995 I took a trip to Japan. I took some melatonin along with me. I took several 3 mg tabs the first few nights to help me sleep. I think it helped some?! Could I have O.D.ed a bit on this supplement. Ever since then, whenever I try melatonin, it gives me a headache in my lower, rear skull area and I do not sleep well. Sorry so wordy…

  102. Bob says:

    I think I am hyper-sensitive to melatonin ever since my Japan trip.
    I just got some HGH Surge, started with one tab, as you suggested on that thread, and slept about 6 hours (waking with the alarm clock) last night – a bit of an improvement over my average. I will determine if it was a placebo effect or the real deal over the next few nights when I go to bed earlier and allow for 8 hours of sleep before I rise. Hopefully the alarm clock will wake me instead of my discouraging, usual, pre-alarm wake up.
    I also ordered some Secretagogue Gold.
    Please suggest to me how I can combine the two for greatest effect. I was thinking of trying one of them at night and one during the day before exercising, 2 hours after eating. Also what do you think about this old 1998 article, especially the suggestions at the end about enhancing ones HGH “without” supplements:

    I also ordered some Capra greens (Nutrition Geek did not carry Green Magic) and some Source naturals glucosamine/chondroitin/msm combo.
    Thanks for your insights and reviews on products you “do not sell” – very refreshing and actually believable information (and sometimes entertaining too!). Please list ALL of your favorite products (not just HGH stuff).
    You are appreciated…

    • hgh truths says:

      All the stuff about increasing hgh with out supplements is great but I think that things work best if you combine the without supplements with the without supplements ideas.

  103. Richard says:

    I am taking Hydrocodone (Vicodine & Tylonol) & Naproxen (anit-inflamitory) for pain due to an unsuccessful back surgery which is now causing on-going back and sciatic leg pain. My concern is taking this and the pain meds. My hope is this will help me feel better and lose a little weight. I am unable to do much of any type of exercise due to the pain.

  104. Bob says:

    Here is the list for enhancing HGH
    without supplements:
    Fast for one day every two weeks (only if medically appropriate). The highest levels of growth hormone
    are released when we sleep and when we fast for at least 24 hours—another good reason to avoid going
    to bed on a full stomach. Reduced caloric intake has also been associated with an extended life span.
    Many longevity experts advocate regular fasting (not for longer than 24 hours or more often than every
    14 days) as a relatively painless way both to spike growth-hormone release and to reduce calories for lifeextension
    Avoid foods high on the glycemic index. Foods like pasta, potatoes, and refined sweets register high on
    the glycemic index because they cause a rapid increase in your blood sugar, which stimulates the production
    of insulin. When there’s too much insulin in your blood, your body reacts by producing a chemical
    called somatostatin. Somatostatin suppresses insulin release—but it also suppresses GH release! Foods low
    on the glycemic index include beans, legumes, nuts, and whole grains. (Nuts and seeds also contain an
    amino acid combination favorable to the production of growth hormone.)
    Exercise on an empty stomach. Regular exercise, including aerobic training and strength training,
    stimulates your pituitary gland to increase growth-hormones levels. For best results, don’t eat for at
    least two hours before exercising so that the exercise-induced release of growth hormone is not counteracted
    by high levels of insulin in your blood.
    Reduce fat. Dietary fat blocks both the production and the release of growth hormone. Keep fat
    intake to 20 to 30 percent of your daily calorie intake and try to emphasize healthy oils like olive, grapeseed,
    and avocado.
    Sources: Grow Young with HGH, by Dr. Ronald Klatz, 1997; Fat-burning Aids From the Underground, by the Health Sciences
    Institute, 1997.

  105. John says:

    I intended to post this as a comment for your review of the “Vacation Body Blueprint” book, but mine would have been the first comment and I saw no place to leave it, so I decided to put it here where seems most appropriate and where I’ve posted before.

    Thanks for letting readers know about Rusty Moore of the Fitness Black Book website, which I learned about from your “Vacation Body Blueprint” post–lots of good stuff there!

    I”m on Rusty’s email list and recently he sent one about making a cheap, do-it-yourself version of Secretagogue One, which intrigued me as a satisfied user of that product. Here’s the list of ingredients from the knockoff version given by Rusty:

    * 6 Grams of Sugar (or Malodextrin)
    * 1 Tbsp – “Twinlab Amino Fuel” (Any Liquid Amino Acid Complex Will Do)
    * 1 Gram of GABA (Gamma Amniobutyric Acid)
    * 500 mg of Potassium Bicarbonate
    * 1/4 Packet of Unsweetened Powdered Drink (Kool-Aid)
    * [Mix with 4-6 ounces of water before bed on an empty stomach]

    This is for one serving. A one month supply can run as low as $9.31

    What’s your take on that? Could a homemade hgh releaser be an inexpensive, but just as effective alternative?

    Switching gears, I know you are constantly reminding readers (in vain, apparently, because the same questions keep being asked! — LOL) that young adults have no need of hgh releasers and are not going to benefit.

    Well, what about the other end of life? I’m 59 and after taking Secretagogue One since May there is no doubt on my mind that it (along with regular exercise and improved diet) has jump-started my metabolism big time and helped me reverse some of the bio-markers of aging. I believe the best is yet to come.

    But what I want to know is whether there is an age ceiling on the effectiveness of hgh releasers. I have some friends in their 70s (and above) and while I would like to share this knowledge with them, yet at the same time I don’t want to give them false hope either.

    I would think it at least possible for them to benefit, as fitness pioneer Jack LaLanne is still going strong at 95, so he’s doing pretty well in the hgh department and is really an inspiration for those of us who want to age without aging (and that should include everyone reading this), so to speak.

    Granted, he probably is generating his own hgh through his vigorous workouts (he’s still good for two hours a day–lifting weights for 1:45 and the other half-hour walking or swimming, and a good diet. So, LaLanne may not even being taking any hgh supplements.

    He celebrated his 95th birthday earlier this month in part by doing 95 push ups and 95 jumping jacks at one place he visited and I have a hunch there was much more at other stops. Even today, when age is factored in, LaLanne is easily one of the most physically fit people on the planet, if not THE most physically fit. A truly amazing individual, no doubt!

    • hgh truths says:


      I obviously like Rusty but that post was very disappointing.

      The formula is not very close to Secretagogue One and is just a pretty worthless formula. It is not a good hgh releasing blend.

      A homemade mix could save some money but it would need to be done with good ingredients.

      I had the pleasure in my life to meet a number of the original “California Nature Boys”, the original Muscle Beach crowd. Great bunch of people who did a lot to change the way we live.

  106. John says:

    Thanks for your input on Rusty’s recipe. I kinda figured you’d say that and it makes sense, since he leaves out the anterior pituitary substance and the broad beans. (BTW, I’ve seen some websites with recipes for broad bean soup that some swear is a good releaser).

    I did get a bit long winded above, so I’ll briefly request your view on the value of people over 70 using Secretagogue One: Is there any potential benefit to that or should they save their money?

    • hgh truths says:

      Somewhere on the other side of 70 years of age some peole start to be resistant to the stimulatory effects of amino acids. Both Secretagogue One and Secretagogue Gold use more than just straight amino acids to stimulate hgh. I know a number of people in their 70’s and 80’s who take hgh supplements and are very happy with the results though it can take them longer to notice the results given that the are coming from such low levels of natural hormone production.

      The receipe did not even use a good amino acid combination for hgh release.

  107. patrick says:

    I use to take this stuff years ago when I was in my early 20’s. I thought it was doing something for me but, it was only a placebo effect. Now that I’m almost 40, I decided to revisit this supplement in an attempt to enhance my physique and training. Well, after a few days, I feel like I’m 20 all over again. I feel incredible and my training couldn’t be any better. I was about to subcumb to the temptation of actually getting transdermal hgh because of all the positive feedback it got from people who have used it. But, your website changed my mind about purchasing transdermal hgh. The sad part of it all was that I did pay over 150.00 dollars for a bottle of this lotion and I thought it actually worked for me. Little did I know it was more placebo effect. The andros were doing the work for me-not the hgh. I feel really stupid and embarrassed about blowing all that money back then over junk. I was young and didn’t know. Anyway, thank you for saving me a ton of money and giving me some of my youth back.

    • hgh truths says:

      Your welcome.

      Isn’t it a great time of life when you finally realize how stupid you were when you were young?

  108. MIKE says:

    What is considered the better product-Secretagoue One or Symbiotropin. What is the difference? I want to try an HGH supplement but there are so many to choose from. Can I stack ZMA or Halodrol, L-Dopa with this product for better resluts. i have been working out for 20 years and have found many more aches and pains, slow recovery and much harder time gaining muscle. Any suggestions comments would be great.

    • hgh truths says:

      B vs. C+ . A big difference is the price.

      You don’t need L-Dopa with either of the two products because it already uis in both and more really doesn’t make a difference. I am already on the record as not having buy in to ZMA. Halodrol depends on whether or not you think it is a product that you want to try.

  109. Jay says:

    I have been on this product for a month and have seen a huge decrease in my weight and body fat. I have dropped 8 lbs and 1% in body fat. In a few days I will be getting my IGF-1 levels tested. I am expecting a big increase from my last test four months ago.

    I am curious if I would see better results with the Gold? Is the gold more effective or does it depend on the person. Thanks in advance for answering my question.

  110. Jose Sandoval says:

    I have purchased last sturday a Secretagoue One orange and in the label says to take one pack at bed time with empty stomach, I exercise around 3:45pm for 2 1/2 hours 5 days a week. Weight lifting first and ended with cardio-exercises. I bought this product in “the vitamin shoppe store ” and the person in the store told me to take right after exercises. It taste great and making me feel good. My question is when or at what time should I really take it and for how long should I take it?. I want to make sure that this product is good for me to continuing taking and to get the best benefit of it. Thanks, Jose.

  111. darcy says:

    Hi!! i’m currently pregnant, but after reading all this stuff, i can’t wait to get into the program as soon as i deliver my baby girl. I’m 33 yrs old, and i was wondering when would be the best time to take it. i’m planning to go back to the gym after my 6 weeks of delivering. Should i wait until working out to start the program? which one should you recomend for starting? the gold or the One? Thanks again! this site has been ultra useful for many of us!!! :)

  112. Adam says:

    Hi, I have just purchased some Secretagogue One and was wondering what cycle would you recommend to achieve the best results. Do I take one everyday till the box runs out or 5 days on 2 days break? Is it important to have a break from Secreagogue?

  113. Erin says:

    I started using Secretagogue One this week. After the 1st 3 packages, I had swollen glands, throat irritated and fever develop. I was not sure if this was related, so I stopped for 2 days. After feeling better, and thinking there is probably no relation, I took another package 2 days ago, and was sick the very next day again. Is there any possibility at all that this is making me sick? Thanks

  114. Dee says:

    What happened to the hgh responder?

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