The Big List Of HGH Supplement Reviews

The Big List of HGH Supplement Reviews

On this page you will find a complete alphabetical list of all the human growth hormone supplement products that we have reviewed to date.  They were not all coming up in the review category plus we made a mistake or two when posting so a couple are tagged wrong.

This page should help you find them all.

Each time we review a new hgh product, we add it to the list.

Per very popular request we have started to put the grades for all the products in quotation marks after the name and link to the individual product reviews.  We did the easy ones and recent reviews first and will be doing a few more each day until the list is complete.

21st Century HGH “F”

21st Century HGH Advanced Formula “F”

Aeon 5000 HGH “F”

Ageforce Continuous Sequence HGH Oral Spray “F”

AgeForce HGH Seal “F”

AgeForce Sequential Complex HGH Nasal Spray “F”

Androtropin Pills ” D+ “

Androtropin Spray ” F “

Beverly International GH Factor ” C- “

BioRenew Real HGH plus IGF-1 “F”

Chrysalis XS Spray “F”

Cloud Nine HGH ” D- “

Genf20 HGH ” D+ “

Genf20 Plus “UN “

GenFX ” F “

gHP Youth Formula ” C- “

GHR15 ” C- “

GHR Essentials ” C+/B “

GHR Gold ” D+ “

GHR Platinum ” D+ “

GHR Renew U ” D “

GHR 1000 ” D “

GH Stack ” B- “

Goliath Labs Humaloid HGH “F”

Growth-FlexV ” F “

Growth-RX HGH Enhancer ” F “

HeightFX ” F “

HGA human growth agent “F”

HGF-1 “A”

HGH 30,000 “F”

HGH Advance plus IGF-1 ” F “

HGH Energizer ” D- “

HGH Surge ” B “

Humagro ” F “

Isotropin HGH Pro 6X ” F “

Isotropin HGH-R ” D “

J.S. Nitro GH ” C “

Liddell Vital HGH “F”

Life Renewal HGH ” B- “

Live Young Oral HGH “F”

Longevity HGHR ” D “

Maxagrowth ” F “

Maxi-HGH ” B- “

Maximum Results Hgh Complex ( Doctor’s Choice ) ” F “

MediTropin ”  C+  “

Muscle Link GH Stak ” C- “

Nature’s Youth RSF ” C+ “

Neugenisis ” C- “

Neugenisis Hgh Spray “F”

Now IGF-1 Spray ” F “

Physicians Blend HGH Extreme ” F “

Premier HGH ” B- ”

Primo GH Stak ” C ”


ProBLEN HGH Plus IGF-1 and IGF-2 “F”

Proderm Hgh Seal “F”

Pro-GHR Spray ” F “

Pro-GHR Pills ” C- “

Provacyl ”  D “

Pure GH Releaser ” F “

Renewal HGH Advanced “F”

Renewal HGH Original “F”

Renewal IGF-1 “F”

Renewal Power for Women “F”

Restorage ” C+ “

ResveraTropin Homeopathic HGH with Resveratrol “F”

Sci-Fit GHT Stack ” C- ”

SecretaGain ” C “

SecretaGH ” C “

Secretagogue Gold “B+”

Sectretagogue HGH Plus ” D “

Secretagogue One ” B “


SomaLife GHP Sport ” D+ “

Somatroph HGH ” F “

Somatropinne HGH ” Z “

Somnidren GH ” UN “

Symbiotropin ProHGH ” C+ “

Sytropin® HGH “F”

Trans D Tropin “F”

Trimedica Live Young Oral HGH ” F “

Ultimate HGH ” C- “

UltraMax Gold Capsules ” D+ “

UltraMax Gold Effervescent Powder ” B-  “

UltraMax Gold Spray “F”

Universal GH Max ” B- “


Z Labs hGH Release ” C+ “

Hope you enjoy reading these hgh reviews.  We are trying to add to the list as fast as we can.  We even try to find products for which we can write positive reviews.

2015' s Best HGH Supplements

1. HGF-1 - Proven HGH Supplement
  • 100% Safe & Legal
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Boost Strength & Energy

HGF-1 is by far the most powerful legal HGH releaser on the market today. Originally designed to to help professional athletes improve their individual athletic performances, HGF-1 employs the use of herbal ingredients that are 100% safe, natural, and legal.

The amazing anti-aging powers of HGF-1 will perfect both your physical performance as well as your overall well-being as your strength, endurance, and energy each get major boosts; HGF-1 will also maximize your sex drive, your body's calcium retention and thus bone health, and your mental process like focus and memory. Turn back time with HGF-1 today and enjoy a healthier, happier you!

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2. Invigorate HGH - Proven HGH Supplement
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  • Increases HGH
  • Money Back Guarantee

Invigorate HGH has been designed to not only help you feel younger and more energetic, but also to help you look as young as you feel! In addition to helping you feel stronger and rejuvenated, Invigorate HGH will also improve the quality of your skin by smoothing wrinkles and fine lines.

With high quality HGH releasers and improtatn vitamins and minerals, Invigorate HGH can help you build your lean muscle mass, improve your sexual health and function, and give you an overall sense of well-being. Try Invigorate HGH today!

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3. Avatropin - Quality HGH Supplmenet
  • Extreme Results
  • Decrease Body Fat
  • Money Back Guarantee

Avatropin is one of our favorite HGH supplements on the market right now! Armed with a formula full of 100% safe, natural, and legal ingredients such as Tonalin, Forskolin, and L-DOPA, Avatropin has the power to naturally and quickly help your body increase its production of HGH.

When you use Avatropin, not only will you enjoy dramatically increased HGH levels, but you will also reap benefits like a much faster metabolism, the ability to get through longer, harder workouts, a higher lean muscle mass, and even better skin and hair! Boost your HGH levels today with Avatropin!

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4. Humovox - How is this Legal?
  • Extreme Results
  • Decrease Body Fat
  • Money Back Guarantee

Humovox is an HGH supplement that would have been rated our "Number 1" product this year if it weren't for its lower safety score. Humovox is extremely safe, but the extreme results that we are seeing leads us to believe that this HGH product contains some "special" ingredient that makes it really work well.

Humovox is one of only two HGH supplement that utilizes a patented effervescent powder for increased amino acid absorption that rapidly delivers the powerful HGH releasing ingredients into your system for the greatest benefits. Humovox will give you some of the best results available through HGH supplements for overall health and wellness.

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5. Xtreme HGH - Proven HGH Supplement
  • All Natural
  • 100% Safe
  • Money Back Guarantee

Xtreme HGH is scientifically designed to reverse the signs of aging without a prescription with effective ingredients that increase natural HGH production to burn fat, build muscle, improve skin, and improve overall health at the same time!

Most people's HGH production drops 80% by the time they turn 60. HGH injections which use a synthetic form of HGH, can be commonly found but are illegal in the United States because of the dangerous side effects. Xtreme HGH is a safe alternative to synthetic human growth hormones. Xtreme HGH works effectively by stimulating the pituitary gland to increase natural HGH production. Best of all, it comes with a 100% Lifetime Guarantee, so there's no risk!

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354 Responses to The Big List Of HGH Supplement Reviews

  1. Journy says:

    It would be nice if you would put your rating next to the product name on “The Big List Of HGH Supplement Reviews” page. This way I can look at the reviews for the best products and not waste my time readings about the poor products.


    • Mcknell says:

      I came across this source and it was great! This will be my main source and beside I ordered 6 riptropin and 3 jintropin and it took 3 days for me to get my packages. If you any hgh , i recommend you shop and pm them

  2. Kanda says:

    THANK YOU! Next week I will be sixty and I must say the last ten years have not been kind! I don’t mind the wrinkles so much, but the lack of energy, sleep, and the rather strange “cottage cheese” forming under my skin with the 15 lbs I’ve never had before is alarming. At this rate…oooh, I don’t want to imagine. Anyway, thank you for writing in a way that I can comprehend and with a delightful humor that keeps me from hitting my head on the keyboard as I doze off. I’m not sure what I’m going to try, but I will depend on your grading system and see what happens, if anything.

  3. hgh truths says:


    Putting grades on this page is one of those things that is on the list. It is behind doing more reviews and ahead of a few other projects.


    Glad we could help you out while also providing some entertainment. it is getting harder and harder to find anything interesting to say about spray products without repeating ourselves.

  4. David N says:

    Thanks for this interesting resource. Have you tried Fountain Of Youth HGH Complete? I’m curious about this one, since from a casual view it looks decent. But there is no unbiased review of it I’ve found.

    I’m outside the USA, so anything I order comes with huge added shipping costs, so I’m trying to be very selective about what I try as my first HGH supplement.

    Also, do you know of any reliable online sellers in asia? All of the online suppliers I’ve found are in the USA, and the cost of shipping abroad is often higher than the product price.

  5. admin says:

    Fountain of Youth HGH Complete does look to be a “decent product”. We have a review in the queue.

    I don’t know of any suppliers in asia.

  6. Thomas says:

    Advice??? I’ve resreached your website…thank you….which product would be best for a 50-year-old in relatively good physical condition? No tobacco, no alcohol, gym 3x a week, wanting to be leaner, lose belly fat and some additional muscle…..your thoughts??? Thank again for your great site, nothing else like it on the net.

  7. admin says:

    Glad you enjoy the site.

    Anything with a grade in the ‘B’ range is a good place to start.

  8. susan says:

    Thank you for your very informative web site.
    I’ve been getting ad/flyer on a product called Secretagogue hGH Plus;have you had the opportunity in the past (or consider to do so in the future) to review this product?
    Much appreciated.

  9. admin says:

    We have a review written for Secretagogue HGh Plus and will post it today or tommorrow.

  10. KANDA says:

    OK, I have been trying HGHSurge for two weeks and have noticed an increase in energy, but now I haven’t slept in two days. EEEK! I was hoping this would help me sleep better. I’ve started slowly with one, then, two, then three before bedtime. Now what?

  11. KANDA says:

    Oh, and what is cycling?

  12. admin says:

    Back off on your dosage and practice cycling. We just wrote a post explaining basic cycling.

    There is a chance that Hgh Surge just is not the right product for you.

  13. Frank says:

    What is your opinion of l dopa extracted from mucuna,velvet bean,etc?it seems that there is some debate in l dopas ability to cross the blood brain barrier.yet many of the newer gh supps contain some sort of l dopa extract.

  14. admin says:

    It is not just newer hgh supplements. It has been a ingredient in many stacks for at least 11 years.

    My personal experience is that I definitely notice a mood shift taking a mucuna dosage that would be the equivalent of 15 mg of L-Dopa. Something is crossing the blood brain barrier. If it is not the l-dopa, it is something as good or better.

  15. John Bennetts says:

    As a weighlifter in the UK are there any HGH that you would recommend?
    Preferably pill form or injection aswell?


  16. Keven says:

    I just finished a bottle of Ultimate HGH that my doctor sold me. I’m 26 with a solid diet and exercise routine that I’ve stuck to for about 6yrs. I haven’t noticed much from this product and can’t find many articles on the internet unbiasly reviewing it. Have you, and if so, what are your thoughts?

  17. admin says:


    I am not sure what is available in the UK. It kind of all depends on your age. Generally, anything we rate in the “B” range is a good product.

    Injections are always going to be the most potent but if not used properly there are some serious downsides.


    Check out the list above, Ultimate HGH is on it.

    Also get a better doctor.

    Keep up the good work. Mix in some basic anti-oxidants and maybe some super green foods.

    Come back and revisit hgh in 5 to 10 years.

  18. Christopher says:

    I have been looking for a good hgh supplement. I am fairly young but have always had a problem with body fat. Ihave friends who inject themselves with a product they get from China, which appears to work and is much cheaper than here…roughly $1.8 per IU. Is there anything you would recommend, as far as the HGH products go, which you think really works. I know none of them will work as good as the injections but I am not sure if I want to go that route. Thanks.

  19. admin says:

    With out a definition of fairly young, it is hard to say much.

    Not even going to get started on products from China. Aren’t they the country that supplies all the genuine DVD’s and Prada hand bags for Ebay merchants?

  20. Kevin says:

    Has anyone ever done something like a before and after blood test with this(or any of the other hgh releaser products)to determine how much,if any,HGH is produced in the body by taking this type of product?

  21. admin says:

    I have never seen any results of any serious testing of any hgh product. I believe most of the sites that claim test results are lying because real tests are very expensive to run.

    I have seen some tests done by independent doctors that seem to show that some of these products can really work. I say “seem” because they were unofficial monitoring of patients and not controlled studies. They were done by people who had no stake in seeing a particular outcome.

  22. John says:

    Thank you very much, your review is very helpful, I was going to try that Growth-FlexV. I’m 25 years old, trying to grow 1 or 2 more inches, if Growth-FlexV does not work, do you know anything that does help? Thank you.

  23. Jabez says:

    Please make a product review of Physiciansselect hgh releaser and EdMark’s Bio-Elixir hgh releaser. Thanks!

  24. Carmen says:

    Do you have tested HGH Extreme from Las Vegas? A friend of mine told me that all the actores in La take this for anti-aging benefits.I have used it for 3 month, and find some changes of having more energy but I didn´t look different.I find that it was not such a uge dramatic change. I am not sure if this product included HGH as well or was just an enhancer.Please let me know. I bough recently AEON 5000 and I don´t know what I should think about this product.I feel absolutely nothing and it has no smell ( Spray) Its just like water? Is there really HGH included? Please let me know.I am from Germany and its so difficult to find a good HGH product. Do you think oral spray is better? I have heard that capsels are to big to pass through the stomach.

    Looking forward to hear from you

    Best regards

    Please help me to find the right product of HGH in the States.

  25. admin says:


    There is no product in existence that is going to help a 25 year old grow any taller.


    Neither product gives any decent ingredient information. That is usually the first sign of a crappy product.


    There are reviews of both products on the site. Just click on the links above. We make our opinions of oral sprays very clear in a number of places. They are scams.

    Hopefully you searched around and found your answers.

  26. Chris says:

    I see a review for HGR1000, trying to figure out if that’s better or worse than HGR15, (hey, the number is higher, it must be better……….), but HGR15 isn’t priced out of the Stratosphere….
    And it’s “improved” cousins, HGR gold, (and copper, and any other precious metal they can think of)…..

    Enjoy your reviews, Thanks

  27. hgh truths says:

    The whole GHR clan is about to go through the review hopper. I believe GHR stands for GET HELP RUN.

  28. Courtney says:

    Hello Admin,

    I am wondering if you have any info on FastHGH? I don’t see it listed above. They have a site but no ingredients listed. I shot them an e-mail requesting the info. A few friends tried the product and are enjoying the results. I appreciate any info you might have.

    Thanks a bunch for your time and hard work!


  29. David N says:

    Hi. Just another request from a regular viewer of your site, for an indication of when you might review Fountain Of Youth HGH Complete. I’ve been using it for about 5 weeks, and maybe I’m feeling some minor effects from the HGH stack in the past ten days…or maybe it’s just the melatonin in the mixture making me sleep better and thus feeling less tired in general. I’m extremely curious what your take on this product is.

  30. hgh truths says:


    We have reviewed the product at fast hgh. It is HGH 30,000. On the site above it is being sold for $30 less than the site we reviewed it from but it is still the same worthless product.

  31. hgh truths says:

    David N,

    Fountain of Youth HGH Complete has the potential to be a decent product. It is on our review list.

    It is one of a group of products that have proprietary blends that we have some problems with when we just look at the ingredients. Our problem with finishing the review is that we just have a problem articulating our view point while being fair.

    Fountain of Youth has two different formulations and we are not motivated to give either a test run. Well at least the are down the list from a few other products. Maybe we will just do the best review we can and leave them unrated.

    Have an opinion?

  32. David N says:

    Thanks. I’ll just wait for whever you have the opportunity to do a fair and thorough-as-possible review of Fountain of Youth HGH Complete. Meanwhile, I have nothing to compare it to, as it’s my first HGH stack, and according to your own advice, 5 weeks is too early to assess any effects. I’ll keep it going and report back in a couple months. It would be nice if someone knowledgable would be motivated to actually test it.

    As far as Iknow, they have powedered and capsule version, but the mixes are the same. Though the ingredient list on their website has the ingredients and proprietary forumlas grouped much differently than on the bottles I received, though it’s still the same ingredients. Confusing!

  33. hgh truths says:

    The word I use for their labeling is deceptive.

  34. chuck says:

    14 year old, normal endocrine functions at 3% on normal growth x age chart….any recommendations other than medical HGH therapy?

  35. hgh truths says:


    Sorry but nobody I have ever talked with has ever seen any documentation that hgh supplements work with children.

    Doubtful that the supplements would do a child any harm but you are probably only going to get results with hgh injections. That is not even guaranteed because not all children respond and the average height increase is only around 3 inches.

  36. KC says:

    I just stumbled onto this website because I was looking for something to help me. I don’t know if hgh is for me or not and hopefully you can answer my questions. I’m a 48 year old female. I do bikram yoga several times a week, I also do water sports and do a little bit of weight lifting and some cardio. I eat very healthy such as more protein (lots of fresh fish) and less carbs and fat. No junk foods. I am finding that I am tired most of the time and I have gained almost 10 pounds that will not come off. I can lose the weight if I cut down on what I’m eating but it doesn’t last for long. I only eat about 1200 calories a day any way. I am worried about building more muscles. I want to look lean and healthy but not like body builder. I appreciate any comments or advice.

  37. Tyler says:

    I am a 24 year old male who has been working out 4 to 5 times a week for 5 or so years. I am wondering if HGH will help me in fat loss/muscle gaining, or if being that I am only 24, I would just be wasting my time. Thank you.

  38. Chris says:

    Do you think any of these products would give a 20 year old male noticeable height increase? And what would you say is the best product out of all those you have reviewed?

  39. Rodney says:

    what do you think about AST’s DHEA100? Is it any good?

  40. hgh truths says:


    AST’s DHEA100 is just 100 mg of dhea. Generally it is best to start with 25 milligrams and increase by 25 milligrams per week to find a dosage that feels good for you.

  41. hgh truths says:


    There is absolutely NO product on the market that is going to help a 20 year old grow any taller. There would be no hope if you took large injections of pharmaceutical injectable hgh.

  42. hgh truths says:


    Stick with a good protein powder for now. Revisit the hgh products in 5 to 10 years.

  43. hgh truths says:


    At 48 years of age you are some where in the hormonal swirl. You do the best you can until you get to the end of the whole process.

    I wouldn’t cut back on the calories because you aren’t over eating.

    You don’t have to worry about putting a lot of muscle mass on with the hgh supplements unless you are weight lifting for the purpose of increasing muscle mass. Based on your exercise program, the supplements will probably help you maintain lean muscle.

    Women have it tough with the whole change of life menopause cycle. Men have it much easier with andropause.

  44. matias says:

    is it good to apply HGH directly?
    may be it is expensive.. but i think it will work…

    do you know about someone that already use it?

  45. hgh truths says:


    I am not sure exactly what you mean by apply hgh directly.

    Are you talking about hgh creams or growth hormone injections?

    The creams are scams.

  46. Ronnie says:

    I have been using an HGH Supplement named Somatroph (Nutropil Recombinex). This product is manufactured by SDI Labs and sold on their website which markets legal steroids. The lead ingredient is L-Dopa. It seems to be very different in design than any other product you have reviewed. I have formed my opinion and thought you may find interest due to the ingredient list.

  47. hgh truths says:

    Deceptive marketing. Weak list of ingredients.

    If all SDI Labs products are like this everyone should stay away.

    There is no such thing as “legal steroids” , only unapproved drugs or scam products.

  48. Tony says:

    I just started to get back in to working out and i want something thats gonna give me increased muscle gain. I know all about whey,creatine, and nitric oxide so I was just wondering will i benifit from A hgh? And what is the best hgh product for me for muscle gain?

    age 18
    ht 6″1
    weight 200

  49. hgh truths says:


    HGH supplements are basically worthless for 18 year olds.

    • Nita says:

      I have read and reread your site over the years, particularly your comments and suggestions for Swanson’s GHR. I’m finally ready to use it! Thought I had bookmarked your site….didn’t….took me awhile to find. I thought I remembered you had come to suggest a second product to take with Swanson’s — glutathione???? I can’t seem to find this anywhere in your site now. Has your opinion changed? Wrong supplement? I’d be most grateful if you could advise me what the supplement was and where to look in your site. Thank you again for all of the great research, sharing it and publishing it for everyone to read. Best wishes, Nita

  50. Krissy says:

    I was wondering if hgh releasers can actually assist in weight loss in cases of hypothyroidism, or do they aggrevate
    the thyroid and make things worse?

  51. Alex says:

    Got on the web site looking for some true reviews. More education from 30 minutes of your web site than a weeks worth of all the others put together. I appreciate the great info and comments. I’m 45 years of age and workout 5 days a week (both cardio & weights). What would you suggest is the best hgh for both workout and aging? Has any products reviewed received an A grade? If so, which ones.

  52. caireparavel says:

    any chance of reviewing iforce secretagain which is supposed to consist of hgh and igf-1

    and now igf-1 lipo spray .

    thanks in advance

  53. caireparavel says:

    with regards to my question above

    sorry, having now read about sprays that one is redundant

    but “now” does make an igf-1 lozenger that you keep in your mouth untill it disolves

  54. hgh truths says:


    Iforce appears to be one of those sports supplements that likes to baffle people with bull.

    I used to consider Now to be a legitimate vitamin company but they now seem to have gone over to the dark-side of supplement BS.

  55. hgh truths says:


    Any of the products in the “B” range should do the trick.

    Sorry, no “A” grades yet. We do not practice grade inflation. To receive an “A” product truly will have to be excellent.

  56. hgh truths says:


    This is to individual a medical question for us to answer. Everybody who has hypothyroidism has different levels of treatment and there are many different causes of the condition.

  57. Bb says:

    Thanks for the unbiased sounding reviews. The comments are direct and to the point. Refreshing to see advice given without spin. Laudable.

  58. Bryan says:

    how about the product called PowerFULL by USPlabs.



  59. Jordan says:

    could you check out groloid, tribuloid and thermoliod from Goliath labs. They are not HGH but I was wondering If they would be worth buying, for increasing muscle mass. If they are garbage could you reccomend something

  60. hgh truths says:


    We do our best to attempt to be unbiased. However, we do have a strong bias against crappy products from marketers who use decpetion and lies. We are probably extra mean to them and not nice enough to honest companies.

  61. hgh truths says:


    The companies website did not have a description of the product. From what I read about the a couple of their other products, my advice is to wear your cowboy boots and bring a shovel when you visit the website.

  62. hgh truths says:


    I am not going to bother looking at anymore products from Goliath Labs. We already reviewed one. Going to save my time to do reviews from companies that make decent products. Like many sports supplement products, they were all hype.

  63. Don says:

    Can you please do a review of ISS hGH Promino Plus AM/PM please?

  64. hgh truths says:


    We have a draft written and just have never finished it to post stage. The problem is that they have one of those really crappy sports supplement BS labels that does not attempt to give really good supplement facts information.

  65. Patricia says:

    I am so glad to have discovered your site. It has proven quite the task to sort through all the HGH products offered on line without becoming overwhelmed at best.

    I am a 47 year old female and just entering the hormone dance. Not fun. Weight gain has become an issue. Hard to drop the pounds. I was hoping you could assess ‘Max NGH Releaser ‘ capsule product. I have now taken the product for the past 6 days and expect to complete the 30 day bottle. Too early to comment on my personal experience. I selected this brand as it was the only one available at two health stores and it is supposed to be all natural. I paid $32.00 Canadian.

    Much Thanks. Cheers. Patricia

  66. Patricia says:

    Hi. Yesterdays note appears to have dropped off so here I go again. Your site and honesty is greatly appreciated.

    Have been using MAX NGH Release product for the past 6 days, too soon to see results. Is this a good product? I purchased it from my health food store as it was the only option next to High Select HGH powder from Abundance Marketing. I did not see it on your list. Any plans on assessing it’s performance? Am quickly approaching my 50’s and the weight is becoming an issue for me. Thanks a million! Patricia

  67. Carson says:

    How about the ‘Ageless Foundation UltraMAX Gold™ Valencia Orange’?

  68. hgh truths says:


    Your note didn’t drop off, we were trying to find information on these products.

    High Select HGH Powder is is a waste of money. The ingredient content is just way to low.

    The company that makes MAX NGH Release does not list any ingredient amounts on their website. This is usually a sign of a weak product. The dosage is only 4 capsules and they would have to be huge horse pills to give you a good product. Most likely they only give you enough of a couple ingredients so you feel something and all the rest of the ingredients are just label dressing to pretend they are selling a good product.

  69. Patricia says:

    Thank you for your feedback. Once I complete the bottle I will switch over to Secretetagogue One and order online. I believe you rated it a B+.

    I know this is an HGH site but any thoughts on DHEA and its complementary use with HGH. I would appreciate any research or experience you may have on this or if you can direct me to a reputable site. Much appreciated. Patricia

  70. Patricia says:

    Correction… Secretagogue Gold received a B+. Patricia

  71. hgh truths says:


    You can give Dhea a try but it usually is of more benefit to men or women on the other side of the hormone dance.

    Try a small dose say 10mg one day and see how it makes you feel. Give it a two day break and then try for two days. Dhea generally works best if you take it for no more than a two day stretch and the take a day or two break.

  72. Barry says:

    A lot of great information here. I would like to point out that I used the GHR15 powder in my late 30’s and my sex libido (desire, potency, increased seaman production) exploded. The capsules (Gold formula) did nothing for me. Is an increased libido linked to GH production? If so, it worked very well for me in that one area. If not, then stating a product won’t stimulate GH production doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t have benefits.

  73. kristin walter says:

    Do you know anything about Cloud9HGH?? This is one that I haven’t heard of before.

  74. hgh truths says:

    As I have mentioned elsewher. Cloud9 HGH looks like a bogus product. All marketing and no substance.

  75. Will Watts says:

    What about Promino Plus? I’ve heard good things. Please let me know ASAP

  76. Jeremy Hunt says:

    I am a 27 year old male. I am 6’2 and I weigh 245 lbs. I am losing hair and energy, but all in all looking for a good product to help slim me down and build muscle. I have a horrid diet, but working out 3 times a week and doing cardio 2 times a week. Do you have any suggestions? I have never used any products in the past.

  77. Nadine T. says:

    Hi there,
    First of all, thank you for this amazing useful website.
    I am very interested in buying an HGH product,
    but before I saw your website I was interested to buy GenF20 due to the high good reviews I read about this product, but after I was reading all your HGH product reviews and saw that you recommend Secretagogue One or Secretagogue Gold.
    I am a healthy 31 year old female interested in starting the HGH intake but I do have arthritis now after living in the cold Canada for two years now. I have researched more about buying Secretagogue-One and Gold from MHP, but as I was reading about the two products info on a website, I noticed that it is recommended to take Secretagogue Gold when we are 35 years and older? Does that mean it is best recommended that I shouldn’t start with it now? Does that apply to Secretagogue-One too, as I didn’t see any age suggestions for it on the product info.
    I also wanted to know if it really does increase muscles too, as I was an athlete since childhood and do not need for more enhancements in muscles to show. I am looking forward for an honest answer from you.
    I am also interested in purchasing one of the two products for my husband who’s 39 years old, which one of the two would you recommend him?
    Thank you for your concern
    Nadine T.

  78. Nadine T. says:

    I am hoping for a reply soon :-)

    Thank you

    Nadine T.

  79. hgh truths says:

    Promino has one of the worst labels of any of these kind of products. That makes it difficult to review. I don’t try any products that have BS labels and they aren’t willing to provide enough information so consumers to make a comparison.

    On principal, I just avoid a product like this.

  80. hgh truths says:


    Step one is to improve the diet.

    You can try an hgh product. You won’t get the bang for the buck that a 40 year old will but it won’t hurt you either.

  81. hgh truths says:


    The reason you see good reviews of Genf20 is because all the reviews are fake. Simply advertising for a product with a big affiliate commission.

    MHP is a rare sports supplement company that is trying to provide at least a bit of truth by not marketing their hgh products to people too young to benefit from it. No pushing it to college athletes like so many companies.

    The age thing just means that your husband would get a greater benefit from you would but you would still see some benefit.

    You don’t have to worry about more muscle mass unless you are doing weight lifting in a manner designed to add muscle mass.

    If your exercise routine consists of aerobic or toning style exercise, you will probably experience a better toning with a little bit of fat exchanged for lean muscle.

    Even for power lifters and hardcore body builders, the muscle mass effect is over rated.

    Both Secretagogue Gold and Secretagogue One are good products. It is a matter of individual taste. I would suggest trying a box of each and seeing what you and your husband like best.

    One of my close friends takes a packet of each and mixes them in a martini shaker. He then splits it into to two glasses. His wife refers to it as their bedtime cocktail.

  82. Carson says:

    I have a problem that I can not sleep while taking HGH product such as Secretagogue Gold or GenF20. The product makes me stay awake. So what’ s the problem? Can I take this product in the morning? But is it not good since most natural HGH releases when we sleep? I have heard that it may induce some desease such as cancer if the time in which the HGH releases reverses—from bedtime to daytime. And I want to know which ingredients in the product make me fail to sleep. Then I can find some products that do not contain those amino acids or something else. Thank you very much!!!

  83. Laurent says:

    Great work, thank u!
    But it would be great to get a review of the new Newton-Everett’s ISOTROPIN HGH REJUVENATION fomula (powder).
    I’ve started to test this product 2 weeks ago and i’m afraid of the result. They noticed Isotropin : 5400mg
    Thanks very much in advance.
    Laurent (France)

  84. Tracey says:

    New to this. 41 yo Male. Just started working out. Weights 3-4 times a week, Cardio @ least 3 times a week. Doing MetRX shakes to replace breakfast and lunch 3-4 times a week. Some results but need to kick it up. Need to loose weight, metab is definitely slowing. Which HGH product will help me? Is there a non-injection alternative?
    Thanks in advance,


  85. Nadine T. says:

    Dear HGH truth,

    Thank you for replying to my post. I really appreciate it. I have been doing some extensive research to see where I can purchase Secretagogue one or Gold but funny enough, I don’t see much testimonials or reviews about these 2 products, even if you visit the main website which is
    they don’t have any testimonials listed in their testimonial link.

    Honestly, I have had so much dissapointments in purchasing products that I am kind of skeptical about all this, I am not saying that I do not trust your reviews but if you don’t mind me asking, how do you know so much yourself about these products?

    Do you also have any new product that you think might be as good as Secretagogue One or gold?


    Nadine T.

    P.S: I did go through all the product review before….

  86. Nadine T. says:

    Another question,

    I also see that Life Renewal HGH has been rated well…. Do you still think the other two products that I am interested in are still more efficient than Life Renewal HGH?

    You also mentioned this in Life Renewal HGH review: “There is also some evidence that straight amino acid products tend to lose effectiveness after two to four months of usage. You can get around this by cycling products.” what do you mean by that? and does that apply to Secretagogue One and Gold? Cause I was thinking of purchasing a couple of boxes in one shot to save more money.

    Do you also have any recent reviews on any “new” HGH products that received an A grade or maybe another B+?

    Thank you again for taking the time to answer all these questions :-) I really appreciate it.


    Nadine T.

  87. hgh truths says:


    The Newton Everett rejunevenation product isn’t garbage like the rest of their hgh products but it sells for about twice as much as other products with similar or better formulas.

  88. hgh truths says:


    We answer that question many places on this site so just read around.

  89. hgh truths says:


    Do you seriously believe that testimonials on websites mean anything? When is the last time you saw a testimonial that said ” i bought this product and it was garbage” ? probably never.

    Testimonials are usually written by the website owners or at best selectively posted. most of the reviews of hgh products are fake and exist only to get people to buy the low grade affiliate product being pushed by the poster.

    We still haven’t found a product that deserves an A.

    The statement you are asking about means exactly what it says. Sectetagogue One and Secretagogue Gold are not just straight amino acid products so don’t have the same problem.

  90. Laurent says:

    Thanks for your answer.
    Can u please tell me which note could u give to The Newton Everett Isotropin rejunevenation effervescent product, compared to the B+ of Secretagogue gold that seems to be the best product in the market?
    Many thanks advance and once again, GREAT WORK! ;)

  91. hgh truths says:

    newton Everett’s product would rank lower because the formula is not as good and it is higher priced.

  92. Nadine T. says:

    Dear HGH Truth,

    Thank you again for taking the time to answer my questions, actually to answer all the questions on this interesting and very informative website :-) I was wondering, how do you know so much about HGH products? Are you a doctor of some sort? Or is it just from all the experiments you’ve had with HGH? I hope you don’t mind me asking.

    Anyways, I am very close to purchasing the HGH product that I am interested in, but before I do that I have some last questions that I would like to have some answers for.

    I see that a lot of those highly low quality advertised products on the net are approved by the FDA, but Secretagogue O. & G. are not. Why is that?

    What about the side effects of the HGH supplements in general? Does S.O & S.G. can cause these scary side effetcs that I am reading about on the web and on your site. Eventhough Thank God my husband and I have no health issues what so ever. The only part that is making me hesitate are the side effects that I read about. I would love to get your honest feedback on the 2 products vs the side effects.

    For the last time, thank you again and take care :-)


  93. jack says:

    Can anyone help with a phone number or email address for Health Reunion in AZ?

  94. hgh truths says:


    The makers of Secretagogue Gold and One are being honest and not lying to get your money.

    There is no such thing as an hgh product that has FDA approval.

    The closest they come is that they are made in an FDA approved facility. That statement would be true of 99% of all dietary supplements.

    The scary side effects come from over dosing on prescription hgh. You might be able to cause some minor side effects if you take 5 to 10 times the recommended dosage of an hgh supplement for an extended period of time.

  95. hgh truths says:


    Somewhere on their site there is a contact form. Don’t remember where I found it.

  96. Nadine T. says:

    Thank you again for taking the time to answer my questions. I think I have all the info I need now.

    So how do you suggest that we take S.G? Should we follow their dosage? Or cycle it is better? Cause they said it is better if one doesn’t stop taking the supplement. What do you suggest?


    Nadine T.

  97. Ross says:

    You seem to have ranked “Secretagogue Gold” highest. Yet, the company is hyping “Secretagogue Megartophin” as being its best product. Are you doing a review of this product soon? Offhand, does it look better than Gold?

    Thanks in anticipation…

  98. hgh truths says:


    I think you are referring to Secretagogue Megatropin by Urban Biologics which is a different company. One that does not seem to have a web presence.

    I have looked at Megatropin before and it is not on the priority review list. It is not as good a product plus you will get 20 servings rather than 30 servings and pay at least $10 more.

  99. Taylor says:

    will yall test pronabolin? its gains seem crazy but a few ppl. left good reviews

  100. hgh truths says:


    The claims made on the web look like B.S.

    Pronabolin is not high on our list because we do not consider it to be an hgh releaser. It’s primary ingredient is an extract of the herb fenugreek, an herb used to increase milk production in lactating women. Thrown in are a tiny bit of resveratrol and a very small dose of melatonin.

    If your breast milk production is a little low, give it a shot.

  101. elaine says:

    what do you think of a supplement that contains the following in 4 pills. 30 day supply is $14
    thanks so much

    Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 100 Milligrams
    Vitamin B3 (inositol hexanicotinate) 50 mg
    Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCl) 50 Milligrams
    L-Arginine 1300 Milligrams
    L-Glutamine 500 Milligrams
    L-Glycine 500 Milligrams
    L-Ornithine (HCl) 500 Milligrams
    L-Lysine (HCl) 250 Milligrams
    OKG (L-ornithine alpha ketoglutarate) 250 mg

  102. hgh truths says:


    You already have a product that is at the level of Somalife GHP Sport for a fraction of the cost.

    The problem is that capsules seldom hold enough amino acids to be effective. You are looking at needing to take 8 to 12 capsules to have a decent product.

  103. elaine says:

    The issue with capsules … is it that they are holding less amounts than what is listed on the ingredients list? or is it that I need to take in more aminos than what comes in 4 pills?
    Should one stay way from pills all together including HGH surge? My issue with Secretagogue-Gold is the artificial sweetener, otherwise I wouldn’t look for pill methods.
    thanks again

  104. hgh truths says:


    The issue with the capsules is that each capsule is limited in the amount of ingredients that it can hold. So with a straight amino acid product, like the one you described, you need a large number of capsules to get enough amino acids to work.

    HGH Surge uses ingredients other than amino acids so it can work with lower quantities of amino acids. However the pills are rather large and not for people who have trouble swallowing pills.

    We just reviewed a straight amino acid product called Maxi-HGH and it looked OK.

  105. john says:

    yea, how about you list the grade you give the products on the side… just a thought.

  106. hgh truths says:


    We are going to get around to it eventually. Meanwhile, we are going to put together a post with all the top ranked products listed.

  107. Herman Rich says:

    Hi there
    I read the reviews with interest, have you had the chance to review Cloudnine HGH releaser it is claimed to be good in other website or is it as all the others

  108. hgh truths says:


    Because you asked, we just did a quick review.

  109. Brian C says:

    iForce SecretaGain, ever hear of that one? I don’t see that they are very forthcoming with exact ingredients. Thanks, Brian

  110. Eric says:

    I left a comment Jan 25th on the trans-d tropin page. Please review it and respond to it.

  111. hgh truths says:


    Sorry. There is only so much time to do this and some things just fall through the cracks. Just did a quick reply.

  112. hgh truths says:


    Don’t you just hate it when companies use the chemical names rather than the real names. We can do a review and let you know what those exotic sounding chemicals really are. Basically simple amino acids.

  113. alex says:

    Have you looked at Provacyl? Is it a scam? There was one posting on WebMD that made a positive reference to Provacyl but I don’t know what to believe. Thanks.

  114. hgh truths says:


    There will be a Provacyl review this week. It is not a total scam but not a great product.

  115. alex says:

    Thanks for the review. Very harsh. Quite a contrast to the ultra positive reviews elsewhere.

  116. hgh truths says:


    Your welcome. Most of the reviews you see are ultra positive because they are done by people trying to sell the product. Since we don’t sell products we can be truthful.

    Sometimes that means being harsh and sometimes not.

  117. Darian says:

    HGH Truths,

    What product do you recommend as a supplement for working out/exercise. I’m not looking for an anti-aging one.

  118. Darian says:

    Also what do you think about Somatroph?

  119. Jim says:

    Have you tested Maxi HGH from FoodScience of Vermont?


  120. Mark says:


    I am 40 years old and am looking for an HGH product (no injections) I workout 3 days a week (weight) my main goal in taking HGH is for anti-aging and better health. Gaining more lean muscle would be a bonus. What HGH would you recommend. I have looked at the reviews above and there are many in the ‘B’ grade. Please advise. Also what product would you recommend for a 53 year old


    • hgh truths says:


      We don’t recommend any one particular product. Read about all the “B” grade products you have found a pick the one that sounds best for you. Same goes for someone who is 53.

  121. ahmad says:

    Hey there, Would you please review a product by universal nutriton, ” gh max” it seems of adequte potency as it contains a 2:1 ration of arginine and ornithine 5grams arg 2.5 grams ornithine per serving,
    Also, would crushign the tablets enhance or hasten the effect ?
    Thank you very much.

    • hgh truths says:


      Universal Nutrition’s GH MAX is one of the 15 growth hormone products that we currently have reviews in the draft stage. It is now in the first five group of articles to get final drafts.

      It looks to be an Ok but middling product.

  122. George says:

    I would like to know if you plan on reviewing Truewells HGH Gold.

  123. Alejandra says:

    WOW!! I ran across the site while researching styropin and I’m REALLY happy I took the time to read the reviews you have, they are amazing and so helpful!!

    I’m someone who is looking for the overall health, anti-aging benefits with increased energy. From what I’ve read it seems Secretagogue One is the best product you’ve read thus far. Correct?

    Thank you :)

    • hgh truths says:


      Ahh, scam marketers lose a few more dollars of ill gotten gains. Makes my day.

      Secretagogue Gold rated one notch higher than Secretagogue One.

  124. Tom says:


    First I would like to say a big thank you for the time and effort that you put into this site. It helped me greatly in my selection of a product. I am a 56 year old male who has been back to the gym for about a month now. I purchased Secretagogue Gold and plan to stack it with Maxi HGH. I just finished my first 5 day cycle and to my pleasant surpise most of my post work out soreness was gone today.
    My question is when do you think it might be a good idea to start the Maxi GH stack? I have already purchased it and was wondering should I stack or maybe alternate?


    • hgh truths says:

      If you are getting good benefits from the Secretagogue Gold, wait to do the stacking. Maybe try alternating products on a monthly basis.

      People mistakenly think that more is always better. A steady increase over a longer period of time works best. Trying to push to much at once can often lead to slower results as your body attempts to counter the change.

      Stacking works best 4 to 6 months out when you hit a plateau.

  125. Don says:

    Can you please put the grade along side of the product? I looked at all the products but forgot which ones were B- B and B+.

    • hgh truths says:

      One of those things that we mean to do but just haven’t done yet because it does not look like a fun task and consumes precious time.

  126. Tom says:

    Will do!

    Thanks again keep up the good work

  127. Mike A says:


    I have been looking through your list but it is hard to find what are good products. Could you suggest the best HGH supplement and the best HGH secretagogue product according to your research?

    Much appreciated,

    Mike A

  128. George says:

    Excuse me while I rant for a little bit. I’m sure some of you are like me, you’ve searched for awaile just to find a website that would give you an unbiased review of all the HGH supplements. Now some of you come on here and complain about the website not putting the review grade next to the product. They did all the research for us and all we have to do is move our wrist, click the mouse and read just alittle. Well that may be why were in the shape that were in. Ok I’m done, just had to get this off my mind. Thank you for the honest reviews.

    • hgh truths says:


      Thanks for the defense!

      We have started adding the grades for new product reviews that are put on the list and will eventually be filling in the others.

  129. Jeff says:

    I reviewed your site and did not find a review for BioRecovery’s Bio-GH-Releaser . If you haven’t done so could you please comment on the ingredients? Thanks.

    • hgh truths says:


      At first glance it does not look that impressive for the price. it has been added to the to be reviewed list.

  130. Alejandra says:

    Received Secretagogue Gold today and will begin taking it at night on an empty stomach as recommended! Thanks for the recommendation and I will report back at how it is working for me :)

    Question – I’ve seen some comments here and there on your site about stacking. I read about cycling and will be doing that but what do you mean by stacking? Want to be sure I am consuming and absorbing Secretagogue Gold the best way I can!

    Thanks again for this kickass site!!

    • hgh truths says:


      Start with just the one product. Stacking comes later. We should have written a number of posts on the subject by the time you are ready.

  131. Norm says:

    Thank you for your help. Started Secretagogue Gold 4 weeks ago and feel better already. For good measure, am taking some chlorella and spirulina as well. Am cycling all of them on a 5/2 sched. Am 58, overweight but in otherwise reasonable condition. Stumbled across UltraMax HGH ($44) which has 6100mg of aminos + anterior pituitary peptides. Am thinking its worthy of a B rating based on what I’ve learned from this site. Thanks again, am looking forward to your future reviews and words of wisdom.

    • hgh truths says:


      Ultra Max is an OK product but the company also sells a mediocre product and a total BS product. We are working on reviews of all three. The problem with the UltraMax review is figuring out which part of the formula is responsible for so much sugar.

  132. Ken B says:

    I am a 15 year old male that is still growing. What would you recommend for me?

    • hgh truths says:

      Ken B,
      None of these products are going to do anything for you.

      Excercise, eat right and maybe some protein supplementation to help build muscle but hgh supplements are a waste of money.

  133. james says:

    where can I get a real hgh product that is not a scam?

  134. james says:

    have you everheard of Fountain Of Youth HGH? what do you think?

    • hgh truths says:


      Funny, I could have sworn that we reviewed Fountain of Youth but it does not seem to be posted. Going to search the hard drives for ti.

      Any product in the “B” range is not a scam.

  135. Don says:

    Yay! you started to list the ratings.
    What about this

    It’s called Somatomed.

    • hgh truths says:

      We are working on getting the ratings up a little bit every now and then. Just kind of a pain to do but we will eventually get it done.

      Somatomed does not look that great. Plus it is over priced.

  136. TimM83 says:

    Would it just be as good for me to buy a bunch of amino acids and take a few from each and blend them up with a shake and take it that away? Than to take some of this stuff.

    • hgh truths says:


      Taking the amino acids with a shake will almost completely stop them from working as hgh releasers. However a few grams of the right aminos mixed with water would work OK.

  137. TimM83 says:

    Now my other question is…how much amino acids should I take to create the release of hgh.

  138. james says:

    thank you!

  139. TimM83 says:

    Thanks alot your site is amazing and it is really informational.

  140. Rod says:

    Being a 32 year old male wondering if its worth me experimenting with the HGH.

    • hgh truths says:


      You are just starting to get into the zone where these products are helpful. So the decision is up to you.

  141. Nancy says:

    Hi, I want to know if there has been any research done to be sure that taking HGH at all is safe….not linked to higher risk of heart attack, stroke, anything at all. I don’t hear anything said about the safety of these products (the ones that work at all). Thanks,

    • hgh truths says:

      Studies on hgh injections come in two groups. One anti and one pro. All of the studies have been small and there has yet to be any definitive study.

      Regarding supplements, these are just made with basic ingredients and are relatively safe. The exception might be some of the products pushed by sports nutrition companies that contain some ingredients that might lead to increased blood pressure in some people. If you take one of those then you should check your blood pressure on occasion.

  142. Michael says:

    I’m a 53yr old , I’m looking for the best hgh product available. There are so many out there it’s hard to make a decision. I don’t want to waste $$ on some BS product. According to your reviews currently which one is the best. Thank you

  143. dp says:

    your summary page shows “Life Renewal HGH “F”” then you read the actual report on Life Renewal HGH and you gave it a grade of B-…can you update the grade for the product?

    • hgh truths says:


      Our bad. Moving fast I got it mixed up with one of those stupid Renewal Spray Products. It has been corrected. Thanks for pointing out the mistake.

      Recently we noticed that this product has gone up in price.

  144. Mark says:

    I’ve just reached 40 and train 4-5 times a week both strength and cardio, I don’t take any supplements but after hearing about HGH and reading your wonderful site I have ordered Secretagogue gold. What supplements would you recommend in addition to build muscle mass/strength.
    Many thanks

    • hgh truths says:

      Just the standard protein powder shake and maybe some creatine. Those are really the two best additions.

  145. Jim says:

    I was wondering if you have ever reviewed a product I found on line, it is call GHR. What did you rate it?

    • hgh truths says:

      We aswered this question some where else on the site.
      The GHR you mention is just a version of the GHr group we have already reviewed 4 products from,GHR (15,Gold,Platinum, Renew U), so we are not going to do a seperate review of this version because it is basically just the same lame product.

  146. Tim says:

    I really want to start taking a growth hormone product but i dont know which one and where to get it for the best price. I have looked over this site and it is on my favorites because i read it all the time. Which product do you think is the BEST and where can i get it. thank you so much.

    • hgh truths says:


      Go through the list and pick out the product that sounds best to you. Most of the products in the “B” range are sold by any number of reputable online retailers.

      The perfect product thing is way to complicated a subject to cover in a comment.

  147. Tim says:

    I have another question. if YOU were to invent the perfect product what would be the amino’s in it and what would be the perfect amounts in your opinion. also when it the best time to take aminos? at night, morning, before workout after workout etc…

  148. mike says:

    Thoughts on Inner Power Plus by Durk Pearson/Sandy Shaw?

    • hgh truths says:

      It would be a high quality replacement for all of the NO products out there but it is not really an hgh releaser.

  149. Tom says:

    Hi Guys,
    Well its been about six weeks since I posted and figured its time for an update on my progress with Secretgogue Gold……..

  150. Oliver s. says:

    Thanks for this cool overview!
    I am looking for a plant based HGH releaser, as I read thinks like this:

    SG seems to be the same producer as Secratagogue 1, or do you think there are no risks?

    What do you think is the best pure plant based HGH Supplement?
    At the moment I am testing XNGF, but in the 3 days I dont see anything not even a better sleep…


    • hgh truths says:

      Oliver S,
      I don’t give the CJD (mad cow) thing a second thought. If I did I would have never tried Secretagogue One myself. The traditional suppliers of anterior pituitary peptides having been heavily testing their sources and finished products for years. The only time I might be suspicious is with one of the products marketed by the people who tell all the lies. they usually manufacture on the cheap. Who knows what their source is.

      Besides, incidents of CJD in cattle have become almost non-existent since the use of cattle parts as cattle feed has been banned.

      Secretagogue Gold does not use pituitary peptides so there is nothing to worry about.

  151. GMS says:

    Please help to review the once i tried to search here:
    HGH Select (454g) Brand: Abundance

    Max HGH Release (120C) Brand: Maxion

    PS they can be found in canada

    • hgh truths says:

      We don’t have any personal experience with these two products. From what little we can see on the web neither one of these products has much going for it. One version of Max NGH Release comes in a bottle so that will be garbage. The other says something about containing a special Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein. If the amino acids aren’t in the form of free form amino acids, they won’t do much.

      Hgh Select by Abundance is also hard to tie down. People don’t like to list the ingredients and when they do the lists don’t match. Does it have 6mg of glycine or 6 grams. They do agree that all the other ingredients are present in inconsequential amounts. ^ grams of glycine would stimulate hgh release so compare the price to the cost of just buying 6 grams of glycine.

  152. C.J.P says:

    stumbled across your site. Was wondering what you thought of a hgh supp. called GH-x from Muscle Xtreme?

  153. C.J.P says:

    They (Muscle Xtreme) claim to have done many clinical trials.They’re even suggesting customers check their IGf-1 levels before and after to prove their product works dramatically.

    Also, have you ever heard of Hemogex from Vpx?They’re supposed to be a real reputable company. I have bought other products from them in the past. Thanks.

    • hgh truths says:

      They can make claims all day but they do not provide any details of independent clinical trials. The only studies quoted are from injectable hgh research. No listing of ingredients either.

      We have avoided the review of Hemogex because we did not want to deal with the whole claim of using ghrp-2. Best we can tell this would not be an action taken by a reputable company.

  154. dale says:

    how do canadians get there hands on it!

    • hgh truths says:

      There seem to be a lot of supplements Canadians can’t get. I know that amino acids combined with herbs used to be prohibited. Is that still the case? Are the various ingredients available seperately?

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  157. Dwight L says:

    Can’t tell you how nice it was to finally find your site. I am 50 year old man who started getting in shape 1 year ago, and so far lost 30 lbs, lifting and running every other day, but the recovery time was killing me. I enjoyed the workouts but like I said the recovery times were such that even after 7 hrs sleep I was still mentally and physically tired. I looked for a month on the internet, trying to find some decent reviews and finally landed here. What a breath of fresh air. Short, to the point, no holds barred reviews and so far dead on right. I started with Secretagogue Gold on your cycleing suggestion and was sure after 10 days I was beginning notice a difference. After 3 weeks My wife of 16 years commented about the lean muscle I was putting on. And with no side effects that I can tell what-so-ever! I have finished the first box of “Gold” and am now going to start a month of Life Renewal , followed by a month of HGH Surge and then a month off like you suggest for cycleing purposes. Just wondering what you thought of the idea of cycleing these three products in this fashion. Thanks again for the great site and all the good reviews. The grading system you recently implemented is really a big help, although if the Life Renewal works as well as the Gold, I probably won’t be looking for any other supplements. I will keep you posted on my continuing progress and thanks again for helping a beginner navigate through the maze of crap. More Later. Dwight

    • hgh truths says:

      Dwight L.,

      Cycling the three products is like that is not necessary but is a good way to experience the differences and see which one works best for you.

  158. Karl says:

    What do you know about this product?
    Growth Factor-1 from SP-LABS

    • hgh truths says:

      All we know is that each tablet is 340 mg and that nobody seems to want to say what is in it. Usually means that the product is BS. Plus the company website does not seem to exist any more. Another bad sign.

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  160. Truman says:

    2 questions. I had my thyroid removed, currently taking Synthoid .112, any of the Products I should stay away from?
    Have you looked at Hi-Tech Somatomax. Just getting back in shape, Have started Excecise routine have lost weight and waist inches, wanting to enhance. By the way like your site. Already saved me money (Tried the “one shot” of Somatomax, won’t try again).

    • hgh truths says:

      When you bring up the prescription drug thing we are supposed to say check with your doctor first.

      I would probably stay away from anything with pituitary peptide. Also Somatomax and anything with the name Renewtrient on the label. The original Renewtrient was made from an industrial chemical used for varnish removal. I doubt the new version is much better. An online search does not yield a list of ingredients and most sellers don’t seem to have any stock or be very bright. Claiming something is a legal form of ghb and claiming it has a ghb like effect is still committing a felony. If you sold a bottle of water and said it had the same effect as ghb you can be fully prosecuted for selling ghb. Those drug laws are tough. Plus by buying it, you could be charged with possession.

      I would stay away from any product made by Hi-Tech.

  161. Truman says:

    Forgot bio. 50 years old, 6′ was 240lb 40″ waist, down to 228 (holding) and 34-36″ waist.

  162. Truman says:

    Sorry, Somatomax provide just called and recomended new Hi-Tech product RenewTrient

  163. Truman says:

    Thanks, thats good enough for me. My doc is more into diet and excercise not supplements. Hoping for something safe for enhancement.

    • hgh truths says:

      Threre are lots of products that are safe for enhancement. You just happenned to ask about a crappy one.

  164. Truman says:

    Thanks, I now have you bookmarked. Informative, unbiased site.

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  166. Karl says:

    Hi I am trying these Prolab Amino 2000, do you think that this mix will work all the ingredients are listed in the amino blend ,6 tablets per serving 3 times a day they are quite large,. + 1 a day at bed time of 5-HTP 100 mg & GABA 750 mg these are by a Canadian company NOW supplied by Astro nutrition, I did try the Growth Factor-1 from SP-LABS about the year 1999 with no positive results
    I don’t know what they were that’s why I asked they smelt like yeast lol

    • hgh truths says:

      5-HTP and Gaba are good products but the Prolab Amino 2000 is just a whey protein supplement in tablet form. It is not an hgh releaser.

  167. Karl says:

    Is there any products you recommend that i can buy in the uk ?the best ones you gave a B rating i am trying to find ,but some don’t ship to to uk

    • hgh truths says:

      people from the Uk have reported taking Secretagogue Gold. I am not sure who they bought it from.

  168. Karl says:

    Thanks for your help I will try & find a source I think it may be on e-bay.
    Mean while I have brought some of them as separates as Below as you
    Show some of these in you best ones.
    GH Complex – Extra Strength 100mg
    Macuna Pruriens velvet bean, (60% L-Dopa).
    GABA Gamma Aminobutyric Acid 750 mg.
    5-HTP, 5-hydroxytryptophan,
    Griffonia simplicifolia Seed 100mg.
    L-Ornithine 500mg.

    Also I use the:-Prolab Amino 2000 /
    Taurine (Free-Form 1000mg /
    Maxi muscle Cyclone which has Creatine Monohydrate 10.2g & Glutamine 10.2g
    For my weight training.

  169. Nick says:

    Okay, I’ve read all of your reviews for products that you’ve given a B- or better. However, I can’t decide what would be best for me. What product do you think would be best for gaining muscle mass, or would basically or a majority of these fill that role? I’m just looking for the best performance for my money and I’m not looking to get huge or become a bodybuilder or anything, just gain more muscle mass.

    • hgh truths says:

      Muscle mass building is dependent on the kind of exercise that you do. It is not a given. Any of the B- or better products are pretty good.

  170. Nick says:

    Alright thank you. Well then my final question is what would be the best HGh supplement in pill form? Or at least the best-tasting one in powdered form, because I’ve had some real trouble with really, really bad tasting bodybuilding powders

    • hgh truths says:

      Secretagogue Gold and Secretagogue One are palatable. Some of the straight amino acid powders can be made more drinkable by using a drink mix like Crystal Light.

  171. Joey says:

    Hey I have narrowed down my choices to HGH Surge, Life Renewal HGH, Secretagogue one, and Secretagogue gold. My main goal behind HGh is to gain muscle mass and definitely some weight. Which of these 4 products would you recommend for body building?

    Also, I may consider taking Life Renewal with one of the pill HGH forms. Which of these pills would you recommend for this?

    • hgh truths says:

      I would probably take GHR Essentials along with Life Renewal. It is a recently reviewed product and hasn’t been added to the big list yet. Probably only need a dosage in the 3 to 6 capsule range.

      If muscle gain is your main thing, leave off the HGH Surge. The other three will help if you are doing the right kind of exercise.

  172. Joey says:

    Great! Thanks you for your help! Thanks for pointing out HGH Essentials, as they have an amazing price!

    • hgh truths says:

      Your welcome! GHR Essentials is a fabulous value. 3 to 6 of these with a straight amino acid product would raise the grade for the stack by at least a notch maybe even 2. i will get to that after I am done experiencing the different dosage levels of the sraight GHR Essentials. Next week I go to 7 capsules.

  173. Truman says:

    I just received my first order of Gold. What can I expect. Will I actually notice something. How long before. I know my thin hair won’t get thick again and my grey won’t race back into my skull. Since you probably know peopel who have used the product long and short term, it would be nice to know if it’s working or if I’ve poured money down the drain.

    • hgh truths says:

      I don’t know anyone over the age of 35 that thinks taking these products has been a waste of money. At least not people who were interested in long term results.

      Some people experience positive impacts within a few days but some people really don’t notice a lot for 3 to 6 months. I have frequently seen people take hgh supplements for 3 months and then notice something different when they cycle off and really notice the impact when they cycle back on again. Everything varies with the individual.

      I have seen a few people whose gray hair went away and people whose hair got thicker. Of course this doesn’t happen for everybody.

  174. Truman says:

    Thanks, after my experience with Somatomax, I didn’t want to go through another Dr. Jeckel Mr Hide thing. Boy that was rough. I know each person can be affected differenly, but, is your last statement a possiblity. Here is a different direction qestion. If I take it long term, and decide to cut back or stop later will my system speed up to make up for lost time, like say if I qiut at 60 and this has worked and I feel like fifty when I stop will I feel like I’m 70. I hope you understand the question, kindly hard to put it into words.

    • hgh truths says:

      My last statement is a possibility.

      As to your last question… There will be no suddenly. Eventually you will drift toward an equilibrium closer to your age. However, I am guessing that there will be some real cool anti aging products 10 years from now that will blow these current supplements away.

  175. Truman says:

    Well, I’ll keep you informed how it goes for other possible users, with a reminder that not everyone reacts the same to any thing.

  176. Chris W says:

    My question is a simple one:

    Which HGH is the most bang per pill? I want to take something once a day, not 5 pills a day. Based on that which product is best?

    • hgh truths says:

      Chris W,
      There is no hgh product where taking one pill will do much of anything. When a dosage is given as five pills it generally means that you should take all five pills at the same time. Those five pills once a day are supposed to contain the proper amount of ingredients.

  177. Vera says:

    Hi,  I am taking  S  Gold. I have a lot of trust placed in the organization called Life Extension. They now sell a product calledGH Pituitary Support   a day  and a night formula. What are your thoughts on this new product? I would never buy anything without your approval(:  I will be writing back in about 6mo. to update the 60+ females out there on the S G . I am now a regular follower of yours! (:(:

    • hgh truths says:

      The Life Extension GH Pituitary Support products are nothing special and a bgit pricey for what you get.

  178. Richard says:

    Sorry if you got 1/2 a message. i will start again. I stumbled on this great wesite while researching hgh. I have just started on biehgh ,out of canada, and it doesnt seem to score too well with you guys. Would I be better off with Surge? I am a 65 yr old male, some exercise but just getting older

    • hgh truths says:

      Yes. I notice that your email address has .au, we did review a OK product that is sold in Australia. I think it was SecretaGH.

      The import rules might still be tough but I think one of the sraight amino acid preoducts like Maxi-HGH would be Ok. I seem to remember that Australia did not like the products that contained amino acids combined with herbs. However, the rules might have changed since the last few years.

  179. Chris Webber says:

    hgh truths :

    1st I want to say what a great website and you always reply right away with a great answer.

    I am a over researcher when it comes to trying/buying things and I have been reading for days. The bottom line is I am lost, I am about to be 40 and I am looking for the best HGH product for: 1) price, 2) gaining muscle, 3) losing weight.

    I just really can’t make up my mind, I like the following products:

    1) Secretagogue Gold
    2) GHR Essentials
    3) HGH Surge
    4) Maxi Hgh

    But at least 2 of these sound better as a supplement to a main product. I really just want one product that will help someone my age with all the area’s and will be affordable.

    Please just tell me which product you would go with.

  180. Paul says:

    It’s too bad that Secretagogue One & Secretagogue Gold contain ascelfame K, a known carcinogenic artificial sweetener….might be better made with stevia….also, I can’t find HGH Surge in capsule form anywhere…

    • hgh truths says:

      It is not a known carcinogenic artificial sweetner. The main beef is that there have never been enough studies done to know for sure other than the standard over dose studies on rodents.

      Hgh Surge only comes in tablets.

  181. Bill says:

    What is your evaluation of the product on the following site:

    Here are the ingredients:

    # Pure IGF(Derived from Velvet Antler) A natural matrix containing:Insulin like Growth Factor I (IGF-1)

    # Insulin like Growth Factor II (IGF-2)

    # Transforming Growth Factor Alpha

    # Transforming Growth Factor Beta

    # Epidermal Growth Factor

    # Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor

    # Nerve Growth Factor

    # Neurotrophin Growth Factor 3

    # Fibroblast Growth Factor (3 Types)

    # Interleukins

    # Bone Morphogenetic Protein 4

    Other Ingredients: Purified Water, 39% v/v USP Alcohol.

    Thank you,


  182. Bill says:

    Thank you for the reply. Another one to add to the trash heap.



  183. Rick Gomez says:

    Thanks for all the information! Just out of curiosity, are there any hgh products that have earned an “A” from you and your fellow testers? If not, what do you personally use?

    • hgh truths says:

      Nothing has gotten an A yet. Secretagogue Gold is a product I like to take. Lately I have been taking GHR Essentils with some enhancements of my own.

  184. Soon says:

    OxyHGH is the company’s HGH formula. Is their product any good?

  185. Debby says:

    So, how would you compare Secretagogue Gold and GHR Essentials?

  186. Ray says:

    Great, great site. keep it up if you can…Any info on a successful Canadian supplier for Secretagogue Gold would be appreciated, Tks, Ray Canada.

    • hgh truths says:

      Canada seems to be more open minded about marijuana than about dietary supplements. Swanson has a good handle on international shipping. Ask them if they will ship to Canada.

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  188. Mojo says:

    What about a simple Arginine/Ornithine/Lysine combo like offered by Ultimate Nutrition?

    I see that they use a 1:1:1 ratio. Could this be used in conjunction with additional Arginine as a viable GH releaser?

  189. Pingback:   Natural Tricks To Boost Levels Of Human Growth Hormone by How To Gain Muscle Mass

  190. Ray says:

    Thanks, have e mailed Swanson and they say no problems so far in shiping to us, so going to give them a try. will advise you how it goes for other Canadains in same boat. Ray, Canada.

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  193. Rick says:

    What do you think about this?

    Rusty – Fitness Black Book to rick
    show details Oct 20

    So, here’s a video I made showing how to make an “HGH Boosting”


    I hope I won’t get in trouble with the “Muscle Nerd”, but I wanted
    to open his book and go over my favorite recipe and explain it in
    the video.


    1. I visit in the Video (my arch enemy)

    2. I also Show A 5 Second Scene of Obi-Wan and Darth Vader

    Yeah…the video is all over the place and I even pronounce the
    name of this product wrong:


    Anyway…I had a fun time making this little video and I think it
    is worth your time.

    Essentially make a $74.99 per month product for $9.31

    Good stuff,


    • hgh truths says:

      I think very highly of Rusty but sometimes even nice guys throw up a brick.

      This recipe for make your own Secrtagogue One is total crap. I bought the e-book being promoted a few months back because I thought it might be something my readers would enjoy. My only regret is that I forgot to ask for a refund. The author might be a fitness authority but he does no know much about making supplements.

  194. Larry says:

    Hello. I am a 50 year old male that has lifted weights all thru out my life. Have allways been in good shape. Been off from working out for like a year now, have never been off that long before, gained about 15 lbs & am ready to really get back into a solid routine like I used to have, like 4-5 days a week. I am getting ready to try one of the Secretagogue products and was wondering if its ok to take creatine along with the hgh product. Thanks.

  195. Ray says:

    Follow up to previous e mail re getting product to Canada . We orederd and now have recieved product (Secretagogue Gold) from Swanson. Shipping was a slow, even though we paid for express shipping, but have now started taking product. First time for such a product, will update on our results. Ray, Canada.

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  199. Teresa says:

    Please explain why sprays can’t work – sublingually, liposomally. Is it scientifically proven that smaller quantities wouldn’t be sufficient if delivered this way, rather than through the digestive system?

  200. Pingback: Naturally Increase Your Growth Hormone Levels | All About Fat Loss

  201. kaz purdy says:

    The only GHR supplement I’d tried before finding your site, was one sold by BIE Health Products, I couldn’t find their product on your list, they just call it “GHR”. Have you trialled it or know anything about it? It was the first time I’d tried a GHR supp & although I had a feeling of well-being, there was no specific improvement. I only took it for about 6 weeks, 5 days on & 2 off. This product is being advertised in a reputable magazine called Mother Earth News. I would be interested to know if you have come across or know anything about this product.
    I have after reading your reviews, just purchased Secretagogue Gold & HGH Surge.
    I am 42, 50lbs overweight & trying to improve my weight, anti-aging, fertility & knee cartilage. I have made changes to my lifestyle, eat no meat, a little fish, mainly raw organic diet, no alcohol & walk 30-60 mins per day. It does seem to be working. I also have a serious problem with lack of knee cartilage. My joints are too loose & so excessively wear away my cartilage. Will the HGH supp’s help with renewal of the cartilage &/or fertility?? I have had an MRI scan on my knees & the Dr’s have said I need to leave it as long as I can before going for a knee replacement, as they dont last that long & I’m only just 42. I want to avoid a knee op for as long as I can!
    I bought the two previously mentioned products, as you recommended them to a lady who was overweight, but would you suggest anything different from the point of view of improving fertility, knee cartilage & anti-aging? Many Thanks for your time & brilliant site!!

    • hgh truths says:

      We have reviewed products by bie health and they are not very good.

      Just because something is advertised in a reputable publication does not mean that the product is any good. Almost no publication on the planet reviews products before taking the ad money. Just look at all the garbage supplements sold on major websites. Shame new FTC rules don’t hold sites responsible for advertising products that are easily recognizable as bogus.

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  205. Mike says:

    great site…question can you take a pill form stack of decca and D-boll with HGH?
    Will this hurt obsorbtion?
    I am thinking of trying the Maxi HGH.

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  207. Ross says:

    So there still is not a product worthy of receiving an A-, A, or A+ rating? What about a recipe (better than “Jeff’s” homemade cocktail) you recommend to make on your own that would qualify as an A product?

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  210. JJohn says:

    I am new to the HGH supplements. Unfortunately didn’t find this site until after i started taking mine. I am taking I-GH-1 from LG Sciences. Do you guys or anyone have any reviews or info on this particular suplement. they ingredients look decent when compared to some of the better products listed here, but I’m not sure.

    • hgh truths says:

      You should get some benefit if you take a dosage of 3 to 4 capsules but it is not a great product.

      Before bedtime is best unless the product contains caffeine.

  211. JJohn says:

    One more question. I have noticed that some suppelments say to take 30 min to an hour before workouts and some say before bed which is most benefifcial?

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  216. JJohn says:

    Thank you for your response I will be ordering one of the supplements on your list with a B rating the next time I order. Thank you so much for your time and work.

  217. Has says:

    Hey, I appeciate the website. I’ve been reading through a bunch of reviews & haven’t found anything I have come across.

    I am 30, with an active lifestyle & a somewhat conscious diet. I was looking to get leaner (belly fat) and feel better in general (body pains/stress pains). I have cut out meat & alcohol out of my diet for a month now, and incorporated a lot of raw veggies, but I wanted a boost to make my body stay young. Any product you might recommend for me?

  218. Nick says:

    How bout HGH by Schwartz? The active ingredients are somatropin 30x, pituitarium extract 30x, and liver extract 3x. I’m guessing this is also just super diluted growth hormones in water and alcohol that does no good?

  219. Nick says:

    Also what do you think of the Pure IGF Ultimate drops?

  220. Rendy says:

    I am a 27 year old man and I am considered as a short guy in my group . I would like to grow taller and I have been reading many books and articles how to grow taller in 7 weeks. Is there any chance I can grow taller eventhough 2 inches?
    One of the books recommends the following:
    – 3 Tomatoes
    – 250 grams of Broad Beans
    – 250 grams of Cabbage
    *Tomatoes contain generous amounts of Gamma-Aminobutryic Acid
    *Broad Beans contain generous amounts of L-Dopa
    *Cabbage contains generous amounts of L-Glutamine

    This books claim, this cocktail can increase hgh by 300 %, Please advise if the cocktail which is mentioned above can make me grow taller or it is just a scam. Thanks

    • hgh truths says:

      At 27 years you are totally out of luck for getting any taller that is beside the fact that there is no evidence that these supplements would make a person of any age taller.

  221. james says:

    As a retired 69 year old Military Officer, I am in excellent physical and mental condition but…. well, can I combine HGH Surge with Secretagogue Gold… would it accelerate the improvements? Opinion?

    • hgh truths says:


      We always suggest trying products by themselves first. That might be all you need because stronger dosages are not necessarily better.

  222. Mauro says:

    I started taking Secretagogue Gold about a week ago and would like to start taking OKG. Should I wait or can I take OKG with Secretagogue Gold.

  223. Jeanne says:

    Any observations on alternating Secretagogue Gold and Secretagogue One?

  224. Cory says:

    i am 13 and 4/11 my mom is like 5.5 and my dad is 5.11, i could possibly be gh deficient and idk yet but i dont want to get the shots because they can screw you up and i workout everyday weights and cardio so i canwt afford to get screwed up :) would these pills help me grow taller like would secrataugue gold work??

    • hgh truths says:

      You still have a chance to grow more. None of the hgh pills, powders or potions will do squat for you.

      If you test as deficient, properly managed dosages of human growth hormone should not screw you up.

  225. Jesi says:

    i ordered Secretagogue Gold “B+” I will let you know my take on it i am 70 do not drink eat read meat smoke or take meds of any kind i am a little health nut. i will keep note for you i walk 4 miles almost everyday with my daughter mother of 5 and i may be alble to offer some input thank you for this sight it is very handy all the ones with the big claim have an f lmao for sure…Thank you again for the assist here we all appreciate it.

  226. Steve says:

    HGH Truths,
    Love the comments, very informative… I have you in my favorites! Do you fellas know anything regarding the antiaging affects of DHEA?

  227. Cliff says:

    I have been taking secretagogue gold for 2 weeks. Icycled after the 1st 7 days and now am on my 3rd day of this 5 day cycle. I like the product. I havent seen great things yet but have noticed a slight increase in my weight training and moderate increase in my sex drive. Im 41 in good shape and take protein, and GNC vitality vitamins. I tried GHR1000 for 6 months and the only benefit I noticed was that colds and flu seemed to go away very fast?? I hope this product kicks in after a month or so, I am excited to see if it make a difference.

  228. Cliff says:

    Oh and thanks for the hard work that you put into your research. It is very helpful

  229. AKA says:


    For many years since 1998 I have been writing articles about HgH scams. Thank God you guys are blowing the whistle on ALL these LOUSY and GREEDY companies exploiting people vulnerabilities.

    The only ‘A’ Grade HgH on the market is synthetic and it has to be bought in the United States with a perscription and it is ridiculously expensive.

    One can travel to Mexico, China, or find some stuff if one is lucky over the Internet. HgH has to be injected. Unfortunately, NOT anyone has discovered how to (perhaps someone bought the pattern and we can’t buy it) produce oral or tablet for HgH that garnishes an ‘A’ Grade achievement score.

    Again thanks for doing this hard, long, and laborious task to unmask the SCAM artists. You guys are the BEST!!!

    Now you should show how Resveratrol is bullshit!!! Unmask those new thieves to the market.

    Amazing results on this Website… AMAZING!

  230. Steve says:

    Can dhea be taken continuously or would it be better to cycle it as one would do for hgh products… and much thanks for your time!

  231. Scott says:

    What is the best stack that you recommend?

    Do you recommend buying the ingredients ala carte or is there one product you recommend?

    I’ve seen a TON of stuff you don’t like…I’m just looking for the product(s) you DO like!


  232. Caimin says:

    So when are the new reviews coming ! There have been a lot of new products since this list was made and hopefully at least one or two good ones “

  233. Diane Anderson says:

    I am currently taking rx HGH injections due to very little production of HGH. No longer have ins coverage. Which product do you recommend I try to replace my injections with?

  234. Ed says:

    I am not affiliated with this company, but how would you rate “GH Support” by Suppliment Direct?

    They list the full ingredients on their website:

    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size 2 Heaping scoops (11.5g)
    Servings Per Container 30

    GH Support Amino Blend

    L-Glycine 5,000mg

    L-Glutamine 2,000mg

    L-Arginine Pyroglutamate 1,500mg

    L-Lysine 1,000mg

    L-Ornithine 1,000mg

    GABA 1,000mg

    Other Ingredients: None

    Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, consume 1 serving (11.5 grams) 30 minutes prior to bedtime on an empty stomach or as directed by a health care professional. Combine with Supplement Direct Phenibut and/or ZMA to enhance sleep.

    Additional uses: Use prior to workout to support hGH levels during training.

  235. Tony says:

    Hi I was wondering if you reviewed any products that were good for height growth in people who still have open growth plates?

  236. Jay says:

    I just stumbled across a product called Now Sports Pro-GH. It contains large quantities of amino acids. Are you familiar with this product?

  237. Frank says:

    Secratatropin HGH

  238. mike says:

    Just wondering if any of your top 3 are available in canada

  239. Anthony says:

    With all the talk about IGF-1 being banned by professional sports, and insight on “The Ultimate Spray” ???

  240. Carly smith says:

    What hgh product is best for reparing ligament damage, excelled recovery, and sport fitness overall.

  241. Cory Q says:

    What hgh supplement will allow me to heal faster and train harder? I am an athlete and would really like to know which one will allow me to come off of an injury faster.

  242. Monica says:

    Just wondering if there are any products that you have reviewed that will give a 17 year old female substantial height growth. I’ve seen a lot of products that claim they do but I just want to be sure before considering any of them.

  243. Jay T says:

    I don’t see Utropin listed. Is it because it has not been reviewed?

  244. Joshua says:

    I see that the somatropinne has a z by it. Does that mean it ain’t worth a crap? Bc I’m getting diff reviews on it some say it works some says it doesnt

  245. Amy says:

    I’d like to know if you have a review on the Pure IGF Extreme and Pure IGF Ultimate. My husband started using it recommended to him by a peer he met at the gym. It’s made of the “antler velvet”. I would like to see what you have to say on the product. He has noticed an increase in libido, energy and other things. Thanks

  246. Adkins says:

    I took Humovox for 30 days and gained 8 lbs. It made me very sick, lethargic, and moody. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

  247. marianne says:

    Doesnt the added sugar stop HGH secretion? I noticed Ultra max gold has sucrose as first ingredient…Isnt the glycoamino acid-glucose complex a destroyer of collagen..?I also have a question about the secratatogue semorelin (sp)…Is the only way to take it by injection? I have read that the sublingual does work and others have written it doesnt ..Thanks for help..I have experimented with various secratatogues for a few years.. I do know Secratatogue Gold works but i figured using it for too long even with cycling would decrease its effectiveness…

  248. Viv says:

    can you please name a few of the best hgh supplements that have been proven to speed up height?

    • admin says:

      We have found that the most impressive HGH supplement overall is Secratatropin HGH. You can read more about it on our website.

  249. SENSATION says:

    hi would u recomend AVATROPIN instead Secratatropin HGH? thx

    • admin says:

      Avatropin is definitely an impressive HGH supplement, however, we do believe the Secratatropin HGH has more to offer. But if you are looking for a lower cost alternative to Secratatropin HGH, we would definitely recommend Avatropin as a suitable alternative.

  250. SENSATION says:

    what’s ur opinnion on HGH Advanced™ pls? thx

    • admin says:

      Although HGH Advanced isn’t the worst HGH supplement we have ever seen, it definitely isn’t the best we’ve ever seen. We recommend Secratatropin HGH for the most advanced ingredients and highest customer satisfaction.

  251. Rene says:

    I wanted to ask, why was Avatropin and Humovox not added to the list of supplements with a grade next to them and were added to the top 5 of 2012?

  252. Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and
    I’m impressed! Very useful info specifically the last part :) I care for such information much. I was seeking this particular information for a very long time. Thank you and good luck.

  253. Laura says:

    What do you think about Orenda International’s O-Tropin? They say their delivery system is so unique.
    Thanks, Laura

  254. Rene says:

    Have you ever considered doing a complete review on Testotorone just like this one as well?

  255. Stuart says:

    I’ve got a 3 month supply of Xtreme HGH on order and excited to try it. I’m not sure if I can keep paying so much for a supplement though. I’ve been looking at cheaper alternatives that deliver results and came across Invigorate HGH. It’s rated highly on a couple other sites I’ve seen. Any plans to review this product? For the price point it looks very interesting.

  256. Ryan says:

    hey i just heard about this HGH growth factor 9 from novex biotech. i saw that i was even rated so maybe its too new to have solid results yet? and if its not really good are those top 5 still the best for 2013?

  257. James says:

    Hello, do you plan to review Growth Factor-9 by Novex Biotech? They make a big deal of the “682% mean increase in serum levels” and it’s advertised/stocked by GNC, but it’s not clear to me if that result is better than other brands, or even meaningful at all.

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    I ordered Serovital-hgh
    I do not see that one on your graded review list.

    Possible to add it?

  263. Majeed Aldamah says:

    Please where can I find vitamin D6 and Amino acid as injectable supplements in muscle or vein?
    Thank you in advance
    Majeed Aldamah

  264. Jennifer Asta says:

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  266. Bernie says:

    I tired Invigorate HGH and it gave me really bad headaches. I contacted the company 3 times and asked how I could return the product but they never replied. I would not recommend this product.

  267. John Jarrell says:

    Considering your #3 ranked Invigorate because of your ranking and pricing is affordable. I didn’t see a review listed for it and this gives me concern. Since you ranked it I’m assuming that you probably investigated it but I have learned to assume at my own risk. What is the story with this product in your view? Why was it ranked third? Thanks John Jarrell

  268. Arlene Area says:

    maybe my letters are heading to Steve C!

  269. Nita says:

    I have read and reread your site over the years, particularly your comments and suggestions for Swanson’s GHR. I’m finally ready to use it! Thought I had bookmarked your site….didn’t….took me awhile to find. I thought I remembered you had come to suggest a second product to take with Swanson’s — glutathione???? I can’t seem to find this anywhere in your site now. Has your opinion changed? Wrong supplement? I’d be most grateful if you could advise me what the supplement was and where to look in your site. Thank you again for all of the great research, sharing it and publishing it for everyone to read. Best wishes, Nita

  270. Mcknell says:

    I came across this source and it was great! This will be my main source and beside I ordered 6 riptropin and 3 jintropin and it took 3 days for me to get my packages. If you any hgh , i recommend you shop and pm them

  271. Rob says:

    The idea of this site is very good.
    In my experience HGH products didn’t work at all, almost no difference and I tried at least dozen of them, most mentioned here, as well.
    It would be good to add posts of real users and their diaries.
    I like Meditropin so far better than others, but no miracle, it may be money wasted for most of users IMHO.

  272. db says:

    Im taking growth factor 9 is it a good product?

  273. db says:

    Also is crevlor and megatropin does it work?

  274. Jeremie says:

    Hello Admin, Good day! I’m confused if it’s okay to take 2 pills with the same effects, because i just bought a HGH product from and i didn’t expect that my sister Julia had a gift for me and that is Invigorate HGH . Are there no side effects if i will use these 2 pills on the same day?

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