Trimedica Live Young Oral HGH An HGH Supplement Review

Live Young Oral Hgh By Trimedica is a homeopathic growth hormone preparation that come in tablets, liquids or an oral spray.  Oh Boy!  Trimedica HGH gives a choice of three ways to waste your money.  Last time we reviewed this product there was only one option.

We have covered the topic the topic of homeopathic hgh in the Horton Hears A Hgh series of articles.  Go there for more detailed information because we will only touch lightly on the subject here.

Tablet Ingredients:
HGH 12X, 24X, 30C
Phosphoric Acid 60X
Arnica 4X
Galium Aparine 4X
Thuja Occid 400X
In a base of: Milk Thistle Seed Powder, Damiana Leaf Powder, Elk Antler Powder,
Pituitary Powder, Coloustrum Powder, Maltodextrin, Magnesium Stearate, Silica

At 12X there is a maybe a hint of hgh molecules in a tablet.  If there is even one molecule of hgh present, what you have here is selling a pharmaceutical drug without a prescription.  Though not very much of it. 

12X represents the number of times the HGH has been diluted and by how much.  A 1X would be one part of hgh diluted with 9 parts water.  A 2X would take one part of the 1X and dilute it with 9 parts water.  You would now have a mixture of that is 1/100 hgh and 99/100 water.   Do that 10 more times and you have a 12X.  Tiny, tiny amount of hgh left.

24X is the level of dilution at which it is impossible to prove that there is even one molecule of the original substance left in any one dosage of the product.  This would be true for something as small as a carbon atom.  Human growth hormone is a chain of 191 amino acids and is a rather large molecule.  We probably ran out of good stuff before getting to 24X.

There is no indication of how much of any of the base ingredients are in each tablet so we can’t say if there is enough of anything to actually have ant benefit.  Besides there is only one hgh releaser in the bunch.

Liquid Ingredients:
Human Growth Hormone 12X, 24X, 30C,
Elk Antler 6X, 
Pituitary 4X,
Arnica 4X,
Damiana 4X,
Thula Occid 400X,
Galium Aparine 4X,
Phosporic Acid 60X.
In a base of: Colostrum Extract, Glycerin, Purified Water
30C is very interesting.  This means it has been diluted by 100 30 times.

12C is the point at which there is no growth hormone left.  So, somebody has now taken essentially nothing and diluted it by 100 another 18 times.  So there is a whole lot less than nothing.

Spray Ingredients:
Human Growth Hormone 24X, 30X,
Deer Antler 6X, 12X,
Carduus Marianus 3X,
Arnica Montana 3X,
Damiana 3X,
Thula 200C,
Galium Aparine 4X,
Acidum Phosphoricum 30C.

We have some hgh at the nothing point of 24X plus some hgh at 6 more dilutions beyond nothing.  Homeopathy followers will say that it has nothing to do with anything physically being in the remedy.  It all has to do with the continued energy signature.

The energy is passed from one level to the next through a process known a “succusing”.  Basically it is shaken.  Traditional succusing involves shaking the preparation while pounding the container against a leather pad.

Are you buying this?

If you are, feel free to spend your money.

Read the Horton Series that explains homeopathic hgh to see why even the concept of homeopathic hgh is a fallacy.

Live Young Oral HGH by Trimedica receives a growth hormone review rating of F.

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