Universal GH Max: An HGH Review

Universal GH Max is a refreshingly straightforward HGH supplement in pill form. The manufacturer takes the unusual step of actually telling you how much of most of the important ingredients cost in their tablets.

There is a lot of hype about Universal GH Max, but we want to make sure that it is safe and effective for users. To find out more about this HGH releaser, keep reading to decide if Universal GH Max is right for you.

Universal GH Max Ingredients
Vitamin C
Vitamin B6
L-Carnitine Complex
Gamma Oryzanol

Other ingredients include whey protein, calcium sulfate, magnesium stearate, redix astralagus, oriental ginseng, sarsaparilla, saw palmetto berries, guarana extract, kola nut extract, stearic acid.

The Science Behind Universal GH Max
Universal bases this growth hormone releaser on a standard 2:1 mixture of arginine to ornithine. The funny thing is that they are not actually combining arginine and ornithine. They are using better ingredients, arginine pyroglutamte and ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate. Both ingredients are present in more than sufficient quantities to stimulate growth hormone release.

The three interesting ingredients in the Universal GH Max formula are whey protein, guarana extract, and kola nut extract.

Whey protein is only going to interfere with the uptake of the amino acids, meaning that it will only get in the way of the release of HGH from the pituitary gland.

Guarana and kola nut are mainly sources of caffeine, which is okay if you like a caffeine kick before your workout, but not a great idea at bedtime.

Universal GH Max Side-effects
Because Caffeine has a high rate of side-effects among users, you may experience side-effects like headache, stomachache, nausea, nervousness, agitation, shakiness, or jitteriness. Even though the occurrence of side-effects in Caffeine-users is fairly high, they are generally very mild and not at all dangerous or long-lasting.

While sitting here contemplating the value of this product, I realized that the price is a very important component. You can easily find this product online for under $20, making it an incredibly affordable HGH supplement. The price of Universal GH Max is impossible to ignore, and it makes Universal GH Max a much more appealing option.

When weighing the risks and cost, we have to say that Universal GH Max might be a great HGH releaser for you to try, but we can’t guarantee that it will work. If you want to make sure that you try an HGH releaser that is reliable and will certainly work, you will need to consider spending a bit more money for a higher-quality product.

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58 Responses to Universal GH Max: An HGH Review

  1. bob_b says:

    Can I ask what the difference between Ornithine OKG and Ornithine it? Same for Arginine and L-Arginine Pyroglutamate. And what exactly would Lysine do if they used it?


    • hgh truths says:


      The short answer is that it has to do with glutamine. The long answers are coming in a series of articles on secrtagogues.

      Lysine greatly increases the effectiveness of arginine pyroglutamate.

      • rajendra says:

        Hi does GH actually decrease testosterone levels ?? Do you recommend taking tribulus along ??
        Animal Stak usually says it ”secrets” more GH, so could it help gaining height too ?

  2. Bob_B says:

    Thank you kindly, I hope to research endorcrinology in sports nutrition when I’m older.

  3. steve says:

    would this be useful for building muscle mass?

    • hgh truths says:

      That is what the product is designed for. How effective it will be depends on factors such as age and personal baseline hormonal levels.

  4. ahmad says:

    Hello, thank you for the review,
    I just wanted to ask how long and how often can i use this product without having a decreased effect on the stimulation of growth hormone?
    Also, will increasing the dosage to 9 tablets instead of the 6 increase the effect, and will such product enhance growth rates in children under 15 years old ?
    thank you.
    Also , do you have any idea about this kimi product, it is supposed to be insoles that stimulate growth hormone, do they work and can i use it with this product thanks.
    one last thing, if i get also supplement with lysine from another product at the same time with this one, will there be enhanced effects,

    • hgh truths says:


      Stick with the basic 5 on two of cycling we discuss in the cycling posts.

      This will do nothing to help anybody grow any taller.

      Insoles stimulating growth hormone sounds like a pile of marketing bull.

      Lysine will enhance the effects.

      Never worry about taking more until you have at least one moth taking the recommended dosage.

  5. ahmad says:

    Tanks =D

  6. raminta says:

    i have bought two bottles of this.
    i’m using it 15 days..
    how many (cm) i can grow up with a help of Universal GH Max if i’m 17 years old?

  7. Stefan says:

    Hello, I’m new at this, i never used any of the supplements so i wanted to get a little informed, I’m age 17, in about few months i will be 18, I’m 167cm’s. I am on good food, no smoker, no alcohol user etc…what could i use to help increase my growth? I am healthy and active at sport last 2,3 years, every day running, etc…so what do you prefer this or am I to old for it??

  8. ahmad says:

    Okay, So I’ve purchased a lysine product and currently combining the 5 g Arginine and 2.5 ornithine with 2.5 grams of lysine, is this a good ratio? or should I increase the amount of lysine. thanks.

    • hgh truths says:

      Basic 20 year old stack. Unless you suffer from herpes, I would cut the lysine down to a gram or less.

  9. Ahmad says:

    hello there, Thank you for all the priceless information you post on your website
    I’ve been using gh max plus 2.5 grams of lysine at least 4 hours after last meal before going to sleep a day on and a day off. This is in addition to a heavy bodybuilding routine.

    My question is the mornings after I take this stack I wake up kinda tired ( I usually sleep for around 5 hours) is this bad or is a sign the supplement is working ?
    Thank you for your time.

    • hgh truths says:

      It is probably a sign that it is working and that you should try allowing yourself to sleep longer.

  10. hgh truths says:

    Missed something in my last answer. I didn’t catch the part where you said you were taking this after your last meal.

    This product contains caffeine which can definitely interfere with sleep. In the review, we suggest that you take this product first thing in the morning rather than at night.

  11. Joe says:

    Im thinking about purchasing GH Max to build muscle and decrease bodyfat. Im 21 years old and workout regularly and just wanted to know if it would even be worth it because of my age and activity level. Thanks

  12. Joe says:

    I just heard alot of bodybuilders were supplementing with it so I thought I might give it a try. Thanks for the info, And saving me some money!

  13. Jimmy says:

    Can GH Max be supplemented with creatine and/or protein powder? What would go with it best?

  14. Tony says:

    Maybe you noticed Universal Nutrition changed the formula( and the recipient) of the GH Max , no more redix astralagus, oriental ginseng, sarsaparilla, saw palmetto berries, guarana extract, kola nut extract.
    What’s you opinion about that?
    Would this product help a little bit my seventy plus years mother? ( give a bit of energy etc..)?
    Thanks in advance , you do a GREAT job trying to inform people about the scams out there.
    We read your site over here in Europe with great interest and appreciation.

  15. Brett says:


    I like your website a lot. Great information.
    Just curious – I am thinking of starting either Universal GH Stack or Universal GH Max. I am 30 years old, work out 5 times a week (running and pushups plus some lifting) and am looking to reduce my BMI and tone up. I also play in 2 adult baseball leagues. Which product do you recommend? They both seem like good candidates for me – any help would be appreciated.

    Keep up the good work!

    Thank you

  16. Eric says:

    I am 50 yrs young and weight 240, height 6′0.
    I would like to lose 40lbs and reduce body fat to 15%. I just order UNI GH max, Secretagogue Gold and GHR . Can I take GH max with GHR and Secrteagogue Gold Do I take the recommnede dosages. Can I take all at once? Or when should I cycle off Secrtagogue Gold and on with GHR and GH max? Please Advise
    Thanks Great

  17. Tony says:

    I bought the new recipient ( totally different from what was sold by vitacost for example before) and those ingredients which I listed above are NO more there.
    Please check this.
    Thank you for your very fast answer.

  18. Tony says:

    I got back an answer from Universal Nutrition :

    “I looked into it and the formula was slightly modified. Those “other ingredients” there were pulled were very minimal amounts. The reason why they were pulled was because many people take the GH Max before bed, and those ingredients had the potential to act as stimulants and keep you awake. The actual formula for the GH properties has not changed.”

    Please tell me your opinion about that .

    Thank you in advance .

    • hgh truths says:

      All I know is that the company website still has all those ingredients listed. Next time I see it for sale in a shop, I will check the label.

  19. Chad says:

    I am a college football player and just purchased gh max,uni-liver, & natural sterol complex by universial.. Can i take all of these together? And when it says take on a empty stomach how long should i wait after a meal or before i eat after taking it on a empty stomach, and does it really make that much of a difference on a empty stomach or not??

    • hgh truths says:

      All of these questions have already been answered multiple times on this website.

      Be careful because some plant sterols can lead to positive tests for banned substances.

  20. Mark says:

    I’ve read in one study that supplementing with arginine prior to exercise actually reduced Growth hormone levels.
    is this the case with this product?

  21. john r says:

    why is there no secretagogue?
    I noticed i gh 1 has it.

    I take dhea is this close to the real hgh?
    I am 26 years old and athletic.

  22. Kyle says:

    I just finished a bottle of GH Max and noticed that the label, and Universal’s website, indicate that the Ornithine used is actually Ornithine HCL. How does this compare to OKG? If this is true, how does it effect the overall benefit of the product? Thanks for your help.

    • hgh truths says:

      It does appear that there has been an ingredient change. They got rid of the caffeine related ingredients and changed the amino acids around. Good that the caffeine is gone but the amino acid content is actually a downgrade.

  23. R.J says:

    I am 32 5’11 155lbs I am would like to put on about 15-20 pounds of muscle. I play basketball 3 times a week and workout no less than 3 days a week. Which product would be best to reach my goal? Universal Max GH , Secretagogue Gold, or is there a better option? I have tried to eat more, but the only way I am able to put weight on yet alone keep it on is by lifting. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

    • hgh truths says:

      All the top rated products will have the same effect. Protein and lifting are probably the best way to put on weight and keep it on.

  24. elie says:

    Iam taking herb valley HGH i want to know if it is effective and what is the difference between it and universal gh max?
    thank you!

    • hgh truths says:

      Herb Valley HGH is just another bogus homeopathic product. Universal Gh Max actually contains useful hgh releasers.

  25. R.J says:

    Thanks for the feedback. Should I consider taking another form of protein in addition to Universal Max GH? Or is the whey protein contained within the product enough for me? If there is another supplement I should consider taking in addition to this product I would be all ears to any suggestions. Thanks again.

    • hgh truths says:

      The whey protein taken at the same time as the hgh supplement interferes with the digestive uptake of the amino acids.

      However, the amount of whey protein is not even close to what you need for muscle development. You can take protein supplements at a different time of day without any problem. I tend to go for protein products that use a couple of different ingredient sources for a timed release.

  26. Jay says:

    Great Site..

    34 year old weekend warrior that has experienced nagging aches and pains that used to not be there. I thought HGH might help

    I work-out 3 times a week and stay in decent shape. I would like to remain tone and don’t really care about bulking up.

    Cost is a factor which has me looking at Universal GH Max.

    Would you recommend something else such as as Secretagogue Gold for non ‘body builders’ just trying to maintain good health and minimize aches and pains after workouts, softball and basketball games?

    Thank you

    • hgh truths says:

      Secretagogue Gold is still the best product. If you want the best value, buy Essential GHR. All of the hgh supplements are more about maintaining good health than about bodybuilding.

  27. RJ says:

    Thanks for the response. Should I take any other form of protein in addition to advance max gh? Or is the ammount of Whey protein contained within the product sufficient enough? I noticed a mention of how Whey Protein will conteract the uptake of the amino acids within this product, so is there another suggested product I should take to help me achieve my goal?

  28. RJ says:

    I have been digging up information on different products and reviews on your site. I really like the amount of detail you provide. I do have a question. I am trying to gain weight and muscle mass, but saw a posting from you stating “hgh is not really a big muscle builder. It does more to lean you out.” If this is a true statement, what should I be looking into to put on wieght and muscle mass without breaking my bank book, or waiting years for results?

  29. David M says:

    I have a question, I have almost 21 and workout 6 days a week, heavy lifting lots of cardio, trying to build lean muscle and definition, I take Protein supplement, Creatine, multi vitamin, and Animal stak cyclin. I want to givemy body every advantage to add weight in muscle and create definition. My friend recommended Universal GH Max, now would this interfare with any of the other supplements I am taking or give me any negative side effects?

  30. JC says:

    I am very intrigued by the secratatropin HGH product. I realize that this product claims to be 100% legal and is made of natural ingredients that naturally boost HGH levels, instead of synthetic HGH. But is this product legal for collegiate and professional athletes to take as well? Obviously anything with the name HGH will be highly frowned upon, but would this product result in a positive drug test? Thanks for your help

  31. Ted Concepcion says:

    My son owns a training facility, few athletes are asking me if the product GHP is banned by NCAA. Is it. Thank you

  32. James says:

    Hello, hope everything’s fine. I’m 17 years old, 170 cm long, recent to what I’ve read or heard, a person can still gain height till 21, but unfortunately I don’t have this strong GH.. I am very fast, infact won championships in Lebanon, track & field, but anyways I’d truelllyyy like to get taller, I know its almost impossible unless I took GH injections, which might cause side effects, or would harm my kids in the future.. So I’ve been taking Pargine 5 mg, and recently started to take ZMA. I heard about GH max, that it can help boost the GH, maybe give me 2 oir 3 cm if I took it from now till I’m 21 in an organized way? I need your help, thanks a lot :) !

  33. Khodi says:

    are you supposed to take some kind of post cycle or can you just take the product and thats it?

  34. Andrew Khodi says:

    do you have to take a post cycle of some kind after you take gh max or can you just take it and be fine?

  35. karthik sivadass says:

    hi,,i loved ur blog
    i was wondering if this gh max would increase my height?
    and can take this universal gh max together with ON glutamine?
    and can i take glutamine with cottage cheese before bed time?
    thanks in advance and ur blog was worth reading and spending every second on it :)

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