What is the Best Hgh Product?

That is the question we will be exploring with our continuous series of hgh product reviews. We will be on a search to find the ultimate hgh supplement for you to use.


There are a few points we want to make before starting to post these reviews.


1) The best human growth hormone product is probably the injectable pharmaceutical which requires a doctor’s prescription. Those prescriptions are getting harder to obtain do to government harassment of medical professionals. This treatment also costs thousands of dollars per year.


2) There is absolutely no way that the [tag-tec]best hgh product[/tag-tec] that you can buy online will be found in a spray bottle. We will review these products anyway because many people will go straight to the post on a particular product. Skipping our basic piece on hgh oral sprays. Plus it is kind of fun to hammer home the point.


3) That leaves nutritional supplements. The best products we recommend will likely be some kind of pill, powder or liquid. These releasers will also be the most affordable. Be careful! Before you run out and buy just any secretagogue, realize that most of the [tag-tec]hgh supplements[/tag-tec] on the market do not contain enough of the right ingredients to provide you with the benefits you seek.


Now it is important to address a few issues for those who posses a healthy skepticism regarding our motives. Our motive is that we are sick of the BS online and the stream of misinformation in old time media.


- We do not manufacture a hgh supplement.

- We do not have an ownership interest in a company that does.

- We are not affiliate marketers of any hgh product.

- Review posts will contain no links that lead to sales pages for hgh products.

- We might have links to reputable online retailers who carry a full line of vitamins, herbs, etcetera at good prices. Oh, there might be some adsense nonsense until we think of something better.


The reviews we post are going to be as honest as we can make them. The number one factor standing in the way of honesty is that many companies who want you to buy hgh online are deceptive about their ingredients. Even Amazon does not require full ingredient disclosure for nutritional supplements sold on their site. Oh, the joyful moment the lawyers reading this will have thinking of those nice deep pockets.


There are already 20 reviews written and over 100 fully researched reviews in draft form. We will start posting them later today.


Let the games begin!

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16 Responses to What is the Best Hgh Product?

  1. ScottD says:

    Cannot wait to see your reviews on HGH Sprays. I have not found any HGH Sprays that work.

  2. hgh truths says:

    When you see the hgh spray reviews you will soon see what the best hgh product real is.

    Hint…. it does not come in a spray bottle.

  3. Finelines says:

    so what’s the verdict? Which HGH supplement is the best in the market?

  4. hgh truths says:

    We don’t have a final verdict yet. We are still working on all the hgh supplement reviews.

    Flip through the reviews and you will find a few products that are good. We tried to review the most popular or most highly marketed products first.

    Our opinion was that by showing what over priced garbage many of these products were would save people a lot of money.

  5. bettina says:

    DONOT BUY GHR 1000 I tried this so called hgh product and it did nothing I emailed the company and they refused to refund my money this is the worst hgh product named GHR 1000

  6. hgh truths says:


    As I just said on another post. Bad products seem to come from bad companies.

    Some day Google might give us higher search positioning so that we can keep people from wasting their money on products from the scam masters who seem to get a lot of the top listings.

  7. aaron says:

    Have you guys come to a conclusion on which product is the best? Im really looking to find something that helps me get bigger.

  8. eileen lee says:

    im a women i want lean musle tone without the bulk, do i take hgh and do more cardio?,with this method keep me lean>?

    • hgh truths says:

      You will only bulk up if you do exercise designed to build bulk. Cardio, yoga, and pilates would work to lean you out.

  9. Mojo says:

    What about a simple Arginine/Ornithine/Lysine combo like offered by Ultimate Nutrition?

    I see that they use a 1:1:1 ratio. Could this be used in conjunction with additional Arginine as a viable GH releaser?

    • hgh truths says:

      There is not enough of anything in the Ultimate Nutrition product to work as a hgh releaser. Arginine is not a great hgh releaser in small doses and there are numerous better options than this circa 1982 combination.

  10. Caimin says:

    Hi , I would like to see reviewed the products you have currently advertised al over your site ! at 2011 top 3 supplements as honestly as you can , if they really are your top 3 or you just need someone to pay the rent for a while ! I have used your reviews so far as a means of sifting through the mountains of products out there that promise the world and have found them very helpful ,
    thanks C

  11. Fay says:

    How about Genf2 plus…is that any good?

  12. Sharyl Cobb says:

    Question: All of the protein ingredients listed in the products you have featured, except Ornithine, are found in lean meats, fish, and eggs. So, why in the name of time, do we have to spend SO MUCH MONEY for the same stuff found in good, grass-fed hamburger, eggs, or salmon??

  13. BIGMAN says:

    I cant seem to find any of my previous posts…I was wondering when and why there hasnt been any reviews on antler velvet max from Maxlifedirect.com? This is a big product and has been in the spotlight lately and this is the best site i found for reviews. why isnt there a maxlife review yet?

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